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Tuesday Terrorism Toward The Truth

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 19, 2010

Tuesday Terrorism Toward The Truth

In a Maureen Dowd interview our newest supporters and heroes, team Olson and Boies, present strong supportive commentary for LGBT equality, the last paragraph says it all:

“Obama sees himself as such a huge change that he can be cautious about other societal changes. But what he doesn’t realize is that legalizing gay marriage is like electing a black president. Before you do it, it seems inconceivable. Once it’s done, you can’t remember what all the fuss was about.”

The trial resumes today.

United States Torture and Terror

The real cost of War.

Our sincere condolences to the families who have the knowledge of the ultimate sacrifice of these brave humans lost to all of us now.

In a story reported in Harper’s Magazine by Scott Horton the deaths of 3 Guantanimo detainees is detailed as another Military cover-up.  It’s not bad enough that Afghanistan Commander McChrystal was actively involved in the cover-up of Corporal Pat Tillman’s death by friendly fire in Afghanistan but now the Bush / Cheney and Obama Administration with the US Military are caught in yet another round of bald-faced lies concerning the treatment of prisoners at GITMO.  It is no wonder why the Islamic world views us with contempt with the existence of these torture practices and the lies that support it.

Bring George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Commander Baumgarner and every individual involved with the torture of prisoners at Bagram, GITMO and any US facility to trial now and restore our image to the world.  This is pure insanity, corruption, human rights violations that are unconscionable from the United States or any other government on the earth.

The truly horrendous aspect of this is that the current Obama administration may be up to their ears in the cover-up and ignoring the reality of our United States Military’s involvement in acts against the Geneva Convention, against any standard of International Human Rights and morality as a reflection of what the Bush / Cheney administration conducted as a normal operating practice.

Once again the call goes out to bring the criminal charges against George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Commander Baumgarner and all personnel involved in the practices of torture at GITMO, Bagram or any United States Military installations.  This is a condition that cannot be tolerated if we are to maintain our good standing within the world community.  Bring the war criminals to justice and do it now.

From the Harper’s article:

“One of the most intriguing aspects of this case concerns the use of Camp No. Under George W. Bush, the CIA created an archipelago of secret detention centers that spanned the globe, and authorities at these sites deployed an array of Justice Department–sanctioned torture techniques—including waterboarding, which often entails inserting cloth into the subject’s mouth—on prisoners they deemed to be involved in terrorism. The presence of a black site at Guantánamo has long been a subject of speculation among lawyers and human-rights activists, and the experience of Sergeant Hickman and other Guantánamo guards compels us to ask whether the three prisoners who died on June 9 were being interrogated by the CIA, and whether their deaths resulted from the grueling techniques the Justice Department had approved for the agency’s use—or from other tortures lacking that sanction.

Complicating these questions is the fact that Camp No might have been controlled by another authority, the Joint Special Operations Command, which Bush’s defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, had hoped to transform into a Pentagon version of the CIA. Under Rumsfeld’s direction, JSOC began to take on many tasks traditionally handled by the CIA, including the housing and interrogation of prisoners at black sites around the world. The Pentagon recently acknowledged the existence of one such JSOC black site, located at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, and other suspected sites, such as Camp Nama in Baghdad, have been carefully documented by human-rights researchers.”

The article continues with these clear statements:

“In a Senate Armed Services Committee report on torture released last year, the sections about Guantánamo were significantly redacted. The position and circumstances of these deletions point to a significant JSOC interrogation program at the base. (It should be noted that Obama’s order last year to close other secret detention camps was narrowly worded to apply only to the CIA.)

Regardless of whether Camp No belonged to the CIA or JSOC, the Justice Department has plenty of its own secrets to protect. The department would seem to have been involved in the cover-up from the first days, when FBI agents stormed Colonel Bumgarner’s quarters. This was unusual for two reasons. When Pentagon officials engage in a leak investigation, they generally use military investigators. They rarely turn to the FBI, because they cannot control the actions of a civilian agency. Moreover, when the FBI does open an investigation, it nearly always does so with great discretion. The Bumgarner investigation was widely telegraphed, though, and seemed intended to send a message to the military personnel at Camp Delta: Talk about what happened at your own risk. All of which suggests it was not the Pentagon so much as the White House that hoped to suppress the truth.”

“The Justice Department also faces questions about its larger role in creating the circumstances that lead to the use of so-called enhanced interrogation and restraint techniques at Guantánamo and elsewhere. In 2006, the use of a gagging restraint had already been connected to the death on January 9, 2004, of an Iraqi prisoner, Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Jameel, in the custody of the Army Special Forces. And the bodies of the three men who died at Guantánamo showed signs of torture, including hemorrhages, needle marks, and significant bruising. The removal of their throats made it difficult to determine whether they were already dead when their bodies were suspended by a noose. The Justice Department itself had been deeply involved in the process of approving and setting the conditions for the use of torture techniques, issuing a long series of memoranda that CIA agents and others could use to defend themselves against any subsequent criminal prosecution.”

Is this the United States that you support?  Murdering innocent men, torture and covering up the truth?  There is no greater benchmark of the Bush / Cheney administration than the corruption and inhumane treatment of prisoners demonstrated by GITMO and the unwarranted actions taken by this “Faith-Based” President’s administration.  The horrendously disappointing feature of this is the Obama Administration’s support of the crimes after the fact and the apparent Justice Department endorsement.

The closing statement from this piece defines exactly why Americans are outraged at this cover-up and lie perpetrated against every US Military person serving today and creates an international embarrassment of human rights violations without these war criminals being brought to justice.

“Not everyone who is involved in this matter views it from a political perspective, of course. General Al-Zahrani grieves for his son, but at the end of a lengthy interview he paused and his thoughts turned elsewhere. “The truth is what matters,” he said. “They practiced every form of torture on my son and on many others as well. What was the result? What facts did they find? They found nothing. They learned nothing. They accomplished nothing.”

There is nothing but the truth contained in this General Al-Zaharani’s statements concerning the Bush / Cheney administration and that another human life is lost under the Obama administration in similar circumstances is obscene.

For Americans seeking justice the Obama  Administration’s dictum to “look forward, not backward” is reprehensible, a corruption of the truth, a subversion of American values, ethics and morality that could well become the fatal blow to what once was a promising Presidency.  America is founded upon truth, Americans demand transparency in the actions of government and within our Military.  The apparent collusion of the Justice Department brings the whole house of cards to collapse defining just how low, how corrupt our current government remains after the vile perversions of the Bush / Cheney Administration. has this site available for us to take action.

Where is this President now?

In a related story from Huffington Post, Americans in Pakistani custody are claiming that they are being tortured.  Well, what is to be expected as the United States takes the lead in torture of prisoners?  This is the legacy of the Bush / Cheney, Rumsfeld team in delivering their particular flavor of sadism into the reality of the conflicts that their lies and fraud built.

With the voting in MA today between Coakley and Brown this piece from Brad Friedman at Velvet Revolution is just one more nail in the coffin of American Democracy.  Makes you feel real good about the 2000 & 2004 Bush elections doesn’t it.  Maybe we didn’t elect him after all…

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