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Insani-Tea By Faux Nuz

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on March 20, 2010

Insani-Tea By Faux Nuz

Faux Nuz, Glenn Beck and the Republican Cults of Jesus talking points with no substance, no validity and the parroting of outright lies is the foundation of this Tea Party.  Is there any doubt in your mind of the ability for propaganda to drive the ignorance of humans?

Rupert Murdock and his butt-buddy Roger Ailes demonstrate endorsed yellow journalism, tabloid journalism that lies as is expected from a Nixon, Reagan and George W Bush media master as in Roger Ailes.  This is the foundation of this delusional hate-frenzy founded in racism and fear and fanned by fraud.  America is in a world of hurt and these vile, ignorant creatures demonstrate exactly what is wrong with America.

Let’s get this clear once and for all time.  This “Health Care Reform” is Insurance Industry Regulation and Reform of the most egregious practices existing now.  How this becomes “Government take-over of our health care system” is a mystery that only the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc, Rupert Murdock and Roger Ailes lies can explain.

For me, the only objection I voice and will continue to voice is that I refuse to pay to a corrupt corporate communist my hard-earned dollars under a mandate to ensure that the Insurance Company maintains it’s profit.  It is reprehensible to me that profit drives health care providers and that these greedy corporate communists skim 30% off the top of our health care insurance dollars to feed their greed while the Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals and technicians are pinched for pay.  I will gladly buy into a true “Public Option” like Medicare for all and thereby assist in keeping this valued and trusted resource financially sound for all without paying the corporate communists their cut.  Why?  Why would anyone pay 30% for the privilege of having someone else pay the bill?

Insurance was established to spread the risk of financial devastation of one person across the much larger group.  Today the only “risk” is demonstrated as whether or not the Insurance company will pay the bill after you’ve paid them a fortune in premiums.  The Insurance Industry greed drives medical costs up at more than twice the rate of inflation and consumes 15% of our GDP while Americans are dying from the death panels that they’ve established to drive recision and denial of benefits.

“Tort Reform” is the only talking point that these asshats cling to as a “solution” from the Republican talking points and the impact of Tort Reform is less than 2%.  What is really amazing is that these Medicare (Socialized Medicine) recipients latch on to in support of their position of ignorance.  The reality of Tort Reform is that the patient (that’s you and me) will no longer have recourse, no longer have the ability to sue and claim monetary damages from physicians or institutions like hospitals and clinics for the malpractice, malfeasance or mistreatment of patients.  How freaking typical from this bunch of ignorant fools who “look for the news that they want to hear” from Faux Nuz to protest against themselves.

“It’s a government take-over and we all know that the government can’t do anything right.” is one of the most ludicrous claims from these morons.  Our Medicare and Medicaid work with great satisfaction, interstate highways, public utilities and the list is enormous of the things that government does right clearly stand in opposition to this position.  With even the slightest bit of literacy the “Health Care Reform Bill” is Insurance Company Regulation and the only error of the Obama administration on this topic is the loss of positioning this as exactly that “reform of insurance industry” to stop the abuse.

Glenn Beck’s nine commandments from the LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc is an outrage that these mindless fools have swallowed hook, line and sinker.  Glenn Beck’s flavor of hate is driven by his amazing ignorance and supported only in the dark paranoid recesses of his diseased mind by the prozac cocktail consumed daily.

President Obama has perfectly positioned this issue today as: “are we going to let the special interests win or are the American people going to win this one?”

“A patient’s bill of rights on steroids,” is exactly what this legislation is.

What is so morally wrong with providing universal health care?

Where were these creatures when George W Bush and The Patriot Act devastated the Constitution?

“Emergency Rooms, Praying for Health, giving it to a private business and let them make money off it” are all the solutions presented.

“Fauz Nuz is the only place that isn’t on Obama’s side.” The dingbat claims.

Keep drinking that purple Kool-Aid.

Here’s an enlightening review of Mr Boehner’s voting record and his pay-offs.  To me it looks like it takes anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 to purchase a yes from this party of no leader.  Go figure…



This is the Christian work of the Cults of Jesus from Kansas.

Yesterday’s Hardball with the ever charming, child abusing, Phred Phelps of Westborough Baptist “Church” from Kansas.

Al Snyder is the parent who lost a son, Matt, in the war in Iraq in the United States Military and these vile and disgusting hate-mongers of Phred Phelps from Westborough Baptist Church.  “What about my rights, my relegious freedoms?” Al Snyder calmly and quietly comments as this case goes to the Supreme Court.  The Snyder family won a $10 million settlement from a lower court that was overturned and is now elevated to The Supreme Court.  Let us all pray the settlement is restored and the Supreme Court finds this type of “free speech” beyond the intent of the Founding Fathers.

There’s the Cults of Jesus for ya.


Before I’m labeled an absolute Anti-Semite the foundations for the positions I take concerning the Israeli government existing now is best understood in this rather lengthy clip.  I have no ax to grind with the Israelis, the Hebrews living here in the United States or Central America where I’ve met some wonderful families.  My ax is with the Israeli war mongers and fearful ignorant, human rights violating Jews who refuse to budge on the issues of working toward peace.

The Israeli problem:

“Israel has no other friends in the world.”

It is long past time that the Jews bring themselves into the 21st century and adopt an upright, moral position in negotiations for a peaceful Palestinian solution that doesn’t involve genocide.

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