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Settling In

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on February 19, 2010

Settling In

Yesterday was a real bear of a day.  Started @ 5:30 AM and lasted till 5:30 AM today.  The dash to take Shannon back home to Alabama was on and I could’ve nearly driven to NYC for the 1,150 miles the Trooper laid on.  I’ll tell you what, the $2.50 per gallon gas was a killer too.

Back home here was a minor miracle for me because I plain don’t remember Interstate 75 from Lake City to Pasco County and know I slept through it behind the wheel.  Dangerous, stupid and typically blond me though.  I was exhausted and caught myself nodding off several times just over the Florida State Line.  I’m happy the experience is over and I’m now getting unpacked here in peace and quiet.

Avery is exploring his new domain.  I just spoke sharply to him about his wandering the house.  The bill grinding and foot stomping on the cage are his response.  He’s a good bird and he just wants to be on me to reassure him that I’m not going to go away and leave them.  Left-overs from yesterday’s trip and a risk I took setting them on a regular playtime schedule everyday.  He missed his playtime with me yesterday and is making up for it today.  Bea bird is brooding infertile eggs and I’m just not up for doing battle with her to make them go away yet.  This weekend will be soon enough and then all hell will break loose.

No rest for the wicked tonight.  The Avery, sounding much like the Roadrunner Meeeeep, Meeeeeped down the hall to the bedroom and is now supervising the blogging.  Just what I need is a bossy Red Sided Eclectus hanging in here.

Now you know why I spoil them.  Avery is Green and Bea Bird is Red.

I actually thought about taking off on a rant about the CPAC bullshit going on but it’s just so damned Iranian that I’m not going there.  Lies from the Cults of Jesus, Theocrats galore and just absolutely no grasp of reality.  These creatures live in an altered reality and are not deserving of anything but extermination.  I have a very good grasp of what the Romans had going on right.

These creatures are really dangerous because of their acts and we all know that no one can believe their words.  We, reality-based humans, understand the addictions these conservatives have to ignorance and mythology.  That is their defining virtue.  Ignorance is bliss.


These Cults of Jesus are Fascist and disgusting and don’t deserve a second glance but for creatures like the Evangelicals.

Anyway, if you are just up for amusement there is a fun site for Bible Study, no I’m not joking, although it is a very humorous site.  Check it out.   I was looking for a Lily Tomlin quote, “God must’ve been partial to Gays over the Breeding Stock.  There are only 6 possible admonitions for Gays and 136 for Heterosexuals.  They just need more supervision.”

It’s like the Bible promises heaven is going to be 144,000 male virgins.  What does that say about God?

This is a fun Excerpt but not what I was looking for.

16:49 Sodomy is not homosexuality after all as the religious right tell us; it is, surprise, something that sounds suspiciously like modern Republicanism i.e. a combination of four elements:

  1. pride
  2. gluttonous wealth
  3. idle wealth
  4. heedlessness to the plight of the poor

Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.
Ezekiel 16:49

It is an abomination to charge interest on a loan.

I’m sure that I’ll track it down.  Bare with me…

1:10 Planning a sacrifice to please the lord? Make sure you pick a male animal!
1:11 God wants goat’s blood sprayed around the altar in your local church. It might help cut down the attendance.
2:7 God likes his meat fried southern style.
2:15 God likes his meat seasoned with frankincense and salt.
3:16 God likes a high cholesterol diet.
4:6 Priests should dip their fingers in blood and draw on the altar.
4:11 God likes the smell of burning dung.
5:7 God will let you off the hook when you have sinned if you give him two turtledoves and, presumably, a partridge in a pear tree.
5:15 God will let you off the hook when you have sinned in ignorance if you give him a perfect ram, or the equivalent in money. I wonder who actually eats the ram and spends the money?
7:18 It is an abomination to eat leftovers on the third day.
8:7 Aaron wears a girdle.
11:9-31 Lobster, clams, shrimp, oysters, camel, rabbit, pork, swans, owls, eagles, ospreys, bats, dogs and snails are forbidden. Locusts and beetles, yummy!
12:1-8 God decrees childbirth “unclean” One week for male children, two for female.
12:3 God demands genital mutilation
13:2-14:57 How God wants you to diagnose and treat leprosy.
14:1-8 Cure leprosy by dipping a live dove in dead dove blood. If that does not work, try a sheep. And God knows everything? He is a quack.
15:16-18 Sperm & intercourse are “unclean”
15:19-33 Menstruation is “unclean”
15:29-30 Women make offering for “sin” of menstruation
16:10 Origin of the term “scapegoat”.
16:21 Goat acts in the role of father confessor.
17:4-6 Spraying blood all over the place
18:11-20 No “uncovering nakedness”, especially female nakedness. It is a property crime.
18:19 No sex during a woman’s period.
18:22 Homosexuality is an abomination. All gays to be killed. Literally And you will not put to sleep the male the woman’s naps abomination he is. One modern interpretation is it is not ok for men to take afternoon naps but it is ok for women to. Part of the confusion comes because the original Hebrew is not grammatically correct. You’d think the deity would be better at grammar. You might invoke the principle of reasonable doubt here on whether the deity wants all gays slaughtered. Why is it modern Christians so love this verse but ignore all the rest of this great stuff in Leviticus?
18:23 Much talk of bestiality
19:20-22 Man forgiven, woman gets flogging
19:25 No eating fruit until the fifth year after a tree is planted
19:26 No blood drinking or eating, no tarot cards, no horoscopes
19:27 Square beards only
19:28 No tattoos
20:10 God commands death to adulterers
20:13 God commands more death to homosexuals. Literally And a man who will lie down the man the woman’s naps abomination he does both-of-them death he will die their blood in them. Clarity is not one of the deity’s major virtues. It’s almost as if God said Plant your rutabagas in a straight row.and the overeager Christians took it to mean Kill all the homosexuals. It is worthy of Monty Python.
20:14 Sex with both wife and her mother? All burn to death
20:15-16 Death for bestiality (including the poor beast)
20:24 God kicks off the Arab-Israeli conflict by promising the lands then occupied by Arabs to the Israelites.
20:27 “Wizards” to be killed with rocks
21:11 no necrophilia
21:14 Only virgins may marry, no widows, divorced or loose women.
21:18-21 Dwarves, men with flat noses, those who have damaged testicles or six fingers are not welcome in church.
23:6 God recommends a yeast free diet.
23:30 God will “destroy” you if you mow the lawn on Saturday.
23:32 The Sabbath isn’t Sunday (as the Christians believe) or Saturday (as the Jews believe), or Friday (as the Moslems believe), but the 9th of the month.
23:32 The sabbath is not the 9th after all, but July 15th and 22nd.
24:16 Stoning to death for “blasphemy”
24:17-20 An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
25:4 Every seven years let all your lands lie fallow. What do you eat that year?
25:10 Every fifty years, call a Jubilee with massive wealth redistribution.
25:44-45 Buy yourself a bunch of slaves. It is perfectly OK, so long as their are foreigners.
26:15-16 Horrible punishment for “disobeying”
26:29 A curse: Cannibalize your sons and daughters
27:2-4 Men are worth 50 shekels, women 30 shekels.

OK so I couldn’t resist.  This is just funny stuff.  I like to have this stuff on hand.

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  1. Billy Sharrow said, on February 21, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    Thank you for the enlightening article. I will follow you via RSS.

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