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Insani-Tea Continues

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on March 6, 2010

Insani-Tea Continues:

What a graphic example from TEAPAC.  As if we, in the reality-based world, really care what drives the Insani-Tea.  This comes across as a real McCarthyesque slander and slur demonstration of the basic bigotry and hate of White supremacists.  You lost the election, President Obama is in office, duly elected, born, vetted and inspected to the majority of Americans’ satisfaction and the business of governance is upon him now.  This kind of action from this political branch of the Cults of Jesus Inc is Un-American and Un-patriotic on multiple levels.  These creatures define their fears without self-responsibility, always the “Christian victim” in spite of the graphic evidence of assault on others.  Liars, frauds and charlatans all is the best I’m able to muster.  Beyond contempt.

And speaking of “Beyond Contempt” the Republicans have made some real clear statements about their fund-raising; haven’t they?  I wonder how that’s working out for ’em?  From the Progressive Puppy.

Only From California:

And a new website spelling out the 1,138 Federal Marital Benefits and protections denied to Same-Sex Couples.

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