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FDR’s Second Bill of Rights

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on March 19, 2010

FDR’s Second Bill of Rights

A reminder of American History and a very pointed admonition to those who fail to know and understand history are doomed to repeat it.

“Unless there is security here at home there cannot be lasting peace around the globe.”

Understanding the lack of legitimacy of the Bush Administration and the war crimes, lies and open fraud of the lying child of privelege from Texas; I held great hope for the Obama administration restoring integrity to the office of the President of the United States.  To say that I’m disappointed is an understatement.

The birth of the Fiat Dollar and the rise of the FED.  America survived without a European-style Central Bank for 130+ years and kept a balanced budget.  The FED is the root of budget deficits, inflation, boom and bust cycles and the rise of these Corporate Communists has now become a coup d’etat by the Oligarchy with the Military-Industrial-Congressional complex in the lead.  Ike warned us of this and we ignored it.

What America needs now is clear, strong and principled leadership to destroy the Oligarchy’s stranglehold on the political process.

When Barack Obama took office the circumstances were very similar as to what faced FDR but President Obama has repeatedly demonstrated that he is no FDR.  President Obama is owned by the Goldman Sachs Wall Street and Banking interests and is apparently looking to provide the Insurance Companies the same type of bail-out that Wall Street and the Banking Industry has enjoyed at all of our expense.

As a fan of President Barack Obama I am disappointed and am maintaining hope and faith in the future with him demonstrating leadership and providing clear direction.  To date I am not satisfied with his performance even with the understanding of all the accomplishments to date.  The health insurance reform that Republican Cults of Jesus Inc has built into a contentious issue is a grave disappointment but other members of the Democratic party are proposing fixes as fast as they are able.  Wall Street and Banking Regulation and Reform is next up and unless this is focused on audit and destruction of the FED and Consumer Protection oriented we will not accept this.

Where are the criminal charges against the Bush Administration?  A false-flag 9/11 attack with no investigation, illegal wars and lies of weapons of mass destruction, the hiring of a mercenary force and the torture of American prisoners are just the tip of the iceberg of the crimes from the prior administration.

Where are the criminal charges against Wall Street and the Bankers who brought us to the brink?

Why are these monied elite above the law?

Is it really so unrealistic to imagine a world as FDR described where United States Citizens enjoy the fruits of their labor at a living wage?  Is it really so hard to imagine a United States where everyone has equal opportunity in housing?  What is so wrong with all Americans having access to health care?  Is Universal Education through University level that difficult a positive concept to grasp?

America, WAKE UP!

The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc theocracy and Wall Street Oligarchy have effectively bankrupt this great nation and continue down the slippery slope of Ponzi Scheme, Gambling and junk investment speculation without regulation.  You bet the Republicans want to maintain the status quo just as every purchased politician on Capital Hill wants their Corporate Communist cash masters to keep pumping cash into their campaigns and directly into their pockets.  There is a real reason why the greater metropolitan area in Maryland and Virginia are the wealthiest counties in the United States and that’s the open thievery from the United States Citizens and the corruption of cash in the current system.

This is not going to stop until the United States Citizens rise up and demand real change, removal of cash purchase of politicians from the political process and real accountability for their actions.  We have a Capital Hill full of attorneys who damned well know just how treasonous they were and are for voting for the Patriot Act and with their actions in bankrupting this nation.

We, the people, have the ability to drive a restoration of the United States Constitution.

We, the people, have the ability to have Universal Health Care and to save the Medicare System all in one fell swoop in our hands with the Bill presented by Alan Grayson.

We, the people, have the ability to bust the balls of the Bankers with Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac for direct mortgages to be available for all United States Citizens.

We, the people, have the ability to regulate and restore honest business practices on Wall Street.

We, the people, have the ability to demand living wages from the Corporate Communists and with direct-to-the-small-business-person loans to stimulate the economy and bust the balls of the greedy Corporate Communists.

We, the people, have the ability to destroy the FED and establish a real American Bank that serves the American people and not the European Central Banking System.

Tax the Church to prop up the Social Support programs and remove the Faith Based initiative that is unconstitutional and uncontrolled.

Tax the Corporate Communists with incomes over $500,000 to 50%.

Tax the Corporations 50% of their net if they operate off-shore and 35% if they are United States domestic operations.

Tax all imports an additional 10% and use the funds to encourage American Business in capital investments to new business start-ups especially in alternative energy.

End the war on drugs, it is a failed prohibition and depletes our resources, criminalizes humans with medical problems and is an excuse used to bring police para-military actions against the American Citizens.

End the wars, bring our Military home and secure our borders.

End the Mercenary Pay-off to Xe aka Haliburton, Cheney & Bush and the Corporate Communists and outlaw the use of private military forces by the United States in perpetuity.

Make no mistake about it the Oligarchy, the Military-Industrial-Congressional complex and the FED have a vested interest in the coming World War 3 and this will not be a survivable conflict for anyone who breathes the air on earth.  The players are lining up now and the Israeli vs Iran conflict will trigger this according to plan.

Why are we waiting?

What are we waiting for?

The Great Depression is looming in our future this Fall and WW3 will kick off soon if we do not take actions now to prevent the coming holocaust.

We are not free until everyone is free.

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