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Compromise Or Act?

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on March 31, 2010

Compromise Or Act?

Our Constitutional Professor President obviously has no respect of or for the Constitution of the United States.

Where are the charges against these war criminals?

Bring these criminals to justice.

And in a related comment just to remind every one of the Talibangelist Cults of Jesus feeding their campaigns of Hate off the US Taxpayers backs in the “Faith-Based Initiative” of George W Bush.  The Cults of Jesus Inc have done grave damage to themselves in this action.

And the ethics, morals and dogma of the Cults of Jesus Inc Catholic subsidiary continues to unravel

How wonderful the state of the Cults of Jesus demonstrate their morals, ethics and dogma.

Here in the USA the Catholic Cults of Jesus have mounted a concerted effort to “Blame the Homosexuals.”  Go figure…

There seems to be a great lack of accountability in the world.

Where is the Pecora Investigation?

Where are the Banking and Wall Street reforms and these criminals being brought to justice?

The justice the Americans see is multi-million dollar bonuses and a fat retirement from the United States Taxpayers.

Integrity is dead.

Who will help the Widow’s son?

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