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Manic Monday

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 18, 2010

Manic Monday

Today is Dr Martin Luther King Day in the USA.  It’s a Federal Banking Holiday. How wonderful that the institutions determined to enslave us are taking a day off.

The newest incarnation of the Scopes Monkey Trial is on hiatus today too as the court is not in session for Perry v Schwarzenegger in California.  Of course it’s not being video recorded because the bigots know we will expose them as creatures of hate.

From the Southern Poverty Law Center’s winter editorial called “A Gathering Storm” comes this quote:

“In September, Public Policy Polling released the stunning results of a survey designed to measure extremism in the mainstream. Among other things, the poll found that 21% of Americans believe that Obama is the Antichrist or may be. Among Republicans, 34% believe the president is or may be the Antichrist, while 64% of that party’s voters say he is not or may not be an American citizen.”

The Cults of Jesus hijacking of the Republican Party and the disastrous Bush years reality that’s upon us now have no moderating effect on these bigots and hate-mongers.  These creatures are hell-bent on obtaining their end of times prophesy and those of us who are sane will do our best to insure that they don’t.  The poll provides no real surprise to any of us out here living in the real world.  We see it, we know it and we move through the hate and fear mongering to pursue our happiness as best we are able.

Our President, Barack H Obama writes in Newsweek:

“But above all, we act for a very simple reason: in times of tragedy, the United States of America steps forward and helps. That is who we are. That is what we do. For decades, America’s leadership has been founded in part on the fact that we do not use our power to subjugate others, we use it to lift them up—whether it was rebuilding our former adversaries after World War II, dropping food and water to the people of Berlin, or helping the people of Bosnia and Kosovo rebuild their lives and their nations.”

Mr. President:

What of the people on Main Street in the USA?

We, those who took active parts in the relief efforts in New Orleans after Katrina’s devastation, see a huge disparity between what America is doing for Haiti and what America did for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast and, quite frankly, we are appalled and offended at the involvement of the War Criminal George W Bush.  Do we intend on torturing the orphaned children of Haiti now?  Maybe they have some valuable intelligence for us to gather through water-boarding.

There is no redemption for George W Bush in active participation in the relief effort for Haiti now. The policy and the practices of the lying war criminal are known from experience and this creature’s involvement is an insult to right thinking humans who diligently worked to do the right thing while the war monger and torturer was paying off his Corporate Communist Sponsors in no-bid contracts for the mercenary army he and Cheney employed.  Bring these men to trial and restore America’s faith in the judicial system, the constitution of the United States of America and the morally upright position of the American Citizens’ demands.  We Americans are not amused and not in support of this vile and repugnant creature being anyplace in the public eye except on trial for the treason, the war crimes of murder and torture he is guilty of perpetrating while occupying the office of the Presidency of the United States.

Americans have opened their meager wallets to give a tremendous outpouring of cash in an honest sharing because we know all too well, as a direct result of the bumbling and fraudulent actions of George W Bush while President, just how important it is for every citizen to be involved in uplifting the family next door.  We know the importance of “do unto others” on levels that the Faith-Based Bigots demonstrate they are unable to provide.

While we are at it:

What of this issue of The Drug War creating famine refugees that number a half-million in Columbia?  How does this “Lift up” the Columbian indigenous people when our Military spraying herbicide kills their food crops?

What of the actions of the United States Corporate Oligarchy in Honduras with US ambassador Llorens, the Cuban Prince, at the helm?  How does a manipulated election (something we all know about from George W Bush) restore democracy or increase the civil rights of the humans being murdered by the Honduran government for their voices of dissent?

What of the Murders created by the Drug War in Mexico?  It is our failed Drug War that created this condition and these deaths are ignored and unrecognized with the United States policy and military actions being directly responsible for these!

How does this “lift up” the Mexican people?

Tell me how the border wall “lifts up” the Mexican citizens or the United States Citizens?

The Wars continue in Iraq and Afghanistan and innocent children, civilians are the largest casualties of this fraudlent set of actions taken by the United States Government.  How does this “lift up” the Iraqi or Afghani peoples?  The illegal and no-bid Military Contractors commit murder and walk away as free citizens and you claim that our United States policy “lifts up” other nations and other peoples?

Are we “lifting up” the Afghani population?

How are we “lifting up” the civilian population of Iraq when we (under the lying murderer George W Bush and the torturer Dick Cheney) electrocuted our own military personnel in substandard construction of showers?

Tell us, Mr. President, how are we “lifting them up” in these places?

Perhaps we are “lifting them up” with torture and incarceration without due process in GITMO?

It is impossible for me, as a United States Citizen, to applaud or comprehend the position taken over Haiti now while the outrageous acts of this government continue in diametric opposition to the words uttered today.  America has been oppressor to Haiti for most of the twentieth century and now that policy is altered? You’ll have to excuse my cynicism because I can see the oligarchy at the door salivating for the slave labor this horrendous natural disaster presents to them as opportunity to mortgage the future of these people.

Stop killing our youth, stop draining our prosperity and STOP THE WARS before you toot your horn about how we will “lift them up” concerning the population of Haiti.  This is pure rhetorical nonsense and it’s about time you came to your senses and turned the focus on Main Street in the USA.

Domestically it is no better.  Tell us, Mr. President, how are we “lifting up” the American Citizens who are sustaining the brunt of the housing collapse created by Wall Street and Banking greed and manipulated by the FED?  Tell us how the largest transfer of wealth in history from a Government to the top 1% of the private sector has done anything to “lift up” the American Citizens who elected you for “change you can believe in.”

