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State of The Union

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 25, 2010

State of the Union

With President Barack H Obama’s State of the Union address coming up on Wednesday of this week there are a number of very important aspects of America to look at and understand before listening to what this President has to say.

First and foremost is the most recent Activist Supreme Court Decision from the Roberts Court and the reality that 5 of these Justices should be arrested and brought to trial on treason for their run against the Constitution of the United States of America.

Just so Americans are clear on this topic, this ruling does not allow Corporate Entities to directly fund to the Politician; they still have to bribe through Lobbyists and Political Action Committees. This ruling allows the Corporate Entity to purchase advertising against or for a particular candidate or issue in the election right up to election day.

The reality of this is that if the Corporate entity spends just 1% of its Corporate Coffers they will have the ability to outspend all the Purchased Politicians from the President, Congress and Senate combined by a factor of 2 to 1 in the Corporate Communist’s favor in any election.

One year ago the Faith-Based Liar George W Bush with his Torturer Dick Cheney delivered to President Barack H Obama an economy that laid in ruins from 8 years of Liar’s loans and Wall Street greed coupled with insane Industrial, Military, Congressional complex spending for fraudulent wars.  Make no mistake about this; the Faith-Based ignorant saber-rattling and disastrous foreign policy of the liar George W Bush is directly responsible for 9/11/01 and his Daddy, George H W Bush trained and equipped these Terrorists while supporting a secret war against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan.  It’s history and it’s documented.

President Obama had no choice but to continue the obscene Bail-out of these “too big to fail” Banking and Wall Street entities, that the liar Bush left unregulated. President Obama’s loyalties are clearly defined by the Administration he brought being Citibank, Goldman-Sachs and Wall Street interests loaded instead of the highly qualified campaign advisors.  Bernanke and his cohort in crime, Timothy Geithner continued the failed policies of Greenspan, Paulson and Bernanke’s own feeding of the Oligarchy.

With the Middle Class in ruins, their economic security shattered by the FED created real estate bubble bursting, President Obama is boxed into a corner of feeding the Industrial, Military, Congressional complex to maintain employment at status quo while providing lip-service to “a new green economy” that cannot happen without funding.

America is at war on 3 fronts.  There is the 30+ year-long war on Drugs that is an absolutely failed prohibition.  President Obama’s conciliatory move toward ending this is to instruct the Federal Department of Drug Enforcement to not prosecute the medical marijuana dispensaries.  However the obscenity of this failed prohibition has created a murderous border war with Mexico and a half-million hunger refugees in Columbia from US Military spraying herbicides to attempt to eliminate coca growing.  Human rights travesties that the United States failed policy on Drugs is responsible for from a Faith-Based Republican ignorant Bush that were begun by a Faith-Based actor and Republican.  President Obama has yet to fully address this issue and it is an issue because of the push to legalize pot across the USA completely undermining the bloody Mexican Drug War.

Murder and Human Rights Violations that amount to Bush/Cheney War Crimes in GITMO are only the tip of this iceberg of CIA and the competing DOJ shadow group of Bush’s Mr. Rumsfeld’s design that extend throughout the Middle East and Black Ops networks across Europe.  President Obama’s statements that American Torture ends with his Presidency helped the Foreign Relations but the issue is not solved.

A war in Afghanistan that is absolutely unwinnable and now escalated because of the electioneering and political activism of a lying General McCrystal who worked to cover-up the friendly fire death of athlete Pat Tillman.

A war in Iraq founded in the Lies of George W Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld’s claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Faith-Based George W Bush’s clearly stated belief that the demons Gogg and Magogg were at work in the Middle East as an indicator of the End Times of his Evangelical Hate Monger’s handlers and owners.  This group’s war crimes extend through the unconstitutional use of a standing mercenary armed force of Military Contractors that feeds the Corporate Greed and demoralize the American Military Personnel by the outrageous wages these mercenaries are paid for working in the War Zone on “No-Bid” Military Contracts while the solders’ kids and wives struggle to buy groceries back home.

