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Arms Control? Idiot Control!

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on April 8, 2010

Arms Control?  Idiot Control!

The Christian Fascist on the move in the 7 Mountains Mandate.

There is a current history of the exact acts of Lies and Fraud perpetrated against the peoples of Africa by Rick Warren and his ilk at that is worth the read to understand just how vile and low these creatures from the Cults of Jesus actually are.  This factual narrative doesn’t include the C-Street Family or their sending Inhoffe and Grassley to continue this pogrom of hate against a minority of the population that they know is unable and in most cases unwilling to defend themselves because of the levels of hate and fear leveled against them by the Nazi and Fascist tactics of these Evangelicals.

In more local news:

Caribou Barbie and the Minnesota Mad Woman were on stage together and Paulenty introduced them.  The Republican Cults of Jesus have sunk so low…

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