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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on February 4, 2010

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Twenty-five nations, our allies, are fully integrated with Gays,Lesbian and Bisexual troops serving openly without discord or rancor of any form and the Brits said it best: “Respect of others is not an optional extra.”  This from an earlier posting linked here.

“Military Intelligence” may be the ultimate oxymoron in the USA but within the ranks of the British Military Community “respect for others is not an optional extra” according to General Sir Richard Dannantt.  His statement at an LGBT conference appears in an interview with Ben Rakestrow, an openly Gay Serviceman, regarding Gays in the Military is excerpted from The Guardian below:

“Earlier this year the then head of the British army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, became the first army chief to address a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender conference. “Respect for others is not an optional extra,” he said.”

But in America, the land of the Free and the home of the brave, here’s the Cults of Jesus Inc. doing the hate and fear dance from Orin Hatch.  We all know this man’s position from the Prop H8 in California and the collusion of Hate that cost $46 million of the Cults of Jesus Inc cash from the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc’s congregations of hate and fear-mongers mobilized and clearly identified. When will they ever put the “Christ” back in “Christian?”

The Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc are discredited and ultimately discreditable anytime and every time they assume their positions of Hate and Fear-Mongering.  It does my little heart good to know they are exposed and that they have $46 million squeezed from their congregations to spend on Hate.



From around the web:

The reality of this is the Military is able to make this change rapidly.  From Pam’s House Blend comes the reporting of Adam Bink for Open Left.  The long and short of it is that this doesn’t need to take a year or be “studied” any longer.  It’s the right thing to do and it can just be done.

When Collin Powell came out in support of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell the Military politics handwriting is on the wall.  The Military is just as tired and disgusted with the Hate and Fear-mongering of the Cults of Jesus Inc operating within the Military as within Congress and this is the perfect opportunity for the Military to expose them and rout them out.  I’m sure, with reports from enlisted friends, that this is happening as I write this today.  Friends from Ft Benning, GA, Charleston, SC, Pensacola, FL, Altus, OK and Jacksonville, FL report that major structural changes are being ordered within the Army, Air Force and Navy within the past few days.  Good on ’em for doing the right things.

Of course the Family Research Council is yammering and Good As You has a substantial piece reporting on this Hate Group of the Cults of Jesus Inc.   I’ve wasted enough ink on these creeps for a lifetime and am just over having to cope with their bile and viscous diatribes.  You can check it out from the links.  These people are discredited and ultimately discreditable and it just does my little heart good to dismiss them like I do any Bigot, Racist or homophobe who live petty narrow lives of exclusion from hate rather than inclusion from love.



Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters posts, for black history month, a true American Hero.  Barbara Jordan, the last true United States Statesman moved me on every occasion I was blessed to hear her speak.  The woman’s ethics, courage, integrity, honor and comportment broke stereo types and demonstrated a true gem of humanity who pursued the truth at all costs.  The world is a much richer place for Barbara Jordan having graced us all with her being.



Here’s the Daily KOS Republican poll that everyone is carrying on about.  The Brad Blog calls the party “Nucking Futs” and I have to admit I agree since they’ve been overrun by the Cults of Jesus Inc and all that crazy what can you expect?

The Brad Blog rant on this poll is enlightening too.

With the Tea-Party convention going on watch these Cults of Jesus Inc and understand you can tell a Conservative but you just can’t tell them much.



The Nation, yesterday, Lawrence Lessig did a piece on the real fundamental problem within this country and lays is squarely on the Congress, Senate and the reality of Purchased Politicians.  The reality that Lessig and Obama were collegues in college and the obvious respect this man holds for the promise of the Obama Presidency are clear in this thoughtful and articulate piece calling for a Constitutional Convention to address this issue of Campaign Financing and Lobbyists.

In a 2/01/10 posting these issues and the difficulty confronting the Citizens of the United States were more deeply explored.

Accurate or not the basic appearance of corruption within the political process of the United States of America creates an electorate that feels it is discounted, ignored and unheard at best.

The call for a Congressional Congress is a possible solution and I would add to this that Americans, the Middle Class especially, stand to gain the most from calling a Congressional Congress.

