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The Reality of President Barack H Obama

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 29, 2010

The Reality of President Barack H Obama.

Fifty years later the warning of Dwight D Eisenhower is unheeded as the United States of America spends 54% of it’s Federal Budget on 2 Wars, operates and/or controls between 700-800 bases in 191 countries and continues to grow.  From a review article also provides this graph of US Government Military Spending from 1998 to 2008.

At 2007 prices, 1998 military spending was $364.35bn. 2008’s is approximately $643.9bnClick here for Peace Pledge Union websiteMap-the World With Commander' Area of Responsibility

It is obscene that the United States holds its self at a state of continual war.

The past President, George W Bush, directly involved the United States in illegal and immoral acts of war in Afghanistan and Iraq.  In Iraq with lies; with no clear reason other than a “belief that Gogg and Magogg,” Cults of Jesus End Times demons loose in the Middle East.  This 12-step flunky, as the UN determination and US Military determination discovered that there were no weapons of mass destruction took the United States to War based on a lie.  WMDs as asserted by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld did not exist.  Additionally this conflict greatly discredits the United States of America with the Torture and Human Rights violations perpetrated by the Bush Administrations wanton disregard of the truth, the Geneva Convention and the allegation that civilians captured were not prisoners of war but “terrorists” with no affiliation to any sovereignty and therefore the Geneva Conventions did not apply.  Also the absolute devastation of civilian populations spun as “human shields” by the US and NATO military sources additionally subverted with “these are terrorist” to amplify the de-humanization and vilification of the civilian population’s devastating casualties.

The American public’s assertion that these activities are an “Oil War” is now certified as truth as the petroleum and international theater of war maps define.

The reality is that the United States is heavily dependent upon foreign oil production and supply but the insanity of George W Bush and the current political climate within the United States remains as armed military intervention to secure these resources and not develop energy independence within the United States Economy.  A sure cause for disaster over the long haul if ever one existed.

These strategic initiatives are not limited to the Middle East but extend through the military bases in Central and South America as well and focus on the strategic locations of natural resources throughout Amazonia.

Global Research reports:

US Military Bases in foreign countries, are mainly located in Western Europe: 26 of them are in Germany, 8, in Great Britain, and 8 in Italy. There are nine military installations in Japan (Wikepedia).

In the last few years, in the context of the GWOT, the US haa built 14 new bases in and around the Persian Gulf.

It is also involved in construction and/or reinforcement of 20 bases (106 structured units as a whole) in Iraq, with costs  of the order of 1.1 billion dollars in that country alone (Varea, 2007) and the use of about ten bases in Central Asia.

The US has also undertaken continued negotiations with several countries to install, buy, enlarge or rent an additional number of military bases. The latter pertain inter alia to installations in Morocco, Algeria, Mali, Ghana, Brazil and Australia (See Nicholson, B., 2007), Poland, Czech Republic (Traynor, I., 2007), Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Italy (Jucca, L., 2007) and France.

Washington has signed an agreement to build a military base in Djibouti (Manfredi, E., 2007). All these initiatives are a part of an overall plan to install a series of military bases geographically located in a West-East corridor extending from Colombia in South America, to North Africa, the Near East, Central Asia and as far as the Philippines (Johnson, C., 2004). The US bases in South American are related to the control and access to the extensive natural biological , mineral and water resources, resources of the Amazon Basin. (Delgado Jara, D., 2006 and Maps 9 and 10).

Is this the Imperial United States?

The real question to be posed within the context of readily available information is: Why does the United States require this type of military presence on a global basis?

Why is America going bankrupt to be policeman of the world when there is absolutely no valid foundation for the imperialism of the United States?

We are now in the 10th year of the war in Afghanistan and no closer to creating stability than we were in George H W Bush’s secret war that trained the “terrorist” we are allegedly pursuing in Afghanistan now.

America has been at war for 10 years.  Since October 7, 2001 America has actively bombed, shot, murdered children, women and innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq begun by George W Bush and it is obscene.


The State of The Union address last night was a moving and direct speech to the combined Congress and Senate with Military and Supreme Court Justices in attendance and an American Middle Class that is under seige watching for any signs of bail-out, stimulus or hope for their futures.

As much as I genuinely like and voted for and support President Barack H Obama I am not on board with this “spending freeze” nor am I in agreement with the United States Budget that is 54% consumed by continued military spending and Imperial policy on a global basis.  Real change that Americans can believe in is the immediate closing of 50% of the American bases overseas and the immediate withdrawal of all United States troops not NATO committed.

