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Happy Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day:

Sunday Reality Check

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Sunday Reality Check

The evolving standards of decency that mark a maturing society.

Summertime; Easy Living?

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Summertime; Easy Living?

Janis Joplin

Happy Memorial Day kids.

As a kid this holiday weekend was one of my favorites because it would be the first trip to the Lake or the St Lawrence River for the summer season.

Will Rogers Quote of the day:  “If we ever pass out as a great nation we ought to put on our tombstone, ‘America died from a delusion that she has moral leadership.”

Freaky Friday

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Freaky Friday

This piece is one of hope and the clear statement of what’s possible:

OK, as long as any and all of these plants have containment facilities so none of these bio-engineered plants escapes into the open environment.  My primary concern is that we are playing around with the very base of the food chain here and getting an alien algae growing loose with the possibility of being toxic from the oil content.

A cow manure methane gas generation system with the cattle fed on the biomass waste would increase efficiency factors and require similar infrastructure.  Cool ideas…

I stumbled across this charming verse in Huffington Post:

“The Battle Hymn of the Republican”

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the war

It brings more military contracts and the drafting of the poor

It lets us build our pipelines so the profits are much more

The truth is trampled on

The prisoners that we’ve tortured and whose rights we snatch away

Are just trivial details when there’s oil on the way

And let everyone go and buy an S-U-V today

The truth is trampled on

We will lie and we will cheat and we will generally deceive

Tales of W-M-D and propaganda we will weave

We will hold Iraqi oil fields and never ever leave

The truth is trampled on

DADT, environment and education matter not at all

If asked some questions without answers we can always stall

‘Cause we spin the news releases and the people are in thrall

The truth is trampled on

The gays, the poor, the blacks and women we can still control

Give ’em something with the left hand while the right hand takes the toll

Don’t stop now and don’t look back because we’re really on a roll

The truth is trampled on

President Obama must be seen to be a liar through and through

And never can the people see just how they have been screwed

The truth is trampled on

Glory! Glory! Halliburton!

Glory! Glory! Halliburton!

Glory! Glory! Halliburton!

The truth is trampled on.

monicaangela 11 minutes ago (9:11 PM)
And I just love Rachel Maddow being so Dykey on her show from the World Trade Towers construction site in a Hard-Hat.   YeeeeeeeeeeeWowZer!
I’ve returned here to close to my oldest Daughter Timmy, Nurse Love as it were, the Gemini princess from Hell who amazed me today with his confession that he tore up his voter registration card and has just been disenfranchised.  The fruit don’t fall far from the tree.
“You know” he kind of snapped at me, “I would vote if it was a direct vote for the issues instead of having the disgusting job of sorting through the slime that surfaces for public office.  They say one thing; do any damned thing they want when there and sell out to the highest bidder.  You know this Lobby shit is just legitimized Bribery and it took a Senate and a House full of Lawyers and Liars to make that happen…  What difference will my vote make?”
“It’s a vote for the people who would have you murdered for who you are darling.”  I respond.
“It’s a fucking waste of time and my one vote doesn’t make a difference at all.”
I shut my mouth and just sat stunned.  My Daughter Timmy, hurumff.  Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick silence….  “It’s cool Timmy.  You may abrogate your rights to vote.”
“Nobody I’ve ever voted for has won.”  Timmy pouts.
That’s the ticket.  Leave it to Timmy’s little gamblers black heart.

Flash Forward

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Flash Forward

We can hope and keep shoving Rekers and the Rent-Boy founding father down their bigoted lying throats..

Because all of us have skin in this:

I’m still contemplating the DADT sell-out but remaining optimistic.

Alex Jones and Ron Paul have provided me some hope:

And just posted is what I feel is one of the most important documentaries of recent days at Vanguard TV.

Hump Day Happy

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Hump day happy

The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc and the Bible Thumping Bigoted Loonies are hot at Lies, Fraud and violation of the Constitution while working diligently to prevent equality for LGBTQ Community members.  Same old Lies.

“A holding company is a thing where you hand an accomplice the goods while the policeman searches you.”
Will Rogers

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Tuesday Terrorism

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Tuesday Terrorism:

The fruits of the Cults of Jesus Inc philosophy of “love.”

This from The American Family Association spewing more of The Pink Triangle that is  discredited and clearly identified as Cults of Jesus Inc Hate-Mongering and Fear-Mongering.

