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The Court Is Brought To You By?

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on February 4, 2010

The Court Is Brought To You By?

This image, courtesy of JoeMyGod is a clear statement of today in more ways than one.  As an American I know, I see and I understand clearly the threat to the democracy of the United States of America that is presented in the recent Supreme Court Ruling providing freedom of speech (Unlimited spending pro or con political candidates) for paper people.  This effectively provides the Oligarchy, the Corporate Communists a greater voice than what their purchased politicians already demonstrate.

And also from JoeMyGod you should check out the new Pink Ninjas.

If you ever wondered where Aussie Rupert Murdock and his Arab partner get their bias; this comes from John Pilger an Aussie documentary film maker.  Rupert and the fine folks at Fauz Nuz are wholey owned subsidiaries of the Cults of Jesus Inc and the Republican Party.

The man is accurate in his facts and I’m amazed that our American Journalists are unable and unwilling to approach these sensitive topics or even begin to excercise their rights to free speech.  The American people are demonstrating that they are truly mindless sheep being spoon-fed the propaganda and swallowing the party line hook, line and sinker because to do anything else is to risk the comfort of the TV and the system that has them enslaved.

The reality of what American Politics is now is clearly illustrated by the Supreme Court image above and the influence of the Corporate Communists within Congress, The Senate and every State House in the nation is undeniable.  The “Clean Coal” propaganda and “Clean Nuclear Energy” that just got a shot in the arm are graphic demonstrations of what this administration’s intent is for the future of America.

This from Democracy Now is another source of enlightenment from beyond our borders.  John Pilger presents the Imperial America and the Military Coup that was accomplished with the purchased presidency of George W Bush and his Oligarch handlers.

I would encourage you to watch this on YouTube and follow the entire thread.  This is the Imperial America as directed by our Military Masters now.  Does it really make any sense at all that we are constructing or have now Military bases in 191 countries or territories around the globe?  Just what is the foundation of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?

The thesis presented as public opinion being media driven is a well known fact.  If you say something long enough and loud enough and repeat it, driving it from either the Right or Left and then it’s picked up and provided credence through denial the lie is successful.

A graphic example of this is the Cults of Jesus Inc. who are masters at this kind of bandwagon propaganda.  The Cults of Jesus Inc. have driven the lie of homosexuality being a millenum long prohibition and the reality, the truth is that the 1960 are the birthplace of the demonization and vilification of the LGBT Community because the Cults of Jesus Inc. required an “other” once their demonization and vilification of persons of color evaporated with the Civil Rights Movement.  Todays target of the LGBT Community and “Illegal Immigrants” speaks volumes to this.

Fundamental questions remain in all of the recent history of the United States of America.  Just what is America today?

Our recently past President, George W Bush and his Torturing VP, Dick Cheney are still free in spite of the war crimes and treason they perpetrated.

Our current President, Barack H Obama maintains a position of “looking forward, not backward,” in direct opposition of the principals this great nation was founded upon and that he as a Professor of Constitutional Law is well aware.

Our Military consumes 54% of our national budget and is installed as a global military force now but continues to grow and inflame illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq where children, women and male civilians are the biggest casualties with the propaganda of “human shields” purported as the foundation of this disgusting reality.

What Planet are the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc. living on?

Today’s newest talking points from the Republicans included this piece of LIE:

“President Bush inherited a mess.” from

Here is the TRUTH:

President Bush inherited a $236 billion surplus in the Federal Budget.

Poor George opened his mouth upon stealing the office of President through a political Supreme Court and turned the largest peacetime expansion of the economy in history into a recession.

It was George W Bush’s saber rattling, Cowboy diplomacy and faith-based Republican Cults of Jesus Inc administration that caused the World Trade Towers bombing and it becomes increasingly clear with the lack of investigation and the acts of his Presidency that he may have involvement in the planning, execution or ignoring the intelligence reports to allow it to happen.

President Bush and his Administration are War Criminals and deserve to be brought to Justice by the American People for murder and treason.

The American Prospect reports on the interrogation of the Boom of the Loom bomber and debunks the lies and mythology of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld torture.  Kudos to the Obama Administration for adhering to the United States Constitution and doing the right thing.

Also Robert Reich in the American Prospect bemoans the destruction of Democracy that confronts America immediately and no one, absolutely nobody is calling for the reforms required.  I’ve addressed the issue of the Diebold Voting Machines, helped to push the articles from BradBlog concerning election fraud and make no bones about this being a primary threat to our system of governance.

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