Real Change that Americans can count on is direct lending to small business from the TARP funds and getting the Banking Greed and Corruption out of the equation.  The clear intention of this $30 Billion to “Community Banks” is Obama buying up and controlling the last vestiges of independent bankers who may (or may not) represent the folks who work Main Street in their small businesses and bring them into the Corporate Communist and Oligarchy’s control.  This is not reassuring.  Direct lending from the Government, cutting out the private sector profits, is much more effective at stimulus and creating competition and this Obama Administration is dead set against anything independent from the Oligarchy and Corporate Communists.  This is not a pretty message to receive.  The war of the Oligarchy is upon the American Citizens and we are not happy.

Real Change that Americans can count on is the delivery of the indictments of George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condaliza Rice and their trials as war criminals for the murder and torture of thousands of innocent civilians and the deaths of American Sons and Daughters based on lies.  President Obama will either completely pardon the acts of Treason, malfeasance, murder and high crimes against the United States of America or indict and punish these liars, torturers and thieves.  This is an either or situation that is the measure of the man.

Real change is directing an administration that is something other than what Bush / Cheney did to discredit and destroy the United States of America.  Bush / Cheney lied, tortured, doubled the military budget, installed a standing mercenary army and outsourced to military contractors and then hid the costs of their “no bid” contracts to their cronies.  Obama has not corrected this.

The Supreme Court, Bush stacked, is now making paper people who have a greater free speech ability than the average citizen.  This bad ruling is beyond the pale of reason.  International corporations now have free speech within United States elections.

Mr President, we do not want to return to Bush, we elected you for real change that we can count on and what we’ve seen is the agenda set by Bush in his initial give away of the Treasury to the Banksters, Wall Street and the Corporate Communists.  Where is the help for Main Street?

Real change that we can count on is making the Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac liabilities now into real American Assets and direct lending for home mortgages on short sale and making the Banks, the thieves on Wall Street accept the loss that the FED bubble created in manipulation of the economy.  That’s real change.

We must stop this insanity of a global military presence.  We must stop this industrial / military complex and restore the sovereignty of the United States within our physical borders.  We must now pay attention to the health and welfare of the United States Citizens and stop imposing our will upon Afghanistan, Iraq or anyplace outside the physical borders of this once great nation.

So the big questions remain for President Barack H Obama:

Mr. President, are you going to end the wars?

Mr. President, are you going to continue in a Bush presidency or are you forging your own path through this into a true democratic republic?

Mr. President, are you representing the Wall Street, Banking and Corporate Communist interests or are you representing the American Citizens who put you into office?

I am encouraged by the rhetoric but I don’t see the actions to back it up and too many of our young men and women overseas, at risk fighting Oil wars when they could be home helping us create energy independence.

Real change is doing away with the FED.

Real change is Universal Health Care.

Real change is a United States Bank and direct lending to the Small Business and Citizens of this great nation in direct competition with the Oligarchy that you appear to be more interested in maintaining than providing the real change as promised.

Real change is ending the wars.


Confine and constrain the military and move American back within her physical borders for world stability.

Get the Oligarchy out of American Banking and do the right thing.

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  1. Veronica said, on February 3, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    Sadly, this article assumes that the President can make these changes unilaterally, when in fact it take a majority vote from all the other men and women that we voted to represent us. Sadly, political strategies such as fillibusters will continue to stall the change. Hopefully enough politicians will be held accountable to vote for what’s best for the country; not what’s best for the rich, for themselves, or the big companies that have a huge impact on what laws are passed.

    • activecitizen54 said, on February 3, 2010 at 11:46 pm

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment. You are exactly right and WE must insure that the direction of the United States is carefully guided out of the disaster that Bush/Cheney left in their wake.
      President Obama faces the outright racism of the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc as demonstrated too often by the obstructionists of the party of “just say NO.”
      We must become involved and write, email, telephone our Congresspersons, Senators and keep the pressure up. Many political action groups will help on this with pre-written and computer addressed email campaigns. Sign on to Campaign for Liberty or someone with whom you agree and take action. Encourage your friends, family and peers to do the same. We have to take back our government from the Corporate Communists, Wall Street and Banking greed that’s consumed us.
      Thanks for being concerned and for taking time to respond.

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  4. What’s up, I log on to your new stuff regularly. Your story-telling style is witty, keep up the good work!

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