And most recently this vile and repugnant Cult of Jesus Inc liar and charlatan promotes killing Gays in the USA…

Today the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc have received a dose of their own bullshit with President Barack H Obama taking McCain and crew to task for the bigoted Arizona “papers please” law…

Monday Madness

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Monday Madness:

Peter Newman’s portrait from the gray-bar hotel.  This quote from the about says it all: At camp Kanakuk, Branson, MO “The K-Kountry web page says that“every action-packed K-Kountry day hums with words of love and encouragement  sung by a staff hand-picked for their Christ-like patience and sensitivity.

We all know of the Rekers Scandal with the Rent-boy and lifting luggage.  This comes from the Daily KOS  about Focus On The Family’s relationship with Pete Newman and his propensity for little boys.   As I understand the piece from Randy Turner broke this news.

From the heart of the Cults of Jesus Inc’s “Family” playground of Branson, MO and the mainstream media has generally ignored this even with Pete pleading guilty.  The story is over a year old but still out there playing.  Let’s start reminding Focus On The Family of this little gem as often as we can.  Rekers is fun but adding to the list just fans the flames bringing these Cults of Jesus Inc hypocrites down.

One of my modern day heroes:

Sunday Summary

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Sunday Summary:

Universal Fraud by CDO’s packaged mortgages is the key to this fraud.

We know this condition came about because of the lack of underwriting standards for the home mortgage market in collusion with the lenders because this is the only way to generate this kind of substantial fraud.

Psychopaths running the financial institutions is a great description.

The choices were letting these Banks fail or being blackmailed.  The opportunity for reform was pissed away by Bush after his inaction and malfeasance created the fraud by lack of regulation and that puts the FED at the head of the scam.  President Barack H Obama has continued this.  The Goldman Sachs White House with one of the prime architects of the de-regulation in Larry Summers sitting there like the Russian Oligarch he helped establish turns a blind eye to this fraud.  Geithner’s lies and ineffective actions and Bernanke’s open fraud and contempt of America is obvious and there are no criminal charges because the White House is into this up to their ears.

Crony Capitalism is here and it’s a lie and a fraud against the American Citizens.

This is no accident that there aren’t any criminal charges with less than 1/6th of the regulators looking at this than looked at the Savings & Loan debacle.

This Administration and this Congress are not interested in repair of the real systemic problems and all that’s done to date is to delay what will be a truly catastrophic failure.  These vile and repugnant greedy Banksters and Wall Street Frauds play games in cooking the books and keeping the losses off the books to drive the massive bonuses.  It is this executive compensation that drives the accounting control fraud that exists today with Bernanke and Geithner in the lead.

The Bush / Clinton wrecking crew is working hard to destroy this nation and President Barack Obama is leading this charge on the security of the Middle Class in deference for the criminals who have lined their pockets.

The deal to maintain the status quo is not going to fly.  The current proposal with the Chris Dodd Corporate Communist Collusion And Cooperation Act of 2010 will send us right back to the pits of disaster.  The President has failed to enforce a policy that represents the people by differing to the Ponzi scam of political pandering to campaign contributions and bribery.

Wall Street and the Banksters are parasitic on the people.  End the crony capitalism and make the changes required especially with the Supreme Court Citizens United decision to allow unlimited campaign contributions.  The House finance committee is the funding source for the freshmen seeking bribery in campaign contributions.  The appearance of Summers and Geithner heralded this disaster within the Obama Administration.  President Obama stand up and do the right thing.

Bush’s catastrophe is clearly defined here:

The party of Hicks and Holy Rollers is an accurate description delivering the “dumbed-down” party to the huddled, fearful ignorant masses.  The War Tax is the best idea ever to bring Americans to understand just how this corrupt, vile, purchased political system is costing Main Street every day.

This illegal and immoral waring in Afghanistan and Iraq now spilling over into Pakistan is clear in the statements of Anwar Al Awiaki, the Yemeni cleric who advocates killing Americans because we are supporting this war.

Shaping The Dialog

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Shaping The Dialog

As a Naturalist, biologist, zoologist and fan I know who this little Meadow Vole is in real life.

The commentary from this image is generally centered around “rats leaving the sinking ship of state” or things of that ilk.  The presence of this native is a profound endorsement of the landscaping and maintenance of the White House in having an environment free enough of chemical toxins to allow this native to flourish.

For me, the mouse, the Meadow Vole is taking the lead in the direction that President Barack H Obama would do well to latch on and ride and that’s GO LEFT!  Don’t you drive back into that ditch Mr President Obama; don’t do it…

The new spin on “The War On Terrorism” from the Obama Goldman Sachs White House is the “CVE” spin (Containing Violent Extremists) and I agree with this positioning but know how easy this slippery slope we’ve embarked on takes us into the rabbit holes of tyrannical hell in a skinny minute.

The