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Civility and Debate

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on March 22, 2010

Civility and Debate:

“If one man can do this, we can each make a huge difference.”

No truer words have ever been spoken.  Imagine for a moment that every American held fast to this belief; we can change the world.

We are mired in war.  These wars begin with the longest war in United States History and that’s the war against the citizens of this great nation in the Drug War that is a failed prohibition.  The insanity of the Right-wing Republican Cults of Jesus Inc actions in this issue is exposed as America criminalized citizens with medical problems and denies the medical use of marijuana based on racist lies and the intense lobby of the Pharmaceutical manufacturers and legal killers of tobacco and alcohol.

The Corporate Communists, seeing the profits in slavery in the commercial prison system, also hold vested rights in maintaining this war against the citizens of the United States and work to expand it globally.

Our neighbors to the south in Mexico, Honduras, Columbia, Ecuador and all of Central and South America have felt the injustice and the wrath of the United States Corporate Communists as our Military and Monsanto and have dumped millions of gallons of herbicide and conducted clandestine and open wars on foreign soil creating political and economic instability, famine, poverty and destroying ecosystems that cannot be replaced.  All of this on a failed drug war, a prohibition that is a monumental failure.

This monumental failure of the Drug War has murdered humans at an appalling rate on our border with Mexico and must be brought to an end for our security and their security.

End the Drug War and put the funds wasted there to restoration of the American Economy and repairing the damage America has done to our great neighbors to the south.  Stop the insanity.

End the real blood and guts, George W Bush, Dick Cheney with Karl Rove lies Military wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and bring our troops home.  These are failed oil wars.  These are fraudulently caused wars based on a Cults of Jesus Inc end times “searching for Gogg and Magogg demons” in the Middle East and they are reprehensible.  End the Wars and put the money into paying off the Chinese, building energy independence in the United States and into the universal education of the American people.

The Republicans are spending the day  back-pedalling from the vile and reprehensible actions and words from the Tea-Party that they were so hot to court just days ago.  The Republican mouth-piece of Faux Nuz is continuing its negative lies and perpetrating a fraud against the Americans who, although intelligence challenged, have come to unfortunately depend upon this kind of sleazy tabloid propaganda to pass as their news.

This disparity is exactly what the Republican Cults of Jesus don’t want anyone to see.  They are now fully exposed.

The traitorous tabloid yellow journalism of this Rupert Murdock propaganda machine is divisive, disgusting and the most deplorable distortion of truth and the American rights to free speech seen since the Great Depression.

With great freedom comes great responsibility and the vile propaganda machine at Faux Nuz has no sense of responsibility to the truth.  Neither do the Cults of Jesus Inc Republican talking points that they continue to vitriolically spew.  The lies are exposed and the issue resolved now.

Americans understand clearly that this system is broken.  We see the divisive acts, hear the inflammatory rhetoric and know the history of the Republicans’ destruction of the United States of America based on their real history that we are now living through.

Americans know how George W Bush and the Republican Congress brought this nation to the verge of Depression, the Fraud of 2 wars created by George W Bush’s Cowboy Diplomacy and Faith-Based 12-step fraudulent presidency purchased by the Corporate Communists and enacted by the Supreme Court that just supplied the Corporate Communists more rights than biological humans.

Americans are still demanding complete and thorough investigation of the 9/11/01 false-flag attacks on the United States.

A full Pecora Investigation of the Wall Street and Banking collapse of 9/18/08 with criminal charges brought against those responsible is required to restore the faith of the American people in their financial systems and the government.

George W Bush in well-trained 12-step acts gave over to a higher power, his corporate masters, the keys to the treasury and the basic policy of the United States of America and history will define him as traitor.

President George W, Texas child of privilege, Bush while searching for the end times demons Gogg and Magogg in the Middle East destroyed the United States Economy with lies, fraud and failure to act in the best interest of the United States of America.  The Bush Administration are war criminals who have tarnished America through Torture, murder and untold violence based on lies, fraud and good old-fashioned Cults of Jesus Inc values that provided the American people more debt in 8 years than all the prior administrations in history!

There is absolutely nothing “christian” in the Faith-Based Initiative established by Bush as it is perverted into NOM and the Cults of Jesus Inc endorsed Hate and Fear-mongering campaigns against human rights and basic civil rights that we’ve all witnessed in the past year.

As an American you can bet that I’m exceptionally unhappy with the condition of the United States today.  Government is out of control.  The Corporate Government is the biggest threat to our liberty that has ever presented because it’s “the threat from within” that Dwight D Eisenhower warned us of in 1960.

We, in our arrogance, followed liars, movie star’s voodoo economics and thieves into inflation and decreasing wages.  Americans swallowed hook, line and sinker the necessity of globalization while the Corporate Communists rigged the implementation of that into record profits from child labor and reductions in labor costs by not having to pay benefits and the government rewarded them by not taxing the obscene profits driven by their enslavement of humans in the third-world.

We allowed the ignorant faith-based alcoholic and drug addicted cowboy’s lies to carry us into war while the Bush administration perpetrated the biggest fraud in history that led us into the pit we are working to dig out of now.  Clinton tore down Glass-Steagall and Bush bank examiners were on vacation because they were told to be on vacation.

