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Constant – A Song For Constance

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on April 9, 2010

Constant – A Song For Constance

Sean Chapin brings forth this catchy tune for Constance McMillan the Mississippi high school senior who desired nothing more than to take her date to the prom dressed as she felt was comfortable for her.  I wonder if any of the Bigoted Classmates can ever make this kind of a claim to fame?

A brave young woman with parents who understand that we are not free until all of us are free.

In Huffington Post there is a Bill Moyers clip that’s worth taking a minute or two watching.

The article is an interesting read and I was a little shocked by the commentary but that’s OK too…  It’s a big world with room for all of us as long as we play nice.

I posted this comment and we’ll see if it makes it past the HP Censors:

The “Terrorist” Al Qaeda being linked to Afghanistan is as accurate as WMD in Iraq.
Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?
For what specific purpose have we murdered innocent children, women and hard working farming people?
Why does the United States maintain a Global Military presence?
What is the American Citizen’s desire for our Military Structure?
As a people we would be much better off, much more secure having our Military within our borders repairing and replacing infrastructure; putting our best and brightest to work at innovating away the repulsive Oil economy.

The next article that jumps up is the Sarah Palin “Don’t retreat – Reload”

Caribou Barbie and Crazy-eyes Bachmann subscribe to the 7 Mountains Mandate and describe Democrats now as “Secular.”

“Re-load?” Plausible deniability or trawling for assassins like the Tillman murder?

Seems there is this separation of Church and State thing going on.

Does anyone have the C-Street house address? I would love to stay at C-Street rates anyplace in washington.

Faux Noise and ACORN The history speaks volumes.

“Reload?” Citizens are being arrested for positions like this.

Why to the Republican Cults of Jesus HATE AMERICA?


Check the agendas; ask the Pope.

Better yet: Ask for a full accounting of the Faith-Based Initiative taxpayer dollars paid to the Catholic, Evangelical, LDS/Mormons. Their preying-for-pay must be pretty lucrative because they spent $42 million on Anti-LGBT campaigns of Hate.

Devoid of Truth in any way shape or manner; kind of like the Republicans.  Just saying… Hummmm…

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