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The Cults of Jesus Inc Talking Points

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on February 9, 2010

The Cults of Jesus Inc Talking Points

JoeMyGod is the resource for this rant.

Notice that after the introduction of President Obama’s “Radical, Leftist Administration” the very next creature introduced is the next Phyllis Schlafly: Janice Shaw Crouse that Women’s Law Project Bulletin describes as:

Don’t get us wrong: Phyllis Schlafly is still making the rounds claiming that marital rape is a myth and calling feminism “the most dangerous, destructive force in our society today.” But there’s another woman to watch out for: Public Eye recently profiled Janice Shaw Crouse, head of the Beverly La Haye Institute, a think tank created by Concerned Women for America (CWA), and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush.

The profile details her denigration of Dr. George Tiller’s “barbaric slaughter” in a column she wrote two months before his death and her scorn for feminist leader Betty Friedan. But unlike other independent conservative women such as Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin, Crouse associates with established right-wing organizations to both publicize and strategize an anti-feminist agenda.”

This woman is a Theocratic Religo-Fascist that wrote speeches for George W Bush.  An Anti-Feminist and a died in the wool Cults of Jesus Inc Bigoted, brainwashed Methodist out of Georgia, a prodestant of the very worst kind.  Her polish in a PhD in Communications creates a master spin doctor, a vile Aunt who is able to cut your heart out with her razor tongue and still smile all the way through it.  She enjoys spewing hate, vitriol and venom and finds herself in a perfect location to do that with spawn that haven’t fallen far from the tree.

“I don’t think that the electorate realised that when President Obama talked about hope and change that he meant to fundamentally change our government.”  This women’s-rights-hating bigot spews.

Next up on their list of “experts” is some narrator who claims that “some of the nominees or appointees have surfaced as hard-core liberals, but when you scratched a little deeper you found out that they had actual socialist and communist connections.”

Notice that the writer of the newspaper piece is whited out in the image on-screen.

“For people to think that this is just bad vetting is just very naïve” Dr Gary Cass who is the President of the Christian Anti-Deffamation Commission claims next in this propaganda piece of hate.  Follow the above link to see just what this vile creature is according to Right-Wing Watch.

“That’s the big “S” Socialism” the sweater narrator claims.

Van Jones, whom Obama cut loose when he really should’ve stood up to the bigots who claim that he is: “A Card Carrying Communist, but he is still sitting in on meetings; he is still advising.”  The loss of this man’s talents on the Green Energy and Green Jobs commission is a terrible blow to the American people.

I have no fear of a human who holds Communist, Socialist or any political idea other than what I subscribe to.  Real Americans know that there is room within a democratic open society for everyone to prosper without discrimination.  These “thought police” from this Cults of Jesus Inc, Coral Ridge Ministries are fear and hate-mongers in fine Cults of Jesus Inc tradition.  America is stronger for its diversity and for the ideas brought to the table.  I’m sure that these Dominionists desire Theocracy with their particular flavor of hate as the ruling class.  That’s the goal clearly.

Anita Dunn is the next on their hit list:

The sweater narrator: “A news clip surfaced in which she stated Mao Tse Tung was one of her heros.”

So is Mother Theresa in this clip, what’s your point?

“It was just startling to think that such a high-ranking member of the administration would have anything favorable to say about Chairman Mao the communist leader that murdered millions and millions of his own people.” Dr Gary Cass proselytizes.

Chairman Mao united a huge country, fed China for the first time in its history, provided order where there was none and held the Western World at bay and there are many attributes that are admirable, unless you are a total bigot as Mr Cass with your head stuffed up your ass just looking for excuses to rant against the Presidency of Barack Obama.  The man’s hate is exposed behind the saccharine smile.

On to John Holdren where he is linked to “population control advocates Paul and Ann Ehrlich where they said, Redistribution of wealth both within and among nations is absolutely essential if a decent life is to be provided for every human being.” in a 1973 textbook Human Ecology.

The sweater narrator adds: “Holdren and these other authors wrote a book in which they float the idea of putting birth control agents in drinking water and actually mandating abortions to keep the population down.  They wrote that this was probably doable under our constitution.”  The sweater idiot prattles on.

