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Pacts With The Devil

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 27, 2010

Pacts With The Devil

Alan Grayson is clear, measured and straightforward in his rebuke of this Cults of Jesus leader.

This Dominionist pillar of the Cults of Jesus ran for President in 1980, coming in third, but this began the subversion of the Republican Party to the Cults of Jesus that culminated with the Faith-Based, election fraud, George W Bush, “Gogg & Magogg are loose in the Middle East” Presidency.  Maybe Poor 12-step George W Bush can use the “demonic possession” defense in his trial for Murder and War Crimes?

There is one thing that we are sure of in the upcoming election and that is we each must carefully vet the candidates for fitness and clearly identify the Theocrats.  Keeping Theocrats like Inoffe, Grassley, DeMint indeed all members of the “Fellowship,” the C-Street Family, from obtaining any power in government is absolutely imperative.  The demonstration from California’s Prop H8 is a clear example of just how dangerous and highly organized this Hate Group is.  What the Cults of Jesus are planning in their “End Times” has to be as a clear warning and wake up call as can be found for the American voter.  If you don’t vote you provide the Theocrats more power for their vote.

As for the reality of the campaign of Hate from Prop H8 in California this week concluded the presentation of witnesses.  The team of Olson & Boies presented strong expert witnesses as to the source and damage of discrimination, the political powerlessness, the suitability to parent, the fitness of the LGBT community in general.  Olson & Boies then mounted the fully documented indictment of collusion from the Cults of Jesus from the Catholics, Evangelicals to the LDS/Mormon hate machine’s lies that created this unconstitutional amendment in Prop H8 in California.  Each step of the way the Prop H8 proponents have attempted to hide their acts of false witness, their lies and the conspiracy between sects of the Cults.

The Defense, the Cults of Jesus team, only mounted 2 witnesses and both were shredded by Ted Olson’s expert cross-examination.  That wasn’t unexpected by the LGBT Community that has long ago recognized the Hate and Fear promoted by the Cults of Jesus zombies.  It was no surprise to us that the Prop H8 proponents went to great lengths (the US Supreme Court) to censor and hide the exposure of the levels of hate and bigotry that they promoted in this case.  It was no surprise when their list of witnesses dwindled because they claimed fear of reprisal.  We all know how they “Love the sinner but hate the sin.”  Now we know that love is $46 million in one hate campaign highly orchestrated between the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Churches.

We all know that the “love” of the Cults of Jesus is clearly expressed in Matthew Shepard hanging beaten on a barbed wire fence in freezing Wyoming winter weather.  We all know that the “love” of the Cults of Jesus is expressed in therise of hate crimes against the LGBT Community in California as a result of the lies from Prop H8.

According to Washington City Paper:

“Santa Clara County, the California county south of San Francisco, has released its hate-crime data for 2008. In 2007, 15 percent of hate crimes were classified as homophobic; in 2008, 56 percent of hate crimes were motivated by homophobia. What changed? Deputy District Attorney Jay Boyarsky told The Mercury News that it is “headlines and controversies of the day” that lead to “surges in types of hate incidents”—meaningthe ongoing battle over Prop 8 may have turned some Californians violent.”

Each of us has personally experienced the “love” of the Cults of Jesus spewed from the pulpit and broadcast across the airwaves as their hate speech is protected by First Amendment Rights.

The LGBT Community knows the “love” expressed in Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as highly skilled and valuable Arabic translators are driven from the Military Service, highly skilled and talented pilots are, through witch-hunts, hearsay and innuendo driven from the Military Service.  The man in the field of battle confronted with Biblical verse on the gun sights and gunned down by friendly fire because of who they love by the rabid Cults of Jesus within the military.

We’ve all listened to the rants from the Cults of Jesus on Faux Nuz about Acorn and the Czars that were Reagan’s gift to US Administrations.  Now the real story of the fraud from the reporter who “broke” this “news” is exposed and where are the Cults of Jesus?  The Cults of Jesus including Satan’s Spawn Sister Catholic Maggie Gallagher, the Evangelical and gluttonous Rick Warren, Pat Buchanan and all are silent on these events and on the Perry v Schwarzenegger trial once their collusion, their lies and their Cults of Jesus “love” is exposed.  I pray they all crawl back under their rocks and stay there.

