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Tax The Church

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on March 14, 2010

Tax The Church

This delightful satire, this hoax, that JoeMyGod brought to our attention, points up the ease that polished performers like Maggie Gallagher, Linda Harvey and their ilk are able to lie with the full backing of their Cults of Jesus convictions to hate.  This Nora Young has the impression down pat and is wonderfully convincing.  We need more of this.

And in the same vein of crazy this jumped out from Right Wing Watch:

This is the Cults of Jesus in all their glory.  And these are the creatures who now hunger to rule this nation?  This defines exactly why separation of Church and State was written into the foundation of the United States.

Other than this Cindy Jacobs having a health care plan that beats the Republicans’ there is nothing attractive about this other than being a foundation of Taxing the Church.  There’s a real solution for funding Universal Health Care, Welfare Programs and the Social Support programs of Unemployment Insurance, Food Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Housing for All in America.  Tax the Church and apply their tax dollars to the places that present the most human need.  These are charitable institutions who have enjoyed a tax exempt status that makes charlatans like these rock- star wealthy so let’s just tax the church to 50% and put the money to use for good causes instead of the Hate and Fear-Mongering demonstrated by the Cults of Jesus Inc’s Evangelical, Catholic and LDS/Mormons in PropH8.  They can support Hate to the tune of $25 million in California and who knows in Maine so let’s put their money to good use instead of pissing it away on withered up vile hags like Maggie Galligher, Linda Harvey and their ilk.

Tax The Church is the only recourse to recover the American Taxpayer’s dollar that is illegally pissed away in the “Faith-Based” initiative of the Texan Child of privilege George W Bush that feeds the Hate in PropH8 and the Cults of Jesus Inc’s Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon missions.  It’s past time to audit the Church and the Faith Based Initiative and just do the right thing and Tax the Church to recover the money illegally funnelled into their greedy, hateful hands by a twisted lying Texan.

Here’s a great example of exactly why we should Tax The Church:

Listen carefully to the content and know that this is the enemy.  They can afford to do these things and they obviously have funds enough to promote Hate so let’s just Tax The Church and start solving the social issues that the Church normally addressed but these Churches today are focused on Hate, Fear, Politics and instilling ignorance rather than enlightenment.

This is even greater reason for Tax The Church:

These creatures are too busy spreading their Hate of Teh Gays.  PropH8 brought that to the front of all our minds.  TAX THE CHURCH is the solution to the social ills of the United States of America.  It’s about time these creatures understand the Hate that they spew is not tolerable.  This is not a Church; this is a political action committee and they deserve to be TAXed to the point of bankruptcy.


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