How is your government “lifting up” the American People by selling out to the Drug Companies and the Insurance Industry in the biggest give-away and fraud of Health Care reform ever perpetrated?  Do you really think it is an act of “lifting up” that it is mandated we purchase worthless health insurance from Corporate Communists who have raped and pillaged the American Citizens for over 100 years?  How is this so, Mr. President?  How are Americans any better off for being forced to pay Health Insurance Companies their 30% profit to refuse to pay our insurance claim?

How is it “lifting them up” to have an infrastructure in the United States falling apart?

How is it “lifting them up” to have American Citizens homeless because of the fraud and greed created under the Bush Presidency and continued into the policy of the Obama administration?

How is it “lifting them up” when more than 10% of the American working class is unemployed and the real number is closer to 25% when considering those who have given up looking, are under-employed or only part time employed because NAFTA sent our jobs overseas?

How is it “lifting them up” when the American economy lays in shambles from the actions of the “faith-based” treasonous liars George W Bush and Dick Cheney and they are not brought to trial?

America is in a World Of Hurt here and the real discussions this Nation has to address to move into the next decade of the new millenium is hijacked by Cults of Jesus insanity and the Right-Wing hawkish establishment hell-bent on keeping the Industrial-Military-Congressional complex and economy driven by ponzi scheme Wall Street and Banking greed fueled at American’s expense.  We know the US Treasury give-away will drive inflation to the point where none of us will have the money to eat.  How is that “Lifting up” the Main Street American, Mr. President?

What is the foundation of the Terrorist Attacks on the United States of America and the European Union?

Our “Faith-Based” ignorant Bush President can answer that clearly because his cowboy diplomacy and ignorant arrogance is the cause of the 9/11/01 Twin Trade Tower bombings and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if his henchmen were responsible for blowing up building 7 too.

In the 2008 Presidential campaigns this topic of getting out of the Middle East was briefly opened and, nearly immediately, shut down by the Right Wing media’s claim that America’s policy would be “dictated by the Terrorist” who simply desire to have their countries back from American occupation.  What is to fear of getting the United States and the European Union out of the Middle East?

If America and the European Union were to take the funds that are pissed away in the sands of the Middle East and focus on alternative energy, improved mass transit and domestic quality of life issues; what would this harm?

The Islamic world is clear in its support of terrorist activities that they want us out of the Arabian peninsula so we all oblige and stop all foreign aid, get American and European technology and support out and leave them to feed on the oil and sand that comprises their fiefdoms.  It’s just that simple a solution.

We simply end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and keep from escalation into Yemen, Iran or Pakistan.  Bring our troops home and leave them to the sand and oil.  Not a difficult concept to grasp unless you are an American “no-bid” military contractor raking in billions from the war. Gogg an Magogg are not in the Middle East as our Faith-Based insane prior President Bush confessed to the French Prime Minister.

We are no safer for having our troops half a world away.  That’s the reality we face.

As for the War on Drugs; why the hell are we involved in this prohibition that’s failed decades ago anyway?  Americans don’t need and don’t want a government telling us what we can and can’t consume.  We surely don’t want a government that is criminalizing predominantly of color populations with the Drug War as an excuse.  It’s a travesty of justice to imprison humans with medical problems.

America has to face the reality of what our politicians have done in the illegal and shadow wars and black ops in Central and South America too in this fraud of a “War on Drugs” that has become a war on the populations of Mexico, Columbia, Honduras, Panama and all the sovreign states of our neighbors to the south.  Who the hell are we to dictate to these peoples what they can and cannot grow?

This War on Drugs has to stop and the sanity of the American people demonstrated to the world.  We are disgusting in the eyes of the world because of how we treat our own population and with the wanton disregard of other peoples in our hemisphere we are less than human.

Americans must restore their manufacturing base of the economy and put Americans back to work.  We cannot sustain sending American dollars overseas to purchase the commodities that we consume here and we can no longer afford the carbon footprint of doing this if this Earth is to be maintained as a safe living environment.

Tremendous opportunity exists for Green Industry within the United States.  It’s a travesty, a waste of humanity, a denial of opportunity that we aren’t providing universal education and universal health care for our population to insure that we maintain our position of global leadership by example rather than by force.  There is no excuse for Americans not having 100% home ownership, 100% health care and 100% feeding and providing for the basic human dignity of our nation from birth to death.

What the reality is, however, is that America has exported it’s Hate.  Americans have created the “Kill the Gays” bill in Uganda.  American Evangelicals with the endorsement of the C-Street House and the Treasonous Senators and Congressmen who used their influence to pedal this hate have exported this to country struggling to gain autonomy and American Evangelicals have exported their hate.  That’s the reality of America today.

We are not free until all of us are free and these important topics must come into the mainstream public discussion now rather than later.  It’s long past time that the Nanny State of the United States come to an end.  We are not the World’s Policeman, we are not even world leaders anymore because of George W Bush and the Oligarchy turning the United States into a third world nation out of greed.

Break up the “Too Big To Fail” and do it now.

Dismantle the FED and replace it with a real United States Bank.  We are able to care for our own tax dollars, our own currency and pay our bills without the oversight and manipulation of the Banking Cartel, “the Money Trust” as it was known before the Depression they caused then and the one they caused now is inexcusable.

Get Corporate Money out of Washington and clean up the corruption, bribery and graff in government.  A great place to start is by getting rid of 10% of all Federal and State employees so the Government feels the pain of unemployment the same as the private sector does.  Put the Government on equal footing with the people they are intended to serve.  We will no longer bow to our Government Masters because that’s not what our Constitution delivers.

Understand that We The People are fully prepared to restore a Government of the people, for the people and by the people and it is from the people that Government exists.  We are no longer remaining silent on these important to all topics.

End the Wars, all of the wars.

Clean up Congress.

Break up the Too Big to Fail.

Restore American liberty.

Wake up America.

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