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Worth Repeating

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on April 7, 2010

Worth Repeating

With the Catholic Cults of Jesus mouthpiece Bill Donahue carrying out his very own pogrom of “Hate the Gays” it’s really important for all Americans to understand the lies of the Cults of Jesus.

And the lies continue to be exposed:

This is the foundation of the C-Street Family, the subversion of the Republican party into the Cults of Jesus and the outright fraud being perpetrated by the Cults of Jesus today:

These are the Dominionist, the Theocrats, the American Talibangelists who are out to destroy America for their vision of ergot induced psychosis.

And for a refreshing point of view:

From Matt Taibbi and Rolling Stone is this piece on the state of Walls Street and the Corporate Communists today.

And the conclusion of that piece is this very informative piece from Rolling Stone on just how America is being played by these Corporate Communists, liars and thieves.

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  1. mad cow said, on April 9, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    thanks for passing this video along. What is remarkable about it is the narrator didn’t break up laughing. What a holy crock of bullshit.

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