The results of the corruption of these military contractors is demonstrated by United States Military Personnel being electrocuted in the showers of newly constructed barracks.  This is even more obscene evidence of this deriliction of duty from the liar George W Bush, the Torturer Dick Cheney and the Bush administration in general as well as the Military that accepted the conditions.

President Barack H Obama, at least, made the United States Citizens aware of this expense by the lying Faith-Based Bush and Torturer Cheney’s administration almost immediately upon his entry to the White House.

American Families were and still are under attack by the Corporate Communists Greed and the American Dream of Home Ownership was becoming the American Nightmare of Underwater Mortgages, bankruptcies and foreclosures not seen since the Great Depression.  Clinton unlocked the Pandora’s Box of removing Glass-Steagall regulations of separating Commercial Banking and Investment Banking and it took the FEDs and Bush’s failure to oversee and reinsert regulation to bring the system to the brink of collapse in just 10 years.

American Labor’s wages have remained stagnant for 30+ years in spite of their productivity increasing three-fold while executive pay is now 4,000% higher than labor.   The Middle Class discovered that the United States of America is really a Third World Country by the design of the Faith-Based lying Bush Administration and the subverted-by-the-Cults-of-Jesus Republican Party’s failed economic policy.

The Cults of Jesus are dependent upon oppressed, impoverished and ignorant populations to gain dominion.  The Lying George W Bush and Torturing Dick Cheney certainly delivered these requirements into the hands of the Cults of Jesus just as the Republican Cults of Jesus intended.  No child left behind indeed…

Katrina in New Orleans and the absolute devastation of Gulf Coast made this reality perfectly clear to Americans as Bush flew over and ignored this reality just as he ignored the reality of his Administration and the Republican Party taking a $236 Billion surplus from the Clinton’s Presidency and turning it into a deficit to equal the deficits of all the Presidents proceeding him combined!

These are the conditions that President Barack H Obama confronted as he took the helm of this juggernaut ship of State that Faith-Based George W Bush and the Torturer Dick Cheney delivered on to the rocks as an inauguration day gift to President Obama.  The Republican Party has been real clear about wanting to “destroy” President Obama but what they’ve effectively done is work to destroy the United States of America.

This is the reality of President Barack H Obama who has created miracles in the restoration of America’s Foreign Policy, the stabilization of the economy, delivered the appearance of some fiscal responsiblity through the voice of Elizabeth Warren in the Congressional Oversight Committee of TARP although the American Citizens still see clearly that the special interests of Banking, Wall Street, Insurance and Corporate Communists own this political process because of spineless purchased politicians and their failures to act led by the Obstructionist Cults of Jesus Republicans.  Where is the accounting of the TARP funds?

What the Corporate Communists and President Barack H Obama’s masters have done to support him is absolutely nothing.  The Banks refuse to loan to small business to continue to drive unemployment rates over 10% that in reality are closer to 25% and there is no recovery on Main Street as these greedy, amoral oligarchs continue their global Ponzi scheme and drive toward their new world order.

The Cults of Jesus in America have mounted an offensive and bigoted Dominionist movement against this President and the Civil Rights of every American through their infiltration of the American Political Process and Globally as demonstrated by the “Kill the Gays” bill in Uganda driven by 5 United States Congressmen and the lying Cults of Jesus Evangelical, Catholic and LDS/Mormon Hate-Mongers “missions.”

This President has diligently worked to maintain his “Centrist” position and this appears to the independent and free-thinking Americans on Main Street as a complete sell-out and lack of leadership.  What the average American sees from this President is the ultimate politician who is as spineless and without conviction as his Democratic party in Congress and the Senate and their inability to represent the people who put them into office because they bow to their Corporate Communist Masters.  The media panders to fears and fails to report anything that may rub against the lying Right-Wing Cults of Jesus position, effectively turning all of the information available in media to the Australian/Arabian Faux Nuz bias of  lying Cults of Jesus bigotry.

