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The Importance of Perry v Schwarzenegger

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 24, 2010

The Importance of Perry v Schwarzenegger

Our illustrious Cults of Jesus have exported their positions, with the assistance of United States Representatives and “experts” (Paul Cameron fake science, Scott Lively Hate Ministry et al) who are clearly discredited in the United States.  These creatures have spewed their lies and hate through their “missions” to Africa with the blessing of the C-Street Family.  Mr Lively’s ministry of Hate is on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of Hate Organizations and this “offends” the “expert” Scott Lively who is really just an expert at lying and bearing false witness.

Reading at Truth Wins Out Blog, one rapidly gains an understanding of the animus and fear-mongering leveled against the LGBT Community in California during the Prop H8 campaign.  Understand clearly that this is not an isolated incident but this is the clearly proclaimed mission of hate from the Cults of Jesus and especially from the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon cults of Jesus is a warning and threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every citizen.  We, of the LGBT Community know that these creatures lie and then everyone swears to it and that’s been demonstrated throughout this trial and the gyrations of the proponents of Prop H8 since it began.

What, clearly, is at stake here within the United States is basic Constitutional Rights of a suspect class of people and a Separation of Church and State with the Theocrats, the Cults of Jesus infiltration and take over of the Republican Party.  The lesson that we’ve learned from the Perry v Schwarzenegger trial is the level of organization and the ability to mobilize a phenomenal volunteer base with the Bishop to the Clergy to the Congregation structure put into full play in the case of Prop H8.  We also know the lengths that they go in bearing false witness.

What is important to the rest of us is that we are not free until all of us are free and these Cults of Jesus involvement within the political system demonstrates a level of power that we all must be absolutely aware of and continually wary of.  The Dominionist positions, the openly working for the end times and the rapture that drives these insane zealots is most recently demonstrated by the disastrous 8 years of George W Bush and the torturer Dick Cheney’s Faith-Based administration.  The demonstration of this “Faith-Based” administration is in the sands of Iraq, the confession to France’s Prime Minister that “Gogg and Magogg” were in the Middle East by George W Bush in his enthusiasm for the end of times and the Cult of Jesus ease with which Bush lied about WMDs.  Do you sense a pattern here?

The real importance of Perry v Schwarzenegger is drawing that proverbial line in the sand that will make it clear to the Cults of Jesus that their Hate, Bigotry, Fear-Mongering and Slanders will no longer be acceptable within a free American Society.  The Agenda of Hate from the Cults of Jesus will end.  It is a matter of the survival of the United States as a free nation with liberty and justice for all that is at stake here and we, the LGBT Community have the obligation to lead the defense of this nation even though we are unable to serve it’s military openly with our “Fierce Advocate” in the Presidency.

We face a grave danger in the Roberts Supreme Court because this Bush legacy is the very embodiment of “the activist court.”  Roberts is the Cults of Jesus appointment on this court just as they have taken over the Republican Party and that’s as grave a danger as having the Pope himself as the embodiment of evil on the bench.  The Republican “Big Lie” is exposed when you understand this court is the very embodiment of the Republican Party and it’s record.  This is not simply my opinion, this is fact from the record as pointed out by Jeffery Toobin in the New Yorker:

“Roberts’s record is not that of a humble moderate but, rather, that of a doctrinaire conservative. The kind of humility that Roberts favors reflects a view that the Court should almost always defer to the existing power relationships in society. In every major case since he became the nation’s seventeenth Chief Justice, Roberts has sided with the prosecution over the defendant, the state over the condemned, the executive branch over the legislative, and the corporate defendant over the individual plaintiff. Even more than Scalia, who has embodied judicial conservatism during a generation of service on the Supreme Court, Roberts has served the interests, and reflected the values, of the contemporary Republican Party.”

The Huffington Post reporter Mitchell Bard points this up in his very illuminating piece that is well worth the read.

The point of this is that for all of Ted Olson’s successful performance before this court we are facing an uphill battle that will take a miracle of swinging Kennedy into a position of upright human for us to prevail if and when this case comes before this activist court.  We have a heavyweight conservative on our side but this court is blindly conservative to the point of clear activism on rolling back afirmative action, individual rights and demonstrates an ignorance of the Constitution and the Federalist Letters like the GOP’s Mr Steel himself sets on the bench.  It’s a repulsive and repugnant conservative activism that is dangerous and clearly defines a Bush legacy of disaster for well after the bad boy with the silver spoon is out of office.  Roberts is there for life.  It’s a death sentence for liberty and justice for all.

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