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You Can’t Turn The Lights Off.

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on February 1, 2010

You Can’t Turn The Lights Off:

Now don’t shoot me about this being from Faux Nuz.  I’m just as shocked as you that Don Imus is a supporter and he actually put this on the air and David Boies was right there to point out the fundamental Constitutional right.

And this has rapidly become one of my favorite clips:

Once and for all time, there can be no peace between the LGBT Community and the hate and fear-mongers who have vilified, demonized and denigrated the LGBT Community for too long.  For me, the revelations that emerged with the evidence provided at the Prop H8 trial are grounds enough to renounce the Theocrats and expose them to the point of moving forward on the TAX THE CHURCH movement.

I’m a great fan of Alan Alda and in this clip the words of truth he speaks are some of my favorite.  The Cults of Jesus, Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormons demonstrate that they have no difficulty at all lying.  So much for their “higher moral ground” and not bearing false witness.  The Constitution is clear about Separation of Church and State but politics?

These three clips from the West Wing TV show during the 2007-2008 season are some of my favorites.  I’m all about separation of Church and State and I could care less what a person’s religious affiliations are until those enter into the political arena as “The Fellowship” or the “C-Street Family” illegal Political Action Committee and conspiracy of Hate played out in the legislature of Uganda with the “Kill The Gays” bill pending.  These Theocrats are dangerous here in the United States, abroad when they represent America and Americans as hate and fear-mongers and these members of “the Felloship” the “C-Street Family” deserve censure and expulsion from public office for their behavior.

Equally offensive is the Cults of Jesus, Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon conspiracy of Hate with Prop H8 in California and the same group’s actions in Maine and working in Iowa now because of the fear-mongering and hate of bigots. The Perry v Schwarzenegger trial has clearly illustrated the depth of the collusion and conspiracy between these Cults of Jesus, documented it for the court and it is my fervent prayer that these groups will lose their tax-exempt status because of this run into politics.  If the Cults of Jesus desire to play in politics then they deserve to be taxed as any corporation and they have clearly moved from religion to secular interests.  TAX THE CHURCH is a movement that is rapidly gaining ground and I, for one, will push this issue until these hate and fear-mongers are either taxed out of existence or return to the domain of religion in private with respect for separation of Church and State.  There must be consequences for these types of action and this includes swift and sure retribution for any religious organization that moves into the secular field of politics or policy.

The hate campaign continues:

From Pam’s House Blend comes this vile piece of action from the Cults of Jesus in:

“The Pray In Jesus Name Project: ‘defending our troops from open homosexual aggression.”

While you are at it, our friends at Box Turtle Bulletin bring us these reports of the Heterosexual Agenda and the vile nature of crimes these rabid Heterosexuals commit against children, animals and among themselves…

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  1. Curtis said, on February 1, 2010 at 5:35 am

    the correct expression is “couldn’t care less,” not “could care less.” If you cared less, then you cared some.

    I’m LDS and we are far from indulging in “fear mongering and hate.”

    The Church’s stance on family preceded Prop 8 by 175 years.

    • activecitizen54 said, on February 1, 2010 at 6:07 am

      Actually darling, I mean what I say and I said what I meant. I could care less. (Of course I care some but not much with the hate, bigotry and fear-mongering.) I’m happy that you have your Cult of Jesus support but am really amazed at your “coming out.” Do your elders know? Have you confessed? The reality of the $46 million spent to promote Hate and with the fear-mongering, bearing false witness and outright lies espoused from the Cults of Jesus, Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon in concert are a disgusting demonstration of why your Cults are discredited and ultimately discreditable. There is nothing Christian in lies, bearing false witness, hate and fear-mongering.
      Here are some links that may be enlightening. and my all time favorite
      I’m sure that you will conveniently overlook the reality of the husbands in Missouri who built a life together and the Cop partner was killed leaving the surviving partner with no spousal benefits. That fits your agenda of hate completely.
      What I will clearly point out to you is that in your use of terms, in your holier than thou attitude, you leave nothing for love and compassion and what surfaces from the LGBT Community is a profound pity, a sadness that you live a life of exclusion based on hate rather than inclusion based on love. I’m sure that we will put a strong effort into the TAX THE CHURCH movement and will pursue all the legal avenues available to us to insure that your doctrine of Hate is removed from the American Consciousness.
      We are honest in that we love everyone but Hate the lies, the false witness, the bigotry and vilification promulgated by the Cults of Jesus. How does who I love harm anyone?
      The experts are very clear from the Prop H8 trial.
      We are loving, healthy, honest humans against whom you have waged a campaign of hate, fear, false witness and demonization that is not deserved and is not accepted.
      I am also very aware of the history of the LDS/Mormon Church from polygamy, to cannibalism through organized crime and the investment in hate demonstrated in California in concert with the Catholic and Evangelical Cults of Jesus. Pray your Elders will maintain their tax exempt status.

  2. […] reality, the truth is that the 1960 are the birthplace of the demonization and vilification of the LGBT Community because the Cults of Jesus Inc. required an “other” once their demonization and […]

  3. Chauncey Rosebush said, on February 22, 2010 at 9:42 am

    Pets are so funny, I can look at them play all day. I was glancing at youtube today and saw this very funny video of a Turtle attacking the family cat. check it out

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