This is the virulent and vile Cult of Jesus Right-Wing Republican Domestic Terrorism that President Barack H Obama has courageously faced and with measured and careful actions begun to disarm.  There are many voices out there to drown this atrocious vitriolic trolling for assassins and McCarthyism out of the public consciousness but that would affect Faux Nuz in their bottom line and heaven forbid that anything gets in the way of the God Almighty Buck in America according to the Cult of Jesus lunatics with Rupert Murdock the Aussie Crazy and his Arab partner at the helm.

Real Americans must understand and reject this kind of vile propaganda from continuing to dominate the public discussions if there is a Republic to be left standing.  The Cult of Jesus driven Right Wing-Republican machine on the loose now is the greatest threat to United States security domestically and globally.

For me, and many of my peers, this self-described “Fierce Advocate” of LGBT civil rights is recognized as being of little to no value.  When the real fight begins this President is hanging in the wings and waiting to see which way the wind blows to maintain his “centrist popularity” when he was elected for “real change you can count on.”

President Obama has delivered spineless drivel rhetoric and trillions of dollars into his Corporate Communist handlers.

We of the LGBT Community, their families and friends understand the incendiary nature of our Civil Rights to these Cult of Jesus, Tea Bagging Domestic Terrorists and provide President Obama the benefit of the doubt but this is a condition that will not continue for long.  We have driven and will drive accountability and although the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act was passed there are still EDNA, DOMA and DADT waiting to be acted upon.  The GayTM is closed as a result of this current impasse and the Cults of Jesus held at bay but at what cost?

A landmark trial in Perry v Schwarzenegger with Olson and Boies as the defenders of the Constitutional rights of LGBT Citizens rages in San Francisco but the “Fierce Advocate” of President Barack H Obama remains silent on this topic.  There can be no topic more important to the United States than the Constitutional Guarantees of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness with Equal Justice for all and this President, for fear of inflammatory position, remains silent.

President Barack H Obama has to decide if he intends continue to be the ultimate “Step-and Fetch-It” for his Banking, Wall Street and Corporate Communist Masters or if he is going to develop a spine and represent the American People who elected him for “Real Change You Can Count On.”

Mr. President, we are counting on you and we are sorely disappointed.


The restoration of 1 biological person, 1 vote through a verifiable election process and fully recorded through the certification process by a body of Citizens in each district.  We do not need, nor do we desire an “electoral college” to get between our vote and the elected candidate and we do not desire the Supreme Court to validate fraudulent elections as experienced with the Liar Bush and his Buba Jeb in Florida.

An end to the Wars, all the Wars, the Drug War, The War in Afghanistan and the War in Iraq.    The Cost of Wars are obscene.

Bring our troops home to defend the United States Citizens from the Corporate Communists.

Destroy the FED.

American Citizens understand that the FED is a private banking cartel and we demand the FED be audited and abolished.  A real United States, Taxpayer Owned and Operated, Banking Institution established to collect and distribute our tax dollars, loan to our small business and support the system of mortgage home ownership and other credit within the United States in direct competition with “the too big to fail” and the Banking cartel world wide.  Americans demand protection for our freedom and this is the surest method available.  This is not optional.  This is War against the Oligarchy coming from Main Street.

We are demanding and we are getting our State Tax Dollars moved into small hometown Banks and Credit Unions who have an interest in our communities’ success and away from the “too big to fail” frauds that play games with our dollars to enrich themselves at the expense of the economy.

Real regulation of Wall Street and a clear separation of Commercial Consumer Banking from Ponzi Scheme Investment Banking and break up the “too big to fail” NOW.

A STRONG Consumer Protection Agency with regulatory ability as recommended by Elizabeth Warren to drive a roll back on Credit Abuse, Predatory Lending and obscene interest rates through the financial industry.

