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The Cults Of Jesus Inc

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on February 5, 2010

The Cults Of Jesus Inc

There is a vast difference between “The Cults Of Jesus Inc” and the Christian Faith and Christian people I grew up with in the United States and in many countries around the globe.  These people, these joyous and happy families, were Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Methodist, Baptist or Unitarian.

I was exposed to other religious experiences with Jewish friends and families for Saders and Schul.  I learned of Buddhism in Upstate, NY and studied the Dharmas and the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying as well as the Bible and the Qur’an in high school as the Moslem population became more prevalent within our community.  My mother was Director of Christian Education at the Methodist Church we attended through my childhood.

The Republican household, although conservative, was not founded in ignorance but, I feel, blessed with freedom to explore and learn and formulate individual world views based upon fact and substantiation in reality.  My Grandparents and Parents met the demands of my bookish self with encyclopedia and books were central to life for all.  We learned respect for and of others through direct action and Christian acts of charity, society and giving of self without prostelytizing or preaching.

Joseph Campbell’s lecture series, Transformation of Myth Through Time, led me to his works, Hero With 1,000 Faces most notably influencing me.  I understand the theology behind these religions but most important is the philosophy.

There is absolutely nothing Christian about The Cults Of Jesus Inc.

The use of religion to hate, fear-monger, discriminate, promote violence against a particular group of humans for any reason is not within the precepts of any of the philosophies.

His eminence the Pope of the Catholic Church and his demon spawn Sister Maggie Gallagher are graphic examples of hate, fear-mongering and outright lies, documented lies, from the Cults of Jesus Inc,  headquartered in Vatican City.  The Pope is quoted as saying, “Condoms spread AIDS” to Africans through his “missions” to insure that the ignorance, illness, poverty and subhuman standards the Catholic Church depends upon to grow its flock remain and expand.

The Evangelical and Gluttonous lying Rick Warren is only one case in point and his lies about Prop H8 in California and his involvement in the Kill The Gays bill in Uganda are fully documented and reported here early this year.  And the Evangelicals are completely unrepentant as this publication, laughably called “Accuracy In Media” spews the vitriol and venom as only a good born-again bigot is able.

Here are some graphic examples of the lies and fraud from the Cults of Jesus Inc’s Rick Warren, Senator Inhoffe, Chuck Grassley, Cohen fraud and malpractice and general attitude of playing fast and loose with other human lives in the guise of the Cults of Jesus Inc.

The Evangelicals and LDS/Mormon Camps in the Cults of Jesus Inc Republican party are now one of the most dangerous threats to the American people ever presented.  This political action committee led from the C-Street Family house and the Fellowship is a shadow organization that drives the current hysteria about government spending while diverting the debates away from the primary focus of restoration of American Middle Class families.

Faux Nuz and the Cults of Jesus Inc Republican right-wing lunatics driving the current panic attack over deficit spending in a time of economic crisis is an unconscionable and ignorant set of actions that clearly defines the Anti-American positioning by these hate and fear-mongers.

Paul Krugman, economist writing in the New York Times says:

“But there’s no reason to panic about budget prospects for the next few years, or even for the next decade. Consider, for example, what the latest budget proposal from the Obama administration says about interest payments on federal debt; according to the projections, a decade from now they’ll have risen to 3.5 percent of G.D.P. How scary is that? It’s about the same as interest costs under the first President Bush.

Why, then, all the hysteria? The answer is politics.

The main difference between last summer, when we were mostly (and appropriately) taking deficits in stride, and the current sense of panic is that deficit fear-mongering has become a key part of Republican political strategy, doing double duty: it damages President Obama’s image even as it cripples his policy agenda. And if the hypocrisy is breathtaking — politicians who voted for budget-busting tax cuts posing as apostles of fiscal rectitude, politicians demonizing attempts to rein in Medicare costs one day (death panels!), then denouncing excessive government spending the next — well, what else is new?

The trouble, however, is that it’s apparently hard for many people to tell the difference between cynical posturing and serious economic argument. And that is having tragic consequences.

For the fact is that thanks to deficit hysteria, Washington now has its priorities all wrong: all the talk is about how to shave a few billion dollars off government spending, while there’s hardly any willingness to tackle mass unemployment. Policy is headed in the wrong direction — and millions of Americans will pay the price.”

