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Cool Change

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on April 25, 2010

Cool Change

The weather is here.  The certified tropical fruit is well on the mend from the brush with nasty four-letter northern word, “Snow” this is all too closely associated with Cold, Frigid, Ice, gray, Cold, did I say COLD?

The new Dr Who is kind of a hoot but I have to admit that I still favor David Tennant and Captain Jack.  Actually more Torchwood Captain Jack…

I can’t get away from the staunch conservative position of Ron Paul with the Corporate Communist Bernanke.

Whatever…  This Bernanke creature makes it perfectly clear that this Private Banking Cartel is driving this crisis for it’s own good.  Audit and end the FED.

Bernanke: “It’s a loan.”  Of course it’s a Loan from the Central Banking Private Banking Cartel Printed on the US Dollar.

From Bill Moyers comes the words of a man I would like to see sitting on the Supreme Court, Mr. William Black.  If you link through to nothing else; link to this and watch the interview.

Where is Mr Holder?  War Criminals walking free; The FED, the foundation of the Wall Street and Banking Fraud holding United States Citizens in open and clear contempt.

As a concerned American Citizen I watched in horror as the Honduran people were subject again to the Oligarchy reinforced with Hugo Llorens, a Bush appointment.  I’ve spoken out and blogged till I’m blue in the face.  The issue remains and the Oligarchy rules without democracy.  I see much the same in the current United States from the Goldman Sachs White House with Larry Summer the founder of the Oligarchy in Russia lying about breaking up the “too big to fail.”

It’s time for morning PT; someone kicked the soapbox out.

As a concerned American Citizen:

1) The War Criminals, Murderers, Torturers of the Bush Administration are still out walking free.  Americans are exceptional people and see the fraud, know the crimes committed and the reality of the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc fully exposed.

2) The Purchased Politicians with Bush at the lead and lining their pockets from the Corporate Communists, Wall Street and Bankster fraud have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo that pays them so handsomely.  There is no two party system because they are all purchased lock, stock and barrel by the Corporate Communists or the Religious Fascists.

3) The Faith Based Initiative providing funding to  deny the civil rights of the LGBT Community and being pandered to in the continuing inequality within the Military is disgusting, repugnant and unconstitutional.  We know the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc spent $42 million in California on PropH8 and $22 million in Maine.  Are you, as an American or “Christian” proud of what your Church does for you and your kids?

4) The Cults of Jesus standing army created with George W Bush’s Praetorian Guard in Military Contractors, mercenaries, an illegal but no-bid mainline of funding to malitias from the Prince family cults of Jesus C-Street Congressional whore house.  We are exceptional Mr. President and we see, we understand, we know how to sort the propaganda, look at verifiable facts and documentation.

5) The Fraud of the FED and the theft of America’s future by the Corporate Communists.

6) No confidence in a Goldman Sachs “too big to fail” supporting White House with the principal architect of the Russian Oligarchy in residence.

If this Democrat Party expects to maintain office we, the people, demand to see real action to correct the created problems that include criminal charges, Indictment, prosecution and conviction of the principal players and all involved.

I wonder if Pat Robertson will declare the tornado in Mississippi the result of Haley Barbour the Governor braying about presidential runs and whining about slavery?

From the great State of KY comes good news on separation of church and state.

And the latest Tea-Tard report:

Stephen Hawkings gives a resounding “Maybe” on human survival:

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  1. limewire said, on April 30, 2010 at 2:00 am

    lol amazing stuff dude.

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