Provide American Citizens over 50 access to their Social Security Trust Fund accounts in the amount of 75% of contribution to inject economic stimulus into this economy now.  The new business, the new investments, the new opportunities this will provide will turn this nation around independent of the FED’s and the Banking Cartel’s manipulation.  Wall Street got their bail-out, now bail out the American Citizens.  Main Street needs the injection of cash and we can manage our own money.

A Universal Health Care System paid for and supported by the United States Citizens that is independent of and clearly separate from the greed and abuse of Corporate Communist Insurance Industry Monopoly.

Electronic Medical Records standard throughout the Health Care System.

A restoration of Civil Liberties by the destruction of the unconstitutional Patriot Act put in place by the Lying George W Bush and the Torturing Dick Cheney.  We additionally demand the impeachment of the 404 Senators and Congressmen who voted for the Patriot Act for abrogation of their sworn statement to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.  It’s long past time that the American Purchased Politicians understand that there are consequences for their actions and those are up to and inclusive of Criminal Charges.

A restoration of the Civil Liberties of the United States Citizens in the abolition of the prohibition of drugs in the USA including the importation of low cost drugs from Canada and Europe.

The immediate restoration of Civil Rights in the United States by striking down Defense Of Marriage Act and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell immediately confronting the Bigotry and Hate from the Fear-Mongers of the Cults of Jesus.

Restoration of the wall of separation between Church and State by bringing criminal charges against the Fellowship, the Family members in Congress and the Senate who sponsored the export of Cults of Jesus Hate by total abrogation of the oath to support the Constitution of the United States of America.

Criminal Charges for the War Crimes committed by the lying Faith-Based George W Bush, the Torturer Dick Cheney and the subversive Donald Rumsfeld.

The immediate closure of GITMO as a terrorist prison returning the detainees to their place of origin and securing our borders.  These humans are of no threat to the security of the USA and continuing to torture and murder them is a reprehensible Human Rights Violation.

The immediate closure of American Military Bases around the globe.

The Cessation of Foreign Aid to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon until a peace accord is signed, sealed and delivered that includes a Palestinian homeland.

The immediate cessation of all military activities in Central and South America and the recall of ambassador Llorenz from Honduras because of his support of the Oligarchy and ineffectiveness in obtaining basic Human Rights for the Honduran People.

An immediate tariff on all imported goods from China and anything manufactured beyond the United States physical borders including a 35% tax on Corporate profits from any and all off-shore activities of United States Corporations.

An immediate tax on all Corporate Profits of 50% to fund the United States repayment of loans from the Chinese.

Universal Education for all United States Citizens through Doctoral Dissertation.

Amnesty for all illegal immigrants and the immediate securing of the United States borders as the primary task of the Military Personnel returned to the United States soil.

The immediate implementation of the improvements to the infrastructure of the United States including a domestic high-speed rail system, green public transportation and green energy production to insure every American household is energy independent within 10 years.

This is a legacy that a real President of the United States of America would pursue with a passion given the conditions that exist on a global basis today.

Develop a Spine Mr. President and deliver the “REAL CHANGE WE CAN COUNT ON” and do it now.

By taking clear and decisive actions, as outlined above, the Presidency of Barack H Obama will find a wellspring of support from the Independents, the Progressives and the true Conservatives of this Nation that will drown the Hate and Fear-Mongering of the Cults of Jesus Religious Right.

These actions, Mr President will move, will inspire Americans into the actions that are required to restore our Nation to prosperity, dignity and free us from the yoke of the Corporate Communists by allowing real Americans to control their lives once again with freedom, opportunity and dignity for all United States Citizens.  This will restore America to her position of global leadership well into the future but it takes courge, it takes clear and decisive actions and it takes the backing of the United States Citizens.

Mr President, you have our support.  We elected you.

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