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The Hate Mongers

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on February 27, 2010

The Hate Mongers

In an interesting piece on the Cults of Jesus Inc operations abroad, specifically Uganda, with the Bahati/Ssempa (Is there a reason the name starts with “SS?”) “Kill The Gays” Bill being pushed by Liars like the C-Street House pilgrims and gluttonous preachers.  There is some push-back.  I just have to wonder if Hate-Mongers, Fear-Mongers and Vile Liars like the Cults of Jesus Inc demonstrate really get their private parts all tingly and engorged reveling in the hate?

Reinforcement of what we already knew:

From the Exiled to a link in the World Socialist Web Site this piece of “news” flashes by.

Listen to this worm who fed the Oligarchy and the Plutocracy and denies his loyalty.

These Banksters did it to AIG to rob the US Treasury with the FED as the tool and now they are doing it to Greece through the World Bank.  Polished  liars, finished frauds and cronyism beyond belief?

We are better off with a fully Socialized National Banking system independent of the FED’s manipulation and mythology.  We are half-way there now with Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, the FDIC and the clear fraud and failure of the status quo system that has corrupted good governanace.

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