A dear friend of mine, a devout Christian, became upset with me over the course of this past year because of my use of  “the Cults of Jesus” when speaking of these creatures like the Satan’s Spawn Sister Maggie Gallagher of NOM’s “Gathering Storm” fame, the gluttonous Rick Warren of “Kill the Gays” Uganda’s “Purpose Driven” nation fame and too many others to name here from the LDS/Mormon camp.  The simple explanation I offer to him and to the readers is:

“There is nothing “Christian” in the hate, fear and lies that these Cults of Jesus have spewed into the national and global consciousness for far too long.”

Freedom from religion is as much a right as freedom to practice the religion of your choice.  When the Cults of Jesus cross over the line as we’ve seen in the political arena over the past decade it is time to TAX THE CHURCH.

The “Fellowship” the C-Street Family has operated an illegal Political Action Committee for decades and decades now and is up to its ears in the Kill the Gays legislation in Uganda and the Hate the Gays in the United States.  Jeff Sharlett’s book The Family is highly recommended reading for anyone who is concerned about these Theocrats that are threatening the United States Government today.  There is no greater terrorist threat than the Cults of Jesus in the United States today and we all must keep up vigilance, be wary of their involvement within the political process.  The Separation of Church and State has kept this nation strong for 200+ years and these vile Dominionists are hell-bent on tearing that down to meet their end times and Armageddon.

To any that I may offend with the use of the “Cults of Jesus” I will apologize in advance but the purpose for this phrase is perfectly clear in that the Cults of Jesus have absolutely nothing to do with Christian principles now or ever.  The Cults of Jesus are Theocrats, zealots and zombies who demand conformity to their thought and their construct of existence and will impose that upon anyone and everyone that they are able to gain dominion over.  Slavery, womens’ rights and even basic human rights are all abrogated by these vile and malicious creatures and they are an insult to honest humans everywhere.  The Cults of Jesus are the biggest terrorist threat in existence today and the actions of George W Bush make that painfully clear to all.

What’s even more reprehensible in all this distraction by the Cults of Jesus hate and fear-mongering is the way that they (Republican Cults of Jesus) have promoted lies and obstruction like petulant children.  While Rome burns, while the American Middle Class is under siege these obscene self-aggrandizing hate and fear mongers have done their flat-out level best to ensure that President Obama “meets his Waterloo” to quote Mr. DeMint from South Carolina.  What Mr. DeMint accomplished was to deprive the United States TSA of a highly qualified, exceptionally skilled professional on the fear of unions in the baggage handlers and his own racial bigotry.  You can be proud of that Mr. DeMint when your voters back home throw your vile ass out of office.

What’s so obscene about this is exactly what was so obscene about the loss of the Olympics to Brazil and the cheering for America’s failure that Limbaugh, Beck, the Republican Cults of Jesus crowed about and that is a clear demonstration of the contempt that these creatures hold for the United States of America.  This isn’t just contempt of President Barack H Obama; this is the contempt that these vile creatures hold the United States of America and it’s people within.

America is in a world of hurt here and it’s not just the purchased politicians on Capital Hill that are responsible for this.

What is so obscene about this is the fact that the Bankers and Wall Street wouldn’t exist except for the (Bush, FED Bernanke and Geithner invited) generosity of the American Taxpayer through the purchased politicians and not one of them has missed a meal or had to decide between gas in the car or food for the kids; keeping the electric on or food on the table.

These Corporate Communists have squeezed the American Labor through Ronald Reagan’s union busting and open hostility toward their employee base for the past 30+ years.  The American Middle Class isn’t anymore because of these vile, greedy, self-serving bastards with no sense of decency, no patriotism unless it’s munition manufacturing and a profound blindness to the reality of the productivity of the people of the USA.  These Corporate Communists move manufacturing off-shore to enslave the third-world labor for a fraction of what American Labor costs but they have no sense of the value or ingenuity that Americans bring to the table.

Elizabeth Warren on the Daily Show stated:

Warren, chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel created to monitor TARP, said frankly: “It is simple. This is America’s middle class. We’ve hacked at it and chipped at it and pulled on it for 30 years now. And now there’s no more to do. Either we fix this problem going forward or the game really is over.”

