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Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on April 15, 2010

The View:

It’s about time.  Thank you Whoopie, Joy and company.  The more we are able to confront the bigots with the truth the better our positions within the communities we’ve lived for years.

The biggest “sin” is the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus spending $42 million US Taxpayer’s dollars on a pogrom of Hate and Fear-Mongering against the LGBT Community.  Maggie Gallagher, Brown’s Beard can be very proud of disseminating the Hate according to good Catholic Teaching.

Mike Huckabee is exposed by a journalist student and hung on his own bigotry from his mouth and just like the Pope; with his pants down around his ankles.

Where’s Rachel’s Follow-Up of the C-Street Family?  There has to be some one of Coe’s lackey’s from Oklahoma making an ass out of themselves somewhere in the world where they can deliver their Cults of Jesus Republican hate.  We haven’t heard much out of Uganda or the “Kill the Gays Bill” that Scott Liveley lies with Inhoffe and Grassley helping craft the atrocity according to Christ of their gin-visions as deeply rooted in addiction as the alcoholic’s 12-step path taking us to war on 2 fronts.

“Terrorists” is the Neo-Con’s code word for Corporate Communists’ demands.

Faux Noise demonstrates how quickly the ignorant can be duped, that’s a scary place for America.  Rupert Murdock, Roger Ailes and the Koch Brothers all directing the crazy traffic…  Glenn Beck and Jabba-the-Hut Limbaugh with the screech sisters Palin and Bachmann round out this Anne Coulter, American Family Association, Porno Pete, Maggie Gallagher Cults of Jesus kind of propaganda machine hell-bent on spewing Hate and Fear-Mongering rather than ever focus on the truth.

Religion has long known the power of the lie.

Politics has long mastered the power of the lie.

This piece comes from VBS TV on the Afghani War.

Terrorists are, by definition, without a country or a flag sponsor, intended to instill terror in “the innocent” in the conflict.  Two wars based on lies, a devastated domestic economy and the Corporate Army in place in the Middle East.  I’m re-assured that the Prince fortune is represented in these “no-bid” contracts for Blackwater aka Xe or whatever name they call themselves today.

You bet Karzi is pissing his pantaloons with the Taliban’s power within the superstitious religious agrarian culture.  Let’s call it a training ground for the Teabaggers and deport them all.  That’s the ticket…

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