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The Sad Part Is; We’re All In The Same Boat.

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on April 12, 2010

The Sad Part Is; We’re All In The Same Boat.

The Socialist State of Mississippi is now open for business.  The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc are full fledged Corporate Communists fully demonstrated.

This is the clearest demonstration of Socialize the loss and privatize the profits ever seen.

Where’s the Republican howl?  Feeding the greed on Wall Street and in Banking.

When I hear the jingoistic “Radical Obama Agenda” the Cults of Jesus Lies Alarm goes off big time.  All credibility disappears and these blind believers will never grasp that government by Theocracy is not ever happening in the United States of America.  The results of this Theocracy are viewed best in Uganda’s “Purpose Driven Nation” and “Kill The Gays” legislation driven by Rick Warren, Saddle Back Church, Scott Liveley lies and distortions.  This is the Republican Agenda driven from C-Street to the Pope, The Evangelicals and the LDS/Mormon temple in Salt Lake City.

Let’s just look at the record:

George W Bush took a 236 Billion Surplus and turned it into a 1.4 Trillion deficit with 2 illegal wars, torture, violation of the Constitution in building a standing Mercenary Army, Lies of WMDs, the largest transfer of wealth from the US Treasury to the Oligarchy in history.  How did that “searching for Gogg and Magogg, end of times demons” go for you Bush?  Did your 12-step alcoholic addicts brain lead you to that point or was it just the voices in your Republican Cults of Jesus head?

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