This isn’t the first time Warren has talked death of the middle class. In December, she wrote a blog for the Huffington Post raising the possibility: “America without a strong middle class? Unthinkable, but the once-solid foundation is shaking.” A few days later, she told MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski “We are at serious risk in America of having ‘middle class’ no longer synonymous with the old notions of security and solid, but instead meaning living one paycheck to the next, living one bad diagnosis or pink slip away from financial collapse.

Warren has been the TARP oversight chair since November 2008, and Stewart asked her why the system hasn’t been fixed yet.

“Well, these guys really do get it.” Warren told Stewart — the CEOs, bankers, and people in power– “They get it. And they work best behind closed doors.” She went on: if we leave it up to them, “Nothing, nothing will change. You know, I want to turn to these guys sometimes, and I want to say: ‘what part of we bailed you out do you not get?’ These are people who would not have their jobs because they would not have their companies.”

The Oligarchy has hoarded the cash to the top 2% of this society and now that the real working people saved their unhappy asses they forget us, play their Ponzi schemes and are openly working to enslave us for their profit.  The persons of Bush, Bernanke and Geithner just made the largest transfer of wealth in history from the US Treasury to the Private Sector.  All this from an insurance scam with Goldman Sachs and AIG central to this fraud.

Prosecute the bastards and put the Oligarchs in prison where they and President Bush and Vice President Cheney belong.  It’s not “looking back.”  It’s delivering justice to the American People who have been defrauded and had their most precious commodity, the lives, the dreams the living of their sons, daughters and economic future of this nation put at risk.  No greater crime has ever been perpetrated and this must come to justice.



This is the reality of what America’s middle class has faced and what brought us down to Third-World status because of the greed of the Corporate Communists, the Bankers and Wall Street Oligarchy squeezing anything and everything out of the productive base of America and then, US Government NAFTA sanctioned, sends the real economic base of manufacturing for domestic consumption overseas for slave labor and higher profits.

The “polls” touted every 15 freaking minutes about President Barack Obama are another point of contention for me too.  Pat Buchanan ranting about “Obama lost the Independents in Massachusetts and the Democratic base is eroding” is even more Republican, right-wing Cults of Jesus ranting over nothing.  Coakley ran a terrible campaign and she lost to pretty boy Brown.  BFD, stop projecting.

Let’s get honest about the Republican Obstructionist tactics in Congress.  The Republican Cults of Jesus brought this nation to a halt unless it was entitlement for their corporate masters and that’s obscene.  Prepare for your retirement and for your replacements.  Get ready for what’s coming from the American people because these bastards are history.  We have grounds to charge 404 of these bastards with Treason for voting for “The Patriot Act” because this violated their oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  We are not stupid, mindless sheep and the getting even is just getting started.

The real accomplishments of this Obama Administration are ignored and discredited as the rabid Republican right-wing Cults of Jesus work diligently to get their end times politics and policies reinforced and that’s just not going to happen.  Barack H Obama was handed a stinking pile of shit from the Faith-Based George W Bush with 2 wars and an economy in shambles and a bail-out of Wall Street and Banking greed started by Bush that demanded attention first.

President Barack H Obama has improved the United States global reputation by declaring “an end to torture” more than any other aspect of his policy.  This centrist President’s position accomplished more within the Muslim world with one direct address than 7 years of George W Bush war created by lies and the superstitious belief in Gogg and Magogg being present in the Middle East as part of his Faith-Based, End Times agenda driven by the Cults of Jesus and his 12-step program.

This President has tackled Health Care Reform to see it derailed and undermined by purchased politicians pandering to their Corporate Communist masters and lining their pockets instead of honestly facing the real issues of people dying from lack of insurance and inaccessibility to medical care.  We demand leadership and a true Universal Health Care program independent of the greedy Corporate Communists who have raped the public for 100 years and lined their pockets instead of caring for people.

The Bankers and Wall Street are out of control and the solution is to establish the United States Bank to do direct business with the American Citizens and keep it completely independent from the FED.  Audit and remove the FED from the United States Banking system.  Regulate Wall Street and Tax bonuses and salaries over $200,000.00 to 80% to support the social systems required and to hell with the claims of “Socialist” because these Capitalists have no freaking conscious nor sense of duty to the people whose labor made them wealthy.

