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What The Catholic Church Is All About

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on April 14, 2010

What The Catholic Church Is All About:

The Catholic Church exists soley for the purpose of boy fucking.

Well that and spreading Hate, Fear-mongering and outright lies to the tune of $42 million for the PropH8 initiative in California and the battle in Maine.  Blame it on the Gays, oppress the LGBT Community, they are the last defenseless “other” we can demonize.

Watch the Right-Wing Wingnuts heads explode:

What wonderful visions this creature expresses for this nation.  The Anti-American President, Bush/Cheney took this nation to war based on lies and an addictive need to search for Gogg and Magogg, end of times demons, in the Middle East.  Where were you when Bush / Cheney were destroying America?

I suppose the British considered the  Colonial Independence movement in America as “Terrorist” too.

We now have lots of little Christian Armies in the USA with more growing every day.  These are the Prince aka Blackwater aka Xe private military contractors in the USA, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and even deployed on US Soil during Katrina.

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