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Loss Of Civility

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on April 16, 2010

Loss Of Civility

This coming from a multiple convicted Felon, a drug dealer, a mercenary who sold out his country and that makes him a Hannity Poster Child for the Republican Cults of Jesus.  This should send a clear message to everyone.

We do have a win in Gainesville, FL where the first openly Gay mayor has won the recount.  Craig Lowe triumphs over Dove Hate Mongering Church currently under investigation and hopefully soon to loose their tax exempt status.

This, however, is the real state of affairs in Gay America:

And if you haven’t gotten enough of your crazy for the day:

This 7 Mountains Mandate Crazy Cults of Jesus Cunt deserves censure and expulsion from the Congress of the United States of America.  The reality is that the government, this instant, owns 28% of the “private economy” while 72% remains firmly in the hands of the Corporate Communist Bachmann Masters who ran this nation into the ground with Bush / Cheney’s illegal wars and unlimited spending.  This ignorant Minnesota Bitch deserves a firing squad.  Put us all out of her Cults of Jesus lying-ass misery.  The ignorant bitch is too busy to fact check?

And, just in case you wondered where your “Faith-Based Initiative” Tax Dollars are being spent by the Catholic Cults of Jesus NOM with Brownie and Maggie at the helm; just take a look…

Nice to see the Catholic Church endorse this Governor in New Hampshire.  He even made sure the Church was exempt from having to perform marriages.  It’s nice the Gay Boy Brownie and his Beard are up to no good again.  Keeps them off the street and away from the Altar Boys.

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