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IPad Savant

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on April 24, 2010

Ipad Savant

Idiot Savant? Who is she channeling today?

Is this what her God told her to say?  PolitiFact has something to say on Michele Bachmann.  This is the embodiment of the Republican Cults of Jesus Crazy Inc.

Just pure Right-Wing Hate Group Hate, as reported in Joe.My.God.

The Audit and End the FED push is on.  We must keep up the heat!  We will not be satisfied with the Chris Dodd Corporate Communist Collusion and Cooperation Act of 2010.  In a Huffington Post article today another layer of deceit is exposed by these arrogant greedy suits.  Turning pinstripes to Prison Stripes is the goal and it’s getting closer.

The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc, Arizona Republican Dictator signs racial profiling bill into law and demands everyone be guilty until proven innocent.  This on top of the much abused and too often used “terrorist” exceptions to the Constitution as GITMO and Pheonix indefinite detention centers continue to expand.   Sister Screech aka Sarah half-term Governor turned Grifter whole-heartedly with her little book-burning half-functional brain driven to distraction by Religious institutions being stripped of US Taxpayer funding endorsed this action on the stump of the last Tea-Tard brigade. It seems the national currency in Arizona is now chickens, especially for medical care.  Could this be a ploy to get the convention traffic replaced by seniors seeking cheap medical care?  It will take a bigger miracle than that to replace the Arizona economy after the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc influence.

Tax the Church

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