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The Corporate Communists Won

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 22, 2010

The Corporate Communists Won

The Supreme Court today ruled that Corporate Communists (the plutocrats) now have the ability to openly purchase elections by their ability to outspend the individual.

One grave concern I hold concerning the Supreme Court ruling today is that Corporations and the people behind them now have greater power than the US Citizen.  Kennedy ruled that the constraints on Corporations amounted to censorship in the majority opinion.

Legalized Bribery is the quickest and cleanest description of what happened today. The reality is that this is the Dread Scott decision of the 21st century and the American Citizens are the slaves without rights.  A Corporate Communist Coup d’etat happened today led by the ACLU.

Perry v Schwartzenegger

Our President remains silent.  The “Fierce Advocate” for LGBT Civil Rights leaves Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell witch-hunts, the Defense Of Marriage Act in place and remains absolutely silent on the issue of Same Sex Marriage in California.  With this kind of Fierce Advocacy we can all expect crosses burning on our front lawns and the white sheets to be circling.  Maybe there was more to the speech at Saddleback Church and the relationship with the vile Rick Warren than we all know.

Today’s Bigotry was brought to us by the Catholic Church, The Evangelicals and LDS, the Mormons and was all wrapped up in a little Chinese package called Tam. You know the Tam who sponsored petitions, spoke at rallies, took orders from the combined might of the churches, spent money on their behalf spreading the pre-approved lies and then became the I want to sponsor but I don’t want to testify when the trial became reality.  The Courage Campaign and FiredogLake have both done a tremendous job of covering this trial that the Supreme Court denied us the right to see on video-tape.

It’s kind of funny to me that the Corporations have free speech but the California Supreme Court, Judge Walker and the LGBT community don’t.  Just sayin…

The day was opened with testimony continued from Wednesday by Dr. Segura finishing up on how politically powerless the LGBT Community is.

The Star Wittness, Dr William Tam with his impeccable credentials of HATE from the widely discredited reassignment strategists NARTH concerning how Gays can change their sexuality with divine intervention.  Mr Tam’s personal HATE web site of (now taken down) spewed is particular flavor of HATE freely and was endorsed by Protect The Family, the Catholic Church and NOM, The Evangelicals and the LDS, the Mormons as well as all the usual HATE groups of Focus on the Family and the usual list.

The humor of the day came about as the Pro Prop H8 attorney attempted to paint the illustrious Tam as having gone rogue.  I guess they’ll have to save that for dear Sarah Palin because our David Boies made short work of that through a series of emails.

I cannot ever express how grateful I am for the diligence and direct blogging being done by The Courage Campaign and Firedoglake and I encourage you to give what you are able to help these great folks out.  These are our eyes and ears in this courtroom where history is being made.

Has the President Heard Main Street?

President Barack Obama’s heeding the advice of Paul Volcker may be the first sign of awakening in this administration.  To date Mr. Obama has very much appeared as a step-and-fetch-it for the individuals who are responsible for the Wall Street and Banking melt-down and who have profited handsomely off the Taxpayer dollars.  These Corporate Communists and Banksters demonstrate that they hold no great love for or support in America by withholding loans from small business and dragging their feet on the mortgage relief and repair that their predatory lending practices created.

Prepare yourselves for the next round of pleadings from the Lobbyists and the stacking in of cash from the Wall Street and Bankster Corporate Communists to load up the mid-term campaign.  There is no way to separate this as these politicians are making their ploy to feed their greed and stack in the cash to protect themselves in November.

For me, nothing short of a return to the Glass-Steagall division of Commercial Banking and Investment Banking will satisfy the real need for reform within the Banking and Wall Street firms as they exist today.  This guarantees that the “too big to fail” are broken up and monies deposited in these Commercial firms are applied to the consumer and small business loans that make the Banksters money.

The band-aid regulations slapped into place earlier this year are seen as a joke by most Americans and we are all too aware that without the “too big to fail” being broken up we will all be held hostage to their greed in higher charges as they simply pass on the tax, fees or charges levied by the Government to the consumer.  Without the Consumer Protection proposed by Elizabeth Warren these “new” regulations become, in effect, an additional tax levied upon the American Taxpayer.

Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone reports are enlightening as to how we have continued on this disastrous course of economics set into motion by the Bush Administration and continued as business as usual by President Barack H Obama.  The Dirty Dozen are reported in his March Column.

Congressman Ron Paul spoke on 1/15/10 in Atlanta at a Campaign For Liberty rally about the reality of what’s going on in the United States Government and the CIA.

From earlier in the year:

And this is worth the time from Ron Paul:

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