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It’s A Matter Of Trust

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on March 27, 2010

It’s A Matter Of Trust

As the nation is completely over this brouhaha from the Republican Cults of Jesus LIES and FRAUD exposed for the world to see.  The Republicans did everything to be obstructionist for 13 months, they LIED, they inflamed the Tea Baggers and LIED some more.

Now they trot out the “truth impaired” Palin to star and have no clue that Americans recognize this dimwit book-burning Caribou Barbie as the clown and half-baked Alaskan that seeks only to profit from her 15 minutes by writing reminders on the palm of her hand.  Keep up the good works McCain, you’ve crashed one more time.

It’s exceptionally painful to see a true American Hero reduced to pandering to Caribou Barbie and the Teabaggers when he should gracefully retire.  Although I do give him credit for standing up to the vile and corrupt creature running against him.

From America’s Dad’s Blog comes this wonderful piece of completely referenced and cross indexed “Open Letter to Conservatives penned by Russell King.  A big thanks and consider this a must read and bookmark for everyone and anyone who desires to hear and know the truth.

I’m just over this Republican Lying and somehow I know that America is too.


The Israeli position of power in the Middle East took a drastic turn to the worse today with the election of Ayad Allawi in Iraq.  Allawi is a strong anti-Iranian who just deflated the sails of the Zionists by insuring that they are not the only place where world war 3 will begin.  We all know how much the Israelis want to claim that fame.  Their inhumane treatment of Palestinians demonstrates their contempt of human rights.  It seems they did learn something from the Nazis.

There is hope that the clear diplomatic snub of Netanyahu by President Barack Obama puts this despot on notice that the American pockets and good graces are stretched to the point of breaking by their Zionist antagonism of the region.  It’s long past time that the Israelis grew up and learned to become good neighbors demonstrating their expectation rather than demanding more porridge for nothing.

Regardless, it is good news that Allawi won this close election because of the Sunni support of this Secular Shiite politician to help maintain a unified population to rebuild a nation.  We all should hope and pray that this man and his peers are able to take the opportunity provided and turn it to the future of their nation so badly torn and beaten by American aggression and the failed policy of George W Bush and Dick Cheney the Torturing War Criminals.

There is a great piece in the Huffington Post this morning on this very topic.


I cannot stress enough how important it is to every American to read and bookmark for future reference the above and below Open Letter To Conservatives.

From America’s Dad’s Blog comes this wonderful piece of completely referenced and cross indexed “Open Letter To Conservatives” penned by Russell King.  A big thanks and consider this a must read and bookmark for everyone and anyone who desires to hear and know the truth.

As an equal opportunity offender I really have to share with everyone the anti-war demonstrations of the Bush / Cheney war criminals.  This is one protest in San Francisco just to keep the record straight.  From comes this wonderfully and refreshing history of the darkest years in United States history that still require judicial resolution to heal this nation.


From Joe.My.God comes the best whine of the week:

“What about the hateful rhetorical attacks against me and AFTAH and nasty shibboleths that come routinely from the Left? ‘Porno Pete’? Honestly, this is the type of malicious, hateful slander I experience on a daily basis (it is analogous in its ugliness to Phelps’ use of the term “Fag”). It appears the SPLC has a glaring double standard that you are now defiantly telegraphing to the world: principled, religious conservatives qualify as ‘haters,’ while even the most vicious liberal activists get a free pass. On that point: has SPLC ever cited a homosexual activist group like ACT UP for ‘hateful’ actions/assaults against religious groups? Have you investigated malicious websites like Joe Jervis’ ‘Joe.My.God’ blog — which revels in grotesque smears against AFTAH and other Christian conservatives?” – Peter LaBarbera, complaining to the Southern Poverty Law Center about his recent designation as an official hate site.
Peter La Barbera aka Porno Pete

Joe’s response is absolutely flawless:

“LaBarbera clearly doesn’t like my near-daily habit of “smearing” Christian conservatives by quoting their idiocy verbatim. They hang themselves by their own words, Petey, and I rarely need to do more than provide a photo and a headline. If that’s hate, you need to speak to my team of writers: Matt Barber, Tony Perkins, Brian Brown, Harry Jackson, Pat Robertson, James Dobson….and YOU.”

Thank you Joe.

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  1. mad cow said, on April 6, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    Hello AC 54
    Good to see you have posted the Video of death by Blackhawk helicopter. It is disturbing on many levels and makes sites like ours and your own all the more important and our messages urgent.
    Here’s a few more follow-up vids of Coulter in Calgary.

    Thanks for the insight on your blog and, as always, enjoy.

    Warmly, Mad Cow

  2. Russell King said, on September 1, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    Thank you for the link!

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