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Faux Nuz And President Obama

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on March 17, 2010

Faux Nuz And President Obama

I really did my best to keep an open mind and made the effort to tune into (heaven forbid) Faux Nuz for their interview with President Barack Obama.  I have to admit, I’m human, I made it through only 10 minutes because of the vile and obnoxious Bret Baier’s continual interruptions of the President as he spoke.

The spin that Brit Hume attempted to apply to the interview speaks elloquently of the level of ignorance, contempt and arrogance of this Faux Nuz propaganda machine.  “You did what you could buddy.” This was Brit Hume’s summation of the vile and reprehensible actions of Bret Baier.

I’m very aware of yellow journalism and in a quick channel surf back to Faux Nuz I see that this vile and repugnant Bret Baier with a host of talking heads spinning the “interview” into the message they intend to deliver.  Disgusting and repugnant is accurate and the even more ignorant masses that view this trash TV are being done a great disservice.

You asked the questions and just because you don’t like the answers or don’t agree with the answers you do not have the “right” to become rude and demonstrate your ignorance.  I could care less if the topic is “double accounting of medicare savings” or the freaking banking and Wall Street melt-down.  You asked the question and you are obligated to provide the time to be provided the answer.  This is what is wrong with America.  All civility and decorum is gone from American culture as demonstrated by Faux Nux Republican, Cults of Jesus propaganda machine.

I stopped watching Chris Mathews, Dylan Ratigan and Ed Shultz because they can’t and don’t ever shut up and listen.  I am a big fan of Rachel Maddow because she, out of all the “journalists” on Mass Media is the only upright civil human who adheres to common desency and civility in interviews.

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