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Republican Mythology

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on March 24, 2010

Republican Mythology

The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc Lie and Propaganda machine is kicking into a higher gear with the President, Barack H Obama, signing historic Health Care Reform into law.  The vile lying, fear-mongering and outright seditious and treasonous acts of the Republican theocrats is exposed and is not accepted by Main Street Americans who see the Dominionist Directives of Republicans in Virgina, Florida, Idaho with their own particular flavor of racism and hate-mongering.  Americans on Main Street are satisfied with this good start but we are demanding the Public Option, single payor with Medicare for all.

Medicare for all is the most direct method available now to get all Americans the Health Care Rights that they deserve, to maintain the solvency of this system and to ensure Medicare’s continuation into the future.

Perhaps one of the most eggregious statements to me is the ignorant whining Pat Robertson carrying on about “government take-over of 1/6th of the American economy” I just go ga-ga, crazy, insane.


The Insurance Industry is 4% of the total medical costs included in this 1/6th of the American economy and when this bruhaha is seen within this context the real issues of exactly where the excessive costs lay is rapidly exposed.

Pharma is the biggest offender of the inflationary spiral of the staggering costs of care in the United States and Americans should be up in arms about having our ability to freely conduct commerce with Canada for these drugs that are much cheaper across our border.

Hospital costs and the costs of diagnostics drive the next level of this inflationary spiral.

Doctors, nurses and technicians are the next level of inflation in this tightly woven inflationary process with the demand of maintaining their elite status within the working community.  I do understand that the costs of education are buried within this just as the costs of student loans and continuing education feed into the professional’s ability to earn for easily a decade in early practice.

America is ranked 37th in the world for cost and effectiveness of our health care system.

This is not socialized medicine by any stretch of the imagination.  This puts a set of private companies, Corporate Communists who have abused the consumer for 100 years, in the position of administering health care for the United States.  This is my primary objection to the insurance reforms that have passed and these are the very reforms presented by the Corporate Communist’s insurance industry lobbyist.  The ability to purchase into a Medicare for all program, administered by the government that does not have profits for Corporate Communists built into it is the only intelligent choice for me.  I will not participate in the profits of murderers, thieves and Corporate Communists who have abused the consumer for a century.

There is much work to do to ensure that in America the Right of health care for all becomes reality.  Bills for the Medicare for all are being sponsored by Alan Grayson D FL and we have great hope that this is a successful endeavor.

And now for the message from the local Faux Nuz associate:

A friend (Yes they do exist) of mine from Atlanta sends me this link to an interview with the author of Deer Hunting With Jesus, Joe Bageant.  The interview is worth the 20 minutes and the book is a read that’s very worthwhile for anyone who really wants to help make a difference in the United States today.

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