Where are the criminal charges and the recovery of the billions of dollars that the Corporate Communists stole from the United States Citizens with George W Bush, Bernanke, Paulson and Geithner giving away the US Treasury to underwrite the gambling loss of Wall Street and Banking fraud perpetrated against every American?

“Bernanke made us billions of dollars off that investment” a friend of mine claimed about the TARP give away.  I could care less if he did make billions for the US Government and Citizens because we honestly worked for and earned all that cash that the Wall Street and Banking Corporate Communists are still gambling with.  Claw the profits since 9/18/08 back into the United States Treasury and teach these greedy bastards that we will not underwrite their actions and they wouldn’t exist without the United States Treasury and citizens.  Recover the bonus money that is fraudulently obtained.  Let these Corporate Communists know that we, the people, own their miserable, ungrateful asses and can damned well live without them.  Honest business would pay all their share holders, the US Citizens, the obscene bonuses they paid with our money.

If you or I defrauded investors we would go to prison.  If you or I bankrupt our business we would lose our home, loose our investment and face the financial devastation without government subsidy of million dollar bonuses for absolute corruption and failure.  Let the Corporate Communists buy back from the United States Citizens the companies we, in effect, purchased and own with the United States Treasury.

The reality is that George W Bush, Paulson, Bernanke and Geithner paid these bonuses out of the American Tax Payer’s pocket.  Bernanke paid off the thieves on their bad debts at 100% of investment and continues lies of omission about who is paid, where our money was paid and continues to guarantee and encourage the crap game of Wall Street and Banking Ponzi schemes that brought us here 16 months after the melt-down.

Where is the accounting from the FED?  The courts ordered it.  Bernanke demonstrates that he and his cronies feel that they are above United States law.

Where is my government guarantee?

Where is your government guarantee?

Where are our retirements now?

Pissed away in multi-million dollar bonuses to the very thieves who caused the collapse.  To add insult to injury this FED endorsed and created thievery will lead to the FED printing more money and driving inflation to push us further into third-world status.  The economic war was declared and it’s long past time to End The FED and restore America.  Prior to 1913 the United States paid its debts and maintained a stable economy.  The FED drives cycles of boom and bust, feeds the war machine and enslaves Bankers, Business and private citizens by destroying the value of our currency in counterfeiting; on demand bucks for an out of control government.

Past president George W Bush and his traitorous war-mongering, lying and ignorant Cults of Jesus Inc fraudulent actions remain unchallenged, untried and without the justice that Americans demand.  Bring these traitors, these treasonous liars and thieves to trial and conviction for the crimes against humanity and against the Citizens of the United States of America and do it NOW!

President Barack H Obama is clear in his statements and desire to “look forward, not back.”  This position is admirable but without merit.  There is no faith in government or justice if it does not apply equally to all citizens.  It is not equal treatment to allow torturers, murderers, thieves and liars to remain at large and especially on the Taxpayer dollar.

Furthermore, as history is made tonight with the introduction of Health Care Insurance Reform; The United States will now qualify for full membership into the World Trade Organization and the New World Order is becoming one step closer to reality.

If we, Americans, are to lead this New World Order we must retake our government, bust the balls of the Corporate Communist, Wall Street and Banking greed to insure the health, welfare and happiness of every free citizen of the United States and maintain our freedom from the slavery they desire for us and our children.

Now, more than ever before in history, we individual citizens must be ever more vigilant and confront the Theocrats, the Oligarchy and the Corporate Communists who have demonstrated their intent to destroy this great nation.

We must confront the vile and repugnant propaganda spewed by Faux Nuz and reject anything that is less than 100% honest journalism.

I’ve planted my tree in calling for the Bush Administration to face the criminal charges that are justified and absolutely scream for justice.

I’ve planted my tree in getting my voice heard.

I’ve planted my tree in bringing transparency and exposing the lies and fraud perpetrated against the United States Citizens.

I’ve planted my tree in registering clear opposition to the Supreme Court of the United States providing paper people more rights and more influence in the government than real biological people have.  It is biological people who own the paper person of Corporate Entity and those biological people now have more voice, more vote than the individual citizen because of a Right-Wing Activist Supreme Court.

Our Congress, President Obama, Joe Biden, Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic House have planted a tree for every American in declaring that health care, access to affordable health care is a human right and that tree is planted and in need of nurturing.

Plant your tree.

Tell your friends.  Link to this site or just get active and push the real issues of liberty and justice for all while we still have the rights to free speech and we, the people, still have enough power to effect real change for America.

Plant your tree and sow your seeds for the coming revolution in the United States to restore this great nation to it’s position of global leadership.  End the wars.  End the corruption.  Restore the United States Government to of the people, for the people and by the people.

Plant your tree and vote.

I am far from endorsing this “conservative” view of economics and free trade and I especially object to the idea of building walls and foreign national owned toll road dividing this nation.  I am no fan of Tom Tancredo’s position either.  I am a fan of presenting just one of the challenges pressing on all American Citizens today and into the future.

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