There have also been “troubling appointments on more than one front.” The mysterious voice from no where claims…

“Along with a radical economic agenda, this administration has brought people in that propose a radical socialism.” The blue sweater narrator again makes highly opinionated, unsubstantiated claims while spinning this to some great conspiracy in fear-mongering.

OK, now comes the Amanda Simpson diatribe.  I’ll spare you but will someone spare me?

“Amanda Simpson is a woman who was born a man. I’ve heard people who say it’s not a big deal.” Janice Shaw Crouse obviously has her granny panties in a wad over this one.

“If you care about children it is a big deal.”

Here’s the bigotry and fear mongering playing at full tilt.

“Because this woman has a 15 year-old son.  What in the world does he say about the fact that his father is now a woman?  How does he deal with that?”

Actually you bigoted bitch; who are you to ask? It’s none of your freaking business.

“Another nominee is Lesbian Activist and Law Professor Chai Feldblum to the EEOC.” The disembodied voice of authority points out.

I’ll bet Janice Shaw Crouse will go ballistic over this one. She states:

“This woman has openly endorsed polygamous marriage, in addition to that she has said that her goal is for Gays to win and Christians to lose.”

I admit that with that kind of endorsement Chia Feldblum could run for President and I would vote for her.  Thank the flying spaghetti monster that someone says it.

The vile anti-feminist, nosey bitch, bigoted homophobe continues: “Astounding!  These are people who have taken positions that are no secret.”

Honey, I hate to break it to you but you are taking a position that many of us find much more offensive than polygamy, Christians losing or being subject to your flavor of ignorant belief.

The Creature Gary Carr continues this hate narrative:   “When Chai Feldman [sic] was being nominated she had to go through some hearings.  And in those hearings when asked; Did she ever see a situation where religious liberty and religious issues would trump homosexual rights?  She said she couldn’t imagine in any situation when religious liberties would prevail.  Therefore the rights of homosexuals prevail against the rights of religious people in her world.”

WELL ISN’T THAT JUST SO SPECIAL?  Ask a bigoted question and get an honest answer.  How about that?

“I think the most shocking appointment of all has been Kevin Jennings the founder of  GLSEN the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network.  A radical group promoting homosexuality in the schools to be the Safe Schools Czar. That’s putting the wolf in the chicken house.” The sweater narrator quips glibly with his private parts getting all Tingley and engorged. “There’s a guy whose group has been promoting homosexuality, his group has been caught distributing booklets with obscene material in them urging  kids to do things I can’t even describe here um He’s given very bad advice himself as a teacher as a counselor to a 15 year-old boy who had a sexual encounter with a man, not dissuading him in the least, telling him “I hope you used a condom.”

I’ve had enough of the lies and bigotry from these creeps.  I hope Kevin Jennings sues the living slop out of these lying bigoted bastards...

“This is not the kind of guy you want designing safe school programs.” The sweater narrator caps it off.

The kicker comes with Cunt-a-looney Janice Shaw Crouse:

“President Obama has appointing a unprecidented number of people to Czar positions that require no senate confirmation, nobody knows who is being appointed, they are appointed under the radar, so we as a public have no say so.”

“But despite the radical new direction of the nation there is reason for hope.”  the disembodied voice of authority claims.

Back to the blue sweater creep:  “There is one big piece of good news amid all this and that’s that Americans are waking up to the fact that they are in the grip of a very radical administration and a radical congress.  And they are doing something about it.  We should take heart, especially Christians who know that God is in control at all times.  That God will favor those that honor God. We don’t have to have a huge majority to make effective change come about.  God honors those who honor him and we should never lose hope.”

People, I have to admit here that listening to this vile diatribe full of lies, half-truths and spewing the poison of Cults of Jesus Inc bigots was about more than I could withstand.  Going postal is a mild description for my current condition after subjecting myself to this.

Let’s just start with this, one of my favorite West Wing clips:

Jim Cornette an emerging political hero.

Amen  Brother.  Tell it like it is.

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