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The Tax Man Cometh

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on April 15, 2010

The Tax Man Cometh:

The Republican Cults of Jesus are getting pretty slick at lying and thieving.  This is just too easy to blow out of the water with any reality-based fact check.  So this is what Michael Steele comes up with on his boys’ night out?

And if you missed Dylan Ratigan’s take on how we’ve all been screwed in the financial crisis there is a new enlightenment that even the Tea Baggers are able to grasp.

And this is the kind of Crazy that President Obama elicits from the Republican Cults of Jesus.

The Republicans have traditionally done their flat-out level best to de-legitimize the sitting Democratic President.  The blackmail plea of a mentally disturbed military officer is not compelling.  The truth is that President Barack H Obama is duly elected.

And for the Fine Arts; a 2 min tour of MOMA

And the latest news out of Afghanistan is that Military Contractors outnumber the Military now.  How nice that the mercenary, overpaid, over-privileged, no-bid contractors put in place by Bush / Cheney are still insulting the troops and giving the USA a bad name.

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