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The Truth Wins Out

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on March 22, 2010

The Truth Wins Out:

The Republican & Tea-Bagger Cults of Jesus Inc lies have been exposed and the historic Health Care Insurance Reform is passed and is waiting on the Senate to approve the repairs required to the Senate delivered bill.

I was raised in a republican household with Nelson and Happy Rockefeller visiting at least twice a year for fund-raising events or out doors adventures in deer hunting, goose, duck or pheasant hunting and I have fond kind memories of those times.  Most I remember the civility, the calm and measured debates, discussions and humor.  For me this conservative view, this conservative experience is a source of pleasure and sweet memories and I am very saddened by the outright lies, the inflammatory rhetoric of the vile bigoted pigs who have overtaken what once was the Grand Old Party.

Minority leader Boehner demonstrated that the Republicans have reduced themselves and all their peers to a steaming pile of screaming elephant dung that is beyond contempt and moved into the realm of certified insane bordering on treasonous.  This is not the Republican Party of my youth.  This is the Republican Party of the Cults of Jesus Inc.  The Republican Party of George W Bush and Dick Cheney focused on lies and torture and those lies and intent to torture are now directed at the American Citizens.  The Republican Party is focused and has nearly accomplished the absolute destruction of the United States of America.

I wish I could say that I honestly mourn the loss of this GOP but, based on their performance, I can only say that I wish them the fate of the Whigs.  They’ve worked for it, they’ve earned it and with only a little luck they will take down the self-righteous Theocrats of the Cults of Jesus who are as far from Christian as any sub-human is able to obtain.  Perhaps the Pope may be lower but the jury hasn’t yet been convened on that topic with his diplomatic immunity.

From one of my all time heroes in life, Jim Burroway at the Box Turtle Bulletin, comes the news of Peter LaBarbera’s website being listed as a hate site is a step in the right direction.

Faux Nuz with ORiely is doing his best to spin the lies they’ve spewed and I’m about to vomit.  I wish I was close enough to vomit on him.  It was kind of fun to watch Geraldo try to bring some reason into their “Phair and Unbalanced” coverage last night and understand just how Cults of Jesus this Roger Alies and Rupert Murdock propaganda machine is about to implode under the weight of their own lies.  Time will tell.  They have no credibility.  I’m sure the FCC will just start tossing the complaints I email to them.  Jump on the fun and send your complaints to the FCC for “deceptive advertising” and let’s start by getting “Fair and Balanced” removed from their claims.

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  1. chamblee54 said, on March 23, 2010 at 12:23 am

    “Blond Libertarianism With A Twist” no comment.
    I know i have your email somewhere, but, like a few other things, it is not readily available.
    I heard this……. tonight, and it struck me as something you might enjoy hearing.
    Mr. Bageant has a blog, which i followed for a while but got tired of. Telling the truth non stop has it’s place in the world, but it can be boring and depressing if taken in too large a dose.
    Life in georgia goes on. One day there will be something worth saying. If nothing else, I can always find pictures to publish.

  2. activecitizen54 said, on March 23, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    Hey Chamblee, good to hear from you. I’m alive and well and back in Central Florida feeling centered and well. The spring blooms are already here and I’m happy to be back into the near tropics.

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