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What’s Wrong With America?

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on March 3, 2010

What’s Wrong With America?

The George W Bush Faith Based Initiatives continue under Obama.  I wonder how much of these funds have found their way into Maggie Gallagher’s pudgy fingers to spend on “The Gathering Storm” and Hate?  I have no hope of ever getting an accurate answer to that because of the way the “Faith-Based Initiative” is structured and the reality of the lack of accountability to date.


I think I actually like this judge Mathis.  LOL

OK, I’ve been off my normal rants or bitch rolls for several weeks now while working diligently to get settled in the new home.  It’s a real bear and I just absolutely abhor moving.

The reality that is delivered via the mass media “news” services is just not accurate and without having the time to research and fact-check the resources I’ve been hampered some in getting a good rant going.  Now that the wireless connection is up and running at home here I’ll do better.  I do feel as if I am making some progress here in getting settled in and the place is clean but unpacking all this sh*t is a nightmare that I just didn’t want to face.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is deserving of a rant but we all know that with studies and Congressional intervention this enforced lying is going to continue.  It’s well within the standards of the Congress, Senate and Military to promote lies and fraud.  That’s what they do.  Enough said.

Health Care Reform deserves a rant but without the Public Option to present real competition to the Insurance Companies it is just one more masturbatory exercise in futility.  The reality is that our Government is purchased and the special interests of Wall Street, Banking and Insurance Corporate Communist greed will rule.  I’ll continue without health insurance and probably die because of it.  Medicare For All would bolster a failing system that functions and allow what is required for American Health Care.  Too bad it makes sense to open and fund through public premiums from a less high risk group and that’s enough grounds to discount it.

Wall Street and Banking regulation is non-existent and you can be sure that the purchased politicians aren’t going to establish a strong “Consumer Protection Agency” because that would declare war on their masters.

Where is Bush?  I swear he is still in the White House.

The Government is broken and the fix isn’t going to happen unless and until the American Voting Public stands up and demands change.  I pray that this upcoming mid-term election will see an anti-incumbent movement but the threat presented by the Cults of Jesus and the Tea Bagger Bigots is offensive, divisive and without merit.  This fact is demonstrated from Palin through CPAC and is stomach-turning at best.

This Van Jones is the first casualty in the hate war mounted by Glenn Beck, the Tea-Baggers and Republicans and Americans were deprived a dynamic force for Green Energy Promotion by Hate.  Chalk one up for the LDS/Mormon Maniac from the Cults of Jesus Tea-Bagging Bigots, Hate and Fear-mongers.   Woooo   Hoooo…

The sunshine here in Florida is wonderful this morning but it’s chilly at 50 something and not warming till the weekend.  I can cope.  At least there isn’t snow.

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