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Sunday Sass

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 17, 2010

Sunday Sass:

Thankfully we, the LGBT Community have in the Olson & Boies team, a measured and highly skilled representation to defend us from the topics of institutional discrimination, The Cults of Jesus hate and fear-mongering to outright lies and assist us in obtaining full Civil Rights of Equality in Marriage.  Olson & Boies are truly fierce civil rights advocates on the topic of the unconstitutionality of the Proposition 8 legislation in California and will enable LGBT being provided “special class” protections as a result of the actions of the hate and fear mongers who penned and pushed Prop 8.  Hate is not a Gay Family Value.

From the opening of this trial the authors of this Prop 8 have adopted a stance of being “victim” and having “fear” of reprisal from the LGBT community. Proponents have already pulled out of the testimony as demonstrated by the hateful Dr Tam.  Dr Tam’s hate and lies exposed on video and in his own written word as disseminated to the Asian community define this creature’s fear, hate and understandable reticence to be seen spewing the lies on camera in the trial as he would be systematically exposed. With these kinds of demonstrations of “Christian” ethics and values it’s no small wonder that the Romans found solutions that were both creative and entertaining.  We of the Gay Community deserve the joy of seeing these creatures exposed for the liars and hate mongers that they are but that is not possible with the Supreme Court ruling on video from this proceeding.

It is ultimately entertaining to me to see the “Republicans for Marriage Equality” coming out of the woodwork now as they begin to understand that Civil Rights and Equality for the LGBT community will not be delayed.  Even the most bigoted of the bigots is coming to clearly understand that Gay Marriage, LGBT Equal Rights are very soon to be fully realized as the Lies, the Hate and the Fear expressed from the Pope to the Evangelicals is exposed to the light of truth.  Human Sexuality is a God-Given attribute and these bigots have demonized our communities for far too long. Let the back-lash begin.

As an american I’m completely and totally disgusted with the state of this Nation, the disparity in the American Society and the absolute mindlessness, ignorance and lack of moral outrage of the general population over the United States Supreme Court prohibiting video recording of this historic civil rights trial.  The political bench appears complete.  The Supreme Court agrees that Americans are not able to see the reality of history as it unfolds.

America is truly the land of the sheeples and getting worse.

The Gathering Storm is the most damning piece from the Cults of Jesus and they had no clue just how accurate that description is with the outrage of 10% of the population having been demonized, vilified and insulted on the basis of belief systems alleged to be of love.  The proponents of Prop 8 should be eternally grateful that we of the LGBT community are able to forgive them based on their ignorance and unfounded fear.  The alternative is not attractive to us generally although I would personally enjoy seeing the Pope and Maggie hung, drawn and quartered just for general entertainment.

Has anyone from within the LGBT community demanded a recount of the votes in Maine?  Read below to understand why.


The Haitian Relief Effort is the number one distraction and right-wing media “feel good” entertainment this week.  The illustrious evangelical troll Pat Robertson’s allegation that Hati’s “pact with the Devil” is the foundation of the earthquake defines, again, the animus of the Cults of Jesus and accurately defines the hate, bigotry and ignorance of Faith-Based Belief systems instead of reality-based humanity.

The UK-based Guardian offers this enlightening commentary:

“The noble “international community” which is currently scrambling to send its “humanitarian aid” to Haiti is largely responsible for the extent of the suffering it now aims to reduce. Ever since the US invaded and occupied the country in 1915, every serious political attempt to allow Haiti’s people to move (in former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s phrase) “from absolute misery to a dignified poverty” has been violently and deliberately blocked by the US government and some of its allies.”

The Cubans, Venezuelans even the Icelandic relief teams were on the ground and working faster than the United States responded and this is not nearly as bad a response as Bush in New Orleans but still a travesty of bureaucracy in lack of action.  What the hell is wrong with the USA?  Today, 4 days after the event, the hospital ship is finally deployed from Baltimore, MD.  This vessel could easily have been moving and back into Jacksonville or Miami to take on supplies to have it on site in Haiti now.  We Americans are better than this and we have to demand accountability from the armed services and the disaster relief organizations for their failures to insure improvements into the future.

You read that correctly.  Just as the United States policy in Honduras, Columbia and across Central and South America is dismal and depressing we have been actively oppressive to the Haitian people in exploitation of the labor, the economic opportunities and the immigrants to the mainland USA.  Our history is deplorable in these instances and I’m happy to read that reality is exposed by The Guardian.  It’s past time that the United States Citizens understand the responsibility of this nation in oppression throughout the region.  Maybe now Americans will wake up and get involved since we are in third world status ourselves.

America has created a refugee flood of 500,000 in Columbia because of the War on Drugs and the aerial spraying of Monsanto’s Round-up to destroy the coca production.  It’s insanity that America creates starvation among 500,000 Columbian indigenous humans to attempt to destroy a plant that’s been used by these peoples for thousands of years and is mindless enough to wipe out the forest canopy, the farms, the food sources all for a failed prohibition.  Where is the relief effort for these people?   Where is the relief effort for the Mexican people who are being murdered at the rate of 50 and 60 a day for the US prohibition?


The Dangers of the Vote in Massachusetts is clearly defined by Brad Blog writer Brad Friedman, an anti-Diebold advocate within our voting process.  The reasons are within the videos below and I urge you to watch the entire program via YouTube.

This is a much expanded coverage of Hacking Democracy.  You can follow the rest on YouTube.

Just so you know this isn’t a “conspiracy” bunch of half-baked nuts the kind people at Princeton University have provided this example:

These issues are serious business folks.  I urge you to go visit and explore for yourself and then start raising hell at your local election office, the State level and at the Federal level.  Here’s a suggestion; request absentee ballot and fill out the paper form.  The seeds of doubt are planted and this investigation of voting fraud is serious business.  We have an important (all elections are important) election coming and with this fraud being identified we owe it to the future of our nation to have these issues addressed and resolved prior to the elections.  Cosmetic Democracy takes on a whole new meaning now, doesn’t it?

Do not ever expect for the mainstream media to pick up and run with this issue of basic election fraud within the United States.  The Oligarchy is dependent upon the masses being maintained as mindless sheep, without spine, without courage and without the desire to take action and suppressing the truth is in their best interest in elections, in Banking and Wall Street activities and especially within the government that is no longer of the people but it is of the Oligarchy.

Where is this President now?

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