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I’m Against It

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on April 19, 2010

I’m Against It

The above is brought to you by Groucho Marx from 1932.  Think history doesn’t repeat its self?  The Republican Cults of Jesus Party of Hell NO has been here before.  The last time the Banksters and Wall Street Greed destroyed this nation.  See how easy it is to grasp the idea.

Face it folks; the system is broken and we are tasked with the repair because these Corporate Communist purchased idiots on Capital Hill have no motivation, no desire to repair what’s broken because they line their pockets at all of our expense without returning any value for our money.  They sure do make Wall Street and the Banksters rich now don’t they?

The SEC charges of Fraud against Goldman Sachs may be the tip of the iceberg but we all know these Corporate Communists who just destroyed our retirements, raped our house values, inflated the costs of day to day items could care less.  These greedy self-gratifying lying Corporate Communists defrauded you and your children intentionally and with the blessing of George W Bush.

Now where are the Charges of Treason, War Crimes and Torture against the Bush Administration?

Even the Tea-Tards are purchased lock, stock and barrel by the Koch brothers.  The Exiled on line has a great piece defining exactly how.  The Koch Brothers made their money from Daddy who stole crude oil off the Indian reservations and from Stalin in building oil refineries for the Soviets.  These are your Corporate Masters; enjoy the ride.

This is one of my favorite images and is worth repeating:

The Supreme Court; brought to you by…

In this Bradblog piece by Earnest A Canning the real Citizens United case and the results are clearly spelled out.

Stop the US Chamber of Commerce of Velvet Revolution

Unless and until we enforce the personal responsibility of paper people (Corporate entities) by holding the biological people behind them responsible this kind of abuse of humanity will continue.  If the Supreme Court can rule in the case of Citizens United that Corporations have the same rights to free speech as you and I then they must face the same penalties and that means holding the people behind the paper responsible for the actions of the corporation.

The Velvet Revolution has several great pieces about what actions they’ve taken against this Blankenship murderer and the US Chamber of Commerce Corporate Communists.

And this is one of my favorite songs again. The FED; I’m Against It.

One of my heroes in this call to End the FED.

The Founding Fathers set up a gold standard and insisted upon “no central bank.”  The Central Bank has controlled the Europeans and Americans fled that fiat system of lies and fraud against the citizens.  Thomas Jefferson had it right; no national bank.

These lying bastards Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner and in this case President Obama have every intention of maintaining their power by control of our currency.  Americans must rise up and destroy the FED to insure our children and our grandchildren’s futures.

This is what the Bush / Cheney Oligarcy brought to us in a Mercenary Army and No-Bid Contracts:

Are we really a “war based economy?”  YES!

Here’s an accurate and enforceable option:

Destroy the Income Tax, just do away with it period.  Working men and women deserve to keep what they earn.  Payday to payday wage earners who are the backbone of this global economy deserve to keep everything that they earn.

Tax the Corporate and Business structures at a rate that accurately reflects what they take from the communal assets and force the government to live within these means.

The government owes us:

National Security:  Bring our troops home, all our troops and get out of 192 countries and territories around the globe.

Personal Security: Police focused on violent crime, a judicial system that works, social support networks that uplift rather than create dependency.

Property Security: Fire Departments and a national forestry service that works.

End the Drug War; this is a failed prohibition and the government knows it but insists upon having slave labor in the Corporate Prisons to feed the war machine.

From Alex Jones Prison Planet and We Are Change on the Bilderberg Group.

Death threats for covering the activities of this group.  Of course Main Stream media won’t cover it.

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  2. how much should i weigh said, on May 1, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    lmao fun story bro.

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