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Heterosexual Pedophile On Call

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on March 2, 2010

Heterosexual Pedophile On Call

This piece from the Daily News is Str8 Maggie Gallagher’s world…  It’s the children Maggie; the children.

BS Top - Rosenberg Pedophile Doctor

Hello, calling all Fundies…  Open call for Cults of Jesus…

The Cults of Jesus are really whining on this topic of LGBT activism being more successful than the hate-mongering and fear-mongering they espouse.  These bigots are howling about the downturn in tourism that their lies, their bad-mouthing citizens with equal rights and the enforcement of Civil Rights created without accepting an ounce of responsibility for their own actions of hate that created the down-turn.

It appears to me that the Cults of Jesus have over-run the town with their hate and passion and now are being shunned as well they should.  Prosperity Christianity can always find an enemy in the immediate culture and the Haitian’s are cursed by their pact with the Devil in the world according to Robertson…   Should Civil Rights and Equality for the LGBT Community or the Aithesists be the cost of these Cults of Jesus special rights?

The Church is destroying its own credibility and the lies that they’ve spewed in demonizing LGBT Citizens to suit their needs from the 1960 forward.  The Cults of Jesus are as dependent upon an “enemy” as any fraudulent belief system is to support its self through mob mentality and lies.

Do the LGBT communities produce DVDs, videos, uncountable hate speech sermons damaging children and family?

How does who we love matter to anyone but each of us individually?

Rosa Parks refused to go to the back of the bus for basic human rights and in doing so she provided us an American Gandhi and as much as these Cults of Jesus subvert their savior you can see the same applied to Rosa Parks by the Cults of Jesus hate-mongers.

We hear the lies, understand the victim fraud that these vile creatures promote in their actions.  We know the truth and these fear and hate-mongering bigots are no different from the WASPs hating on the Blacks of the late 60 when the LGBT Community became the only available “other” for the Cults of Jesus to direct their hate and lies toward.

Another graphic example from Good As You:

It’s the LGBT Community these hate mongers are out to get and are you going to be next? Make no mistake about this Brown-Shirt fervor of these Cults of Jesus.

I have a political goal:  Let’s find out just how much “Faith-Based” United States Tax Dollars are used to support this hate and TAX THE CHURCH.

This Week in Holy Crimes from JoeMyGod.

Over the last seven days…

Texas: Pastor Hezekiah Stallwork charged with molesting a seven year-old girl. Other victims are expected to come forward.
Mississippi: Youth pastor Stephen Brown charged with multiples counts of possessing child pornography.
Louisiana: Pastor Joseph Jones charged with multiple felony counts of dumping untreated human sewage from the six subdivisions he manages.
New York: Rabbi Milton Balkany charged with attempting to extort $4M from a hedge fund by claiming he had knowledge of insider trading.
California: Pastor John Albert Kleinpeter pleads guilty to using a hidden camera to take photos up women’s skirts at a shopping mall. Heh, “Kleinpeter.”
Florida: Pastor Gaston Smith convicted of stealing funds from a charity he set up to aide impoverished seniors.
New Brunswick: Pastor Frederick Hanson convicted of sexually assaulting an 11 year-old girl.
Kentucky: Pastor Marion Barnes charged with five felony counts of child molestation.
South Carolina: Pastor Arley Atchley charged with molesting two boys.
New York: Father Ralph Johnson arrested on 15 felony counts of molesting boys.
North Carolina: Pastor Ronnie Lee Jones confesses to felony embezzlement charges after being caught stealing from his church’s treasury.
Ireland: Father Ronald Bennett pleads guilty to multiple counts of child molestation.
Sydney: Father Robert Fuller convicted of masturbating over a webcam to a police officer he believed to be a 13 year-old girl.

This Week’s Winner-
Uganda: Pastor Martin Ssempa screened hardcore gay porn during church services to 300 parishioners this week in an attempt to increase support for his “kill gays” bill. But this move backfired as fellow pastors across Uganda condemned Ssempa for disrespecting a house of worship. Some are calling for his arrest for violating anti-pornography laws.


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