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A Change Of Scenery

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on February 11, 2010

A Change Of Scenery

Moving on.

Today is Moving Day for me.  I’m fleeing the 1950s attitude, the segregation, the Cults of Jesus Inc, the basic bigotry of theocracy of Georgia and Alabama and finding my way back to the tropics.  I’m sure that all the same conditions exist where I’m going but having sunshine and warm, flowers and sandy beaches at my immediate disposal will help me rise again to be a clear voice of reason and responsibility within the blog-o-sphere.

The postings may be spotty for the next week as I get moved and organized again.  Keep the faith and I’ll be back stronger than ever.

The Purchased Politicians, The Corporate Communists, Cults of Jesus Inc and all the conditions of the United States today will still be there when I’m healed by the tropic sun, refreshed by the sea breezes and pampered with fresh picked citrus, mangos and papaya.  The tropics require one more “Certified Tropical Fruit” and I’m answering the call.  Washing ashore on a sandy beach sounds like a wonderful idea to me.

While I’m on the road the rumor mill has it that President Obama is entering the enemy camp and discussing Health Care Reform with the GOP.  As if that will do any good. At this point a great idea is just scrap the piece of crap legistlation that Bauchus and Buddies came up with, The Senate version too.  Let’s start over with Universal Health Care, an open buy-in to Medicare/Medicaid for all as a foundation around which to build the real system required and to hell with the lying, ignorant conservative screamers.  We can re-instate the Death Panels, get tort reform so patients can’t sue malpractitioners, pay the Insurance Companies the extortion they want and just move forward with one more lie you can count on.

The Democrats have already pissed away their super majority and it’s just going to be business as usual as the Purchased Politicians line their pockets and avoid any issues till after the elections.  I mean it’s not like the taxpayers employ them or anything, now is it?

The handwriting is on the wall as far as the LGBT Community is concerned with “studies” and delay bullshit coming from the purchased politicians who once claimed that they would repeal this vile Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell when the military said so.  I think that happened last week.  Business as usual on the Hill.

And while we’re at it; what about that Banking and Wall Street regulation? I don’t think any of it stands a snowball’s chance in hell because of the purchased politicians on Capital Hill but who knows?  Maybe there will be a miracle or two while I’m out of touch and tending to my personal needs. We can only hope.

I may be surprised when I check back into Cyberspace and learn that the melt-down in Europe hasn’t happened and that the Chinese are forgiving our loans…

It’s really a matter of priorities in what’s more important; the wars and feeding the Oligarchy or the people of the United States?

Is having a healthy population of productive American Citizens and a stable economy more important than feeding the industrial/military/congressional complex?

Is it more important to have an imperialistic global network of military bases or a vibrant, growing and healthy population and economy?

Is re-election more important than preventing a global depression?

Are the people on Main Street having jobs and earning an honest living more important than Wall Street multi million dollar bonuses paid out of taxpayer dollars?

Is it more important to win political points or have a secure United States?

Are we really going to give the Terrorists their victory or are we going to live our lives secure within our borders and at peace with a prosperous economy?

Silly me; asking questions that no one would answer truthfully anyway.

We already know that Wall Street and the Banker’s greed is more important than Main Street although it was Main Street’s money that kept their greedy Ponzi scheming asses out of insolvency and triggering a global depression.  Maybe we would be better off if we hadn’t bailed their sorry asses out.  We’ll never know because of Bernanke, Geithner and the Corporate Communists as Bush’s handlers did what they wanted anyway.  The American People don’t matter one bit on Capital Hill.

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