Elizabeth Warren would make a great United States Economic Director to replace the FED and the lying, “I didn’t do it” Bernanke, Geitherner, Summers or any of the Goldman Sachs owned appointments in the White House now.  The clear focus of the Congressional Oversight Committee with Elizabeth Warren has been the American People and that’s the only place we see that focus.

We see the Republicans as Treasonous, Traitors who are subverting the system to satisfy bigoted desires for the Presidency of the United States to fail.  It’s the United States that they are destroying and not the person of the President and this position is absolutely disgusting.

Now, more than at any other time, the Republican Right-Wing Cults of Jesus are making a run against the Social Security and Medicare coverage for our rapidly aging population.  The reason for this is that the Republicans, since Uncle Ronnie Reagan’s 1983 tax increase to fund these programs now, have raided the Social Security and Medicare trust funds to feed their greed, feed their wars and line the pockets of their Corporate Communist Masters.

There are no real Statesmen.  There are no honest politicians.  The Washington, DC of Hubert Humphrey, Barbara Jordan, FDR is long dead and gone.  What’s replaced Statesmen in Washington, DC are the scum of the earth in lawyers too intent on lining their own pockets and cutting back room deals, to enrich themselves or focused on lobbying after their term, to pay attention to the real and pressing needs of the people.

We’ve had 30 years of Republican Cult of Jesus Right-Wing policy that has brought this nation to bankruptcy and it stops now.  The Republican’s call now for “smaller government” flies in the face of what they’ve produced in a bankrupt nation, 3 wars that still rage on and the largest transfer of wealth from the US Taxpayer direct to the Oligarchs that has ever happened in history.  The Republicans delivered President Obama this stinking pile of shit left over from George W Bush and this man has faced it and made it work.  Shut up Republicans, Shut up Cults of Jesus and get out of the way.

End the wars.

Restore this nation.

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  1. insurance said, on February 6, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    hey,you have a great site here! I’m definitely going to bookmark you! Thank you for your info.And this is insurance site. It pretty much covers insurance related stuff. 🙂

  2. united insurance said, on February 15, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    We are in the great deflation – Until the US Treasary decides to Issue US Notes directly spent into the economy (not gonna happen, unless something DRASTIC happens). Higher rates means more return for the chosen ones from ther dumbest customer, The US taxpayer via Treasury bonds. Goldman Sachs is giving the schoolboys at the Fed permisiion to to go to the bathroom.

  3. Reuben Kedia said, on February 19, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    I really appreciate what you wrote, as Im always looking for a different way of looking at things.

  4. florida public adjuster said, on February 23, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    The stock market rebounded and generated these large bonuses because of the government bailout of Wall Street after the derivatives market caused the financial meltdown. They got these bailouts because of insiders like Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner among others who were part of the team that fought tooth and nail to prevent regulation of that market. They protected the obscene profits these financial institutions earned prior to the collapse and pushed to bail them out so they could continue to earn obscene money. The Free Market advocates said that the market would self regulate and it did when the meltdown occurred. Then they took care of their own with the bailout and millions of ordinary Americans are paying the price and will do so for years to come. Of course, Obama has these men in key economic positions in government today while simultaneously paying lip service to the effect that he is going to take steps to avoid another similar crisis. I find it hard to believe that anything will actually occur to substantively change the policies that these men help put in place. I hope their new Lamborghini’s, second and third homes and lavish vacations help to console their conscience as they drive by the millions of foreclosed homes, bread lines and homeless. The next crisis is just around the corner and another bailout may not be there to save them and us.

  5. Laci Hequembourg said, on February 25, 2010 at 5:48 am

    I have gone to AA meetings through the years and never made much of a connectedness there because I could never quite connect to individuals in the group meetings. This past year though I have been blessed to pick up a group that is the needle in the haystack that I have been looking for for as it is attended by others the likes of me. In that same class is the WFS meeting that I attend. Inside these 2 groups, I have found people that I am really PROUD to be a part of because the people are so brilliant, humorous, tenderhearted and full of joyousness; not “a bunch of loser drunks”. So I am not humiliated to be a part of them. I see the equilibrium between the two groups to be really positive. WFS has an emphasis on promoting empowerment in women, as well as a sacred factor, and AA has so many meetings to choose from that it is always simple to find at least one to attend to. I am also finding a sensitive but fine equilibrium between “becoming empowered and admitting powerlessness,” whatever sense that makes!!

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