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Tuesday Terrorist

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on April 13, 2010

Tuesday Terrorist

But seriously; “brunch at 12:00?”

I’m worn out just thinking about the Gay, oops THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA, I’m just not keeping up.

The Cults of Jesus:

First I wonder about where this wellspring of Hate finds it’s energy source within those who profess a philosophy of “love?”

I saw this little list of JoeMyGod’s Holy Crimes this week…

Over the last seven days…

Vermont: Pastor David Heckman pleads guilty to stealing $110K from Habitat For Humanity.
Florida: Youth Pastor Cecil Wayne Seay charged with sending obscene text messages to 14 year old girl.
Alabama: Pastor Anthony Hopkins on trial for murdering his wife and storing her body in a freezer for four years.
Florida: Catholic Diocese of Orlando pays undisclosed settlement to woman after Father Wladyslaw Gorak was convicted for stalking and assaulting her.
California: Pastor Melvin Lynn Silas charged with felony bigamy. Silas’ rap sheet includes 25 arrests for pimping, assault, burglary and other crimes.
Arizona: Father Charles Schultz kicked off Luke Air Force base after military officials learned he’d been ousted from a previous parish for the verbal and physical abuse of boys, whom Schultz had physically forced into confessional booths. The Archdiocese of San Bernadino acknowledged the charges.
California: Pastor Carlton F. Hammonds on trial on four felony counts of sexual assault on a child.
New Jersey: Salvation Army Pastor Enoc Sotelo charged with 18 counts of felony fraud in a green card scam that preyed on recent immigrants.
Texas: Father John Fiala accused of raping a teenage boy at gunpoint. The boy’s mother is suing the Archdiocese of San Antonio.
Wisconsin: Father Thomas Brundage now says he “misremembered” after church records contradicted his claims of how he handled the investigation into the sexual abuse of over 200 deaf boys.

This Week’s Winner-
Germany: Father Ernst W. charged with multiple counts of molesting boys. The Diocese of Erfurt admits that although they knew of the accusations, they continued to allow the priest to work at a male juvenile detention facility but never told authorities about the allegations. The diocese says it accepts responsibility for the “incorrect decision.”

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Just sayin…

There is some news over at Box Turtle Bulletin about the quiet death of the “Kill the Gays” Bill in Uganda.  I don’t see any verification of that but the “news” from Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters of dead Gay men being dug up and abused is pretty disgusting.

That’s a whole lot of Hate going on.  I wonder how much Hate the $42 million that the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon bought for them?  The Gathering Storm and all that rot.  Nice work hum?

We all should be demanding a full accounting of the “Faith Based Initiative” and enlighten the US Taxpayers to how their dollars are spent in Hate Pogroms against the LGBT Community.

Tax the Church.

Charge the Pope as the head of the International Ring of Pedophiles based out of Vatican City and RICO the Vatican…

The Tuesday Terrorist is still wondering about the effectiveness of the Summit with Pakistan and India growing nuclear arms. Nice mouth music but just one more set up for Iran and Israel to duke it out with “tactical nukes” now more than ever.  The fear mongering over “nukes in terrorist’s hands” is kind of an oxymoron with Bush so recently out of office.

Just sayin…

George W Bush and the Neo-Cons gave themselves lots of room to keep the perpetual state of war machine going on with Corporate Communist incentives like future employment in places like Blackwater aka Xe the Fundamentalist Christian Malitia and Mercenary Contractor of Bush / Cheney no-bid contract favors.

Today’s Hate-Monger of the day.  Mike Huckabee the Evangelical Cults of Jesus just make you want to vomit.

Pams House Blend has the Alvin McEwin piece from Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters.

Christian Reconstructionism hard at work.

Nap time.

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