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Hump Day Happiness

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 20, 2010

Hump Day Happiness

It is actually Monday as I’m here writing this blog (that’s two days before posting 1/18/10) and the BradBlog is making me crazy again.  The video below I lifted from Brad Friedman’s blog where voting issues are his primary focus in life.  This man is one of my heroes of investigative reporting.

For all of us who really want to see George W Bush and his Administration hang for their war crimes and treason this only fuels the fire.

The websit Free For All, One Dude’s Quest To Save Democracy is a great piece to get yourself familiar with this issue.  I’ve addressed the issues as BradBlog has made me aware and as I’ve seen questionable results in elections.  I’ve experienced the questionable “photo ID” disenfranchizement in the State of Georgia with a clear understanding of exactly why this happened.  I was outraged at Florida’s election debacle for Bush in 2000 with Bubba Jeb in the State House in Tallahassee.

As for my prognostication for MA?  Coakley wins it but it’s going to take a recount and identification of election fraud to pull it out of the ashes.  I just don’t see MA ever putting a creature like Brown into office even with the Cults of Jesus robo-calling.

It’s Tuesday PM here and the pundits are calling it for Brown.  We’ll see what falls out.

This video clip I stumbled across accidentally while shopping for some election related clips from 2008.  “Hate and Fear are powerful motivators in America” is the most memorable quote.  If you have any doubt of the Cults of Jesus taking over the Republican Party just listen to this from the heartland of America.  I’m even more embarassed now to be an American than before I saw the clip.

This defines the Hate of the Cults of Jesus clearly from their own mouths.

Here we are one year later and this attitude, these erroneous opinions have amplified.

As friend Alex has so clearly reminded me this morning, The Democrats Lost In MA.  Could it be the robo-calling?  Maybe the generalized anger at government?  For whatever reason this points up the frustration and anger with Washington’s purchased politicians and the clear disconnect with reality that we all see coming from government.

Maybe there is hope that the Democrats will get the message now.

We had 8 years of “Faith-Based” George Bush who, with collusion from Obama, effected the largest transfer of wealth in history to the top 1% of the US Oligarchy.  We’ve pissed away trillions on useless wars against a tactic and not a nation or state.  We have an economy in shambles and this President and the Democrats just stepped into the status-quo and have demonstrated that the only change you can believe in is the fact that they all change into the same purchased politicians feeding the Oligarchy once elected.

This may be a wake-up call.  For me hope springs infernal on this topic.  I don’t see, now or at anytime in the immediate future, President Obama taking up the bully pulpit in defense of Gay Marriage, striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell from the military or taking active leadership in the restoration of Main Street USA as he and his cronies have propped up Wall Street, Banking and Special Intrests greed.

What will it take from President Obama for me to turn this attitude around?

Start with the above Civil Rights issues and then get behind the Elizabeth Warren consumer protection agency.  Audit and do away with the FED.  Get Bush / Cheney Bernanke, Paulson and Geithner charged with the crimes against the United States Citizens that they’ve committed and break up the “Too Big To Fail” Banks bringing the Banksters and Corporate Communists to trial for the defrauding of America.  End the wars, all the wars and bring our troops home.  That’s a start and that’s what we expect and demand.

We elected Barack H Obama to the office of President for CHANGE.  What’s been delivered by the President and the Democrats is more of Washington’s business as usual and that business as usual is not accepted by the American Citizens.  Perhaps this will be the message that gets taken away from the teachable moment in Massachusetts.

From the Huffington Post editorials this morning, Drew Westen writes:

“The White House has squandered the greatest opportunity to change both the country and the political landscape since Ronald Reagan. It should have started with a non-watered-down stimulus package big enough to stop the bleeding in the job market–and a smack-down of any Republican who dared to utter the word “deficit” after 8 years of reckless, unpaid Republican spending. It should have followed with stringent regulations on Wall Street and protection of homeowners and small businesses instead of with a jobs creation program inside the administration for failed bankers and failed regulators. A stimulus–including a jobs program–strong enough to prevent the hemorrhaging of 700,000 jobs a month and a muscular approach to the bad actors who had crashed the economy would have gotten the public firmly behind the President and the Democrats, demonstrating to the average voter that they have a choice between one party that’s on their side and another that’s not. Instead, the White House just blurred the lines between the parties so the average American couldn’t tell the difference.”

I know, for myself, that this President has created a great sense of disappointment in the American People and that is now coming home to roost.  There may be “Change You Can Count On” yet.

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  1. Richard said, on January 20, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    You’re mentally ill. There are some excellent 3rd generation anti-psychotic
    drugs out there now, without the side effects of the older ones like Thorazine
    and Haldol.

    Look into it. You need help.

  2. activecitizen54 said, on January 21, 2010 at 4:35 am


    You speak so eloquently of the anti-psychotics. They apparently work well for you. You are now forming complete sentences. Keep up the good work…

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