In direct actions over the past year we’ve seen the Hate and Fear-Mongering of the Cults of Jesus Inc played out in California with Prop H8, Maine and Iowa.  We currently have an unconstitutional law in Faith-Based George W Bush’s Defense Of Marriage Act as a hysterical and Hate-Based lashing out against the LGBT Community like he lashed out against the Iraqis searching for Gogg and Magogg, Biblical end times demons he believed loose in the Middle East.

If it weren’t so ill and sad and costly in lives and real cash, plus being an obscene drain on the United States resources these lies of War would be humorous because of the foundation in Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld meglomaniacial actions.  Americans must call for the trial on the War Crimes the Bush Administration committed and it must begin to drive back against these Cults of Jesus Inc Hate and Fear-Mongers by pressing criminal charges against the ones responsible for the creation of conditions like the Kill the Gays bill in Uganda.  Americans are no longer able to simply idly let these vile and viscous creatures continue to push Hate and Fear into the national agenda.

The first line of defense for these vile creatures are best expressed by the Satan’s Spawn Sisterhood of Maggie Gallagher’s NOM that perpetually works to paint herself as a “victim” because of her rabid Catholicism flavored Cult Of Jesus Inc that actively sticks it’s nose into the politics and policy of States in an Anti-LGBT effort to equal Hitler’s pogroms against the Jews and Gays while hiding behind the cross and rosary.

One of the funniest points from these Cults of Jesus Inc is their Orwellian propensity to name their organizations of hate and fear-mongering after “wholesome” ideas.  The American Family Association, Accuracy in Media, Focus on the Family and many others that really are just propaganda arms of the Cults of Jesus Inc that are hell-bent on destruction of families, imposition of their narrow and petty views upon everyone else and attempt to hide behind the thin veil of pretty words when the rancor and divisiveness of their acts speaks eloquently for just what they are.

It is very important to understand that these groups, indeed the Cults of Jesus Inc in their entirety have only since the 1960 spoken out against the LGBT Community because their previously vilified and demonized segment of society, the persons of color, rose up and demanded Civil Rights.  This decision by the Cults of Jesus Inc to now vilify and demonize the LGBT Community is driven from the Evangelical’s furvor to have some “other” against which they can inflame their ignorant huddled masses and present themselves as “better than” because that is the only way to hide the basic lies and fraud that they perpetrate.  These absolute tyrants are not only working to gain dominion over the living but they claim to hold dominion after death in their supreme arrogance and ignorance.

These Cults of Jesus Inc are big business too.  Look at the Evangelicals living like rock stars off the backs of the poor who tithe 10% of their incomes to the church that actively mounts a hate campaign against their children should they be LGBT.  Crystal Cathedrals, “colleges and Universities” founded on promotion of the bias, hate and fear-mongering principals they espouse are even more arrogant and delusional aspects of these money making machines.

At the National Prayer Breakfast, sponsored by “the Fellowship, the C-Street Family” in Washington, DC, our President Obama made this plea:

“progress doesn’t come when we demonize opponents. It’s not born in righteous spite. Progress comes when we open our hearts, when we extend our hands, when we recognize our common humanity. Progress comes when we look into the eyes of another and see the face of God. That we might do so — that we will do so all the time, not just some of the time — is my fervent prayer for our nation and the world.”

The nearly immediate response from the lunatic fringe of The Cults of Jesus Inc comes from the mouth of none other than the “death pannels” liar of Michelle Bachmann, R Minnesota whose words expose her racist and bigoted lack of soul or conscious.  From the Minnesota Independent News comes this piece:

bachmann3In a fiery fundraising pitch for the American Conservative Union Strikeforce, Rep. Michele Bachmann asks supporters, “Will you let Barack Obama KILL conservatism?” Calling the president a “political street fighter,” she says his “agenda is a dagger pointed right at the heart of conservatism.”

The fundraising letter, which was sent out in late December, says, “Obama wants to use ACORN to radicalize America because he isn’t interested merely in defeating conservatives… …HE WANTS TO ANNIHILATE US! That’s the purpose behind ObamaCare, too.”

The outright lies and fraud of this creature’s positioning is exactly what the Cults of Jesus Inc are paying her to promote.  This vile and reprehensible creature is not interested in the well being of the United States of America but in her own promotion, her bigoted religious furvor and pleasing her handlers who find this type of divisive, dishonest and fraudlent position comfortable.  Nazi Germany enjoyed these kinds of creatures and this religious Nazi deserves to be banished to the backwoods where she crawled out from under a rock.

