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Home At Last

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on February 15, 2010

Home At Last

So I’ve found a funky fun place to build this adventure upon.  Central Florida is a funny place by any count.  It’s been absolutely frigid, down to frost, here with the day temperatures never going above 50.  Not pretty for a real certified tropical fruit.  The birds haven’t bitched but they’ve been blanketed and the portable space heater employed nearly non-stop since landing.

This part of the State is beautiful with the Live Oaks and Sand Dunes.

The new house is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath with a car port and a detached garage for a studio or workshop.  I’ll do the drop screens for the car port and have a screened lanai.  The kitchen is the attraction for me because I can get Bea & Avery in the kitchen window and have the granite topped table in there too.  Two small bedrooms a decent bath, not much to clean and I’ll be home.  Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster or whomever.

I’m about exhausted but have to face getting truck unloaded and returned in Orlando tomorrow.  One more challenge tou jour.

This Week In Holy Crimes:

Over the last seven days…

Pennsylvania: Father James Shimsky busted in cocaine buy.
Michigan: Pastor Russel Schaller charged with six counts of child molestation.
Pennsylvania: Pastor Phil Marmon sentenced to prison for propositioning a child over the internet.
Illinois: Pastor Mark List charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a child.
Vancouver: Youth Pastor Brad Firth still on Anglican payroll after child molestation conviction.
Virginia: Pastor Jack Duffer convicted of nine felony counts of child molestation.
New Hampshire: Pastor Robert Farah accused of aiding son in $2M housing scam.
Indiana: Father Francis Markey will be extradited to Ireland where he is charged with the 1968 rape of a boy.
Illinois: Father Alejandro Flores charged with seven felony counts of child molestation.
Ireland: Irish Catholics call for the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law over massive nationwide child molestation scandal. Law, an American, selects Ireland’s bishops.
Ohio: Father Robert Polandl charged with three felony counts of child molestation.

This Week’s Winner-
California: Pastor Wiley Drake has claimed credit for the death of Rep. John Murtha, who died of gallbladder surgery complications last week. According to Drake, it was his 30-day run of imprecatory prayers for the death of Murtha that did the Congressman in. Last year Pastor Drake gained national attention during his prayer campaign for the death of President Obama. Drake is also campaigning to be named president of the Southern Baptists Convention.

From JoeMyGod.

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  1. SteveMD2 said, on February 24, 2010 at 3:58 am

    “Pastor Wiley Drake has claimed credit for the death of Rep. John Murtha, who died of gallbladder surgery complications last week. ” quote

    There are two possibilities for Drake

    1. put him in a hospital for the criminally insane.

    2. Get his confession under oath – he’ll prob be proud to give it. And that should mean a life sentence without possibility of parole.

  2. SteveMD2 said, on February 24, 2010 at 4:37 am

    Well, the southern Baptist church came into being in the first half of the 1800s. It was the bullwark of slavery, and the creater of the KKK and segregation.

    Remember the recent comment by Pat Robinson that Hatians deserved the terrible earthquake because they made a pact with the devil in 1830.

    That pact was for theiir freedom from France, in the only successful slave rebellion in the western world.

    And Pat Robinson is a Southern Baptist. Just as this Drake guy is also.

    The whole problem goes back to the end of the civil war. We failed to have a Nuremburg trial of the key people responsible for slavery. As well as the firing squads that executed untold numbers of key nazis after WWII.

    I find it interesting to read that the right wing churches sell creationism or intelligent desiign as the source of mankind. Looking at people like the southern Baptist leaders, and also the catholic church, one simply musst seriously consider that the proof of our decending from animals is in the actions of the leaders of these churches.

    At least you cant blame vicious animals for their killings – its all they know, its how they survive and eat.

    But for these churchs, well, I think I’ve made my point

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