Addressing the issues of Campaign Finance in light of the Supreme Court Ruling providing the Corporate Communists unlimited spending opportunity and even foreign corporations the ability to influence American politics presents a risk that only a Constitutional amendment is able to solve.

Additionally, in this Congressional Congress the Balanced Budget amendment must be addressed to restore fiscal responsibility to the United States of America.

Opportunity within this Congressional Congress also exists for the fundamental change to our election process in doing away with the electoral college and restoring one person one vote and the outlaw of easily manipulated without record Diebold Electronic Voting Equipment and restoration of paper ballot back-up.  We made this manditory within the German Constitution after WWII but do not have this protection here and the Supreme Court decision in Bush v Gore provides us sound foundation upon which to demand this inclusion into a Constitutional amendment to insure a government of the people, by the people and for the people rather than the USA sponsored by Enron or Exxon.



It seems the Obama Presidency is going the way of Poor George and we are all poorer because of it.  From the Raw Story comes a new report on the budgetary proposals of the Obama administration.  Americans must wake up and understand this is a War against the American Public that is feeding the Corporate Prison system and is an obscene drain on our resources that criminalizes a predominately population of color for pursuing the American Dream of Capitalism with substances that are less harmful than the legal drugs of Alcohol and Tobacco.

Prohibition doesn’t work.  Prohibition causes crime.  This fraud perpetrated against the Citizens of the United States is obscene and seen around the globe as one more piece of American Mythology.

On a closing note for today T Boone Pickens is bemoaning the fact he has $62 million into HR122 the bill to convert from diesel to natural gas for the fleet of 18 wheelers in the USA today. That would remove 50% of our dependence upon OPEC but on a more sinister note; here is business legislating market change.  Makes you feel comfortable doesn’t it?

Hey Harry Ried is all for it and there are allegedly 138 co-sponsors of the bill.  You bought ’em cheap Mr Pickens.  The Insurance industry and Banking / Wall Street Corporate Communists have dumped several hundred million dollars into purchasing politicians…

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  1. mvymvy said, on February 5, 2010 at 12:21 am

    The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states (and DC).

    Every vote, everywhere, would be politically relevant and equal in presidential elections. Candidates would need to care about voters across the nation, not just undecided voters in a handful of swing states.

    The bill would take effect only when enacted, in identical form, by states possessing a majority of the electoral votes–that is, enough electoral votes to elect a President (270 of 538). When the bill comes into effect, all the electoral votes from those states would be awarded to the presidential candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states (and DC).

    The Constitution gives every state the power to allocate its electoral votes for president, as well as to change state law on how those votes are awarded.

    The bill is currently endorsed by over 1,659 state legislators (in 48 states) who have sponsored and/or cast recorded votes in favor of the bill.

    In Gallup polls since 1944, only about 20% of the public has supported the current system of awarding all of a state’s electoral votes to the presidential candidate who receives the most votes in each separate state (with about 70% opposed and about 10% undecided). The recent Washington Post, Kaiser Family Foundation, and Harvard University poll shows 72% support for direct nationwide election of the President. This national result is similar to recent polls in closely divided battleground states: Colorado– 68%, Iowa –75%, Michigan– 73%, Missouri– 70%, New Hampshire– 69%, Nevada– 72%, New Mexico– 76%, North Carolina– 74%, Ohio– 70%, Pennsylvania — 78%, Virginia — 74%, and Wisconsin — 71%; in smaller states (3 to 5 electoral votes): Delaware –75%, Maine — 77%, Nebraska — 74%, New Hampshire –69%, Nevada — 72%, New Mexico — 76%, Rhode Island — 74%, and Vermont — 75%; in Southern and border states: Arkansas –80%, Kentucky — 80%, Mississippi –77%, Missouri — 70%, North Carolina — 74%, and Virginia — 74%; and in other states polled: California — 70%, Connecticut — 74% , Massachusetts — 73%, Minnesota – 75%, New York — 79%, Washington — 77%, and West Virginia- 81%. Support is strong in every partisan and demographic group surveyed.

    The National Popular Vote bill has passed 29 state legislative chambers, in 19 small, medium-small, medium, and large states, including one house in Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Oregon, and both houses in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. The bill has been enacted by Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington. These five states possess 61 electoral votes — 23% of the 270 necessary to bring the law into effect.


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