The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc that creatures like Michelle Bachman represent are not just un-American they are Anti-American in their strongly voiced opinions, the lies based upon a desire for Theocracy.  The voice may be against the President of the United States today and against the LGBT Community now but how long before the Talabangelists come after you because you are Jewish, Muslim, Athiest or whatever the flavor of hate today is.

The President’s pleas for civility, for honest discussion are ignored and passions inflamed with the only foundation being the belief systems of lunatics like the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc and this is detrimental to the United States of America on numerous levels.

I give Secretary of State Hillary Clinton great credit for her clear statement at the C-Street Family, the Fellowship’s National Prayer breakfast.  This comes from Shakesville as Hillary’s lecture to the gathered religious group:

“Religion, cloaked in naked power lust, is used to justify horrific violence, attacks on homes, markets, schools, volleyball games, churches, mosques, synagogues, temples. From Iraq to Pakistan and Afghanistan to Nigeria and the Middle East, religion is used a club to deny the human rights of girls and women, from the Gulf to Africa to Asia, and to discriminate, even advocating the execution of gays and lesbians. Religion is used to enshrine in law intolerance of free expression and peaceful protest. Iran is now detaining and executing people under a new crime – waging war against God. It seems to be a rather dramatic identity crisis.
So in the Obama Administration, we are working to bridge religious divides. We’re taking on violations of human rights perpetrated in the name of religion. And we invite members of Congress and clergy and active citizens like all of you here to join us. Of course we’re supporting the peace processes from Northern Ireland to the Middle East, and of course we are following up on the President’s historic speech at Cairo with outreach efforts to Muslims and promoting interfaith dialogue, and of course we’re condemning the repression in Iran

But we are also standing up for girls and women, who too often in the name of religion, are denied their basic human rights. And we are standing up for gays and lesbians who deserve to be treated as full human beings. (Applause.) And we are also making it clear to countries and leaders that these are priorities of the United States. Every time I travel, I raise the plight of girls and women, and make it clear that we expect to see changes. And I recently called President Museveni, whom I have known through the prayer breakfast, and expressed the strongest concerns about a law being considered in the parliament of Uganda.

This just in from JoeMyGod that I’m cross posting in its entirety.  This kind of bigotry, hate and fear-mongering and inflamatory attitude from a convicted felon and documented liars of Faux Nuz is exactly what’s wrong with the United States today.

Convicted felon Oliver North on the effort to repeal DADT:  “Now, here’s what’s next. NAMBLA members, same-sex marriages,” North said, referring to the North American Man-Boy Love Association, a group that advocates for pedophilia. “Are chaplains in the US military going to be required to perform those kinds of rituals? Do they [pedophiles and homosexuals] get government housing?” North, who hosts Fox’s War Stories, told Hannity that the effort to repeal DADT amounts to a “stunning assault on the all-volunteer military, the very best in the world. Barack Obama now intents to treat them like lab rats in a radical social experiment, and it can be very, very detrimental.”

This creature disgraced his uniform, the United States of America and now positions himself as a “spokesman” for the military.  Only on the Vile Faux Nuz.

From the Weekly Standard comes this vile diatribe on Attorney General Eric Holder and the United States Government’s handling of the Boom of the Loom Christmas day bomber.  As an American Citizen who lives within the belief that “All men are created equal” and “Liberty and justice for all” I find the arguments that international terrorists must be tried in Military tribunals or held outside of the laws of the United States of America where it’s obvious the desire to Torture and reap some sadistic satisfaction under the guise of “enhanced interrogation” is a disgusting and despicable act that the Bush/Cheney Administration deserves to be brought to trial for war crimes based on their activities and murder.  What in God’s name is wrong with these conservative Cults of Jesus Inc lunatics that they are afraid of providing the equal protection under the law that each American Citizen relies upon?  I don’t care if these are not American Citizens, they are subject to the same laws, regulations and rights as American Citizens are regardless of their origins or activites and what in God’s name do they think our Constitution is all about?

The Constitution of the United States isn’t a static piece of parchment to look at and admire John Handcock’s signature.  The Constitution of the United States is an active, living frame within which all American Citizens live and hold up to the world as the most successful form of governance.

Here’s a photo from Chamblee54 that clearly demonstrates the fine  foundations of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1939.

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  1. Binnendeur said, on February 7, 2010 at 9:14 am

    Normally i don’t respond to a post like this, but since i really liked it I just had to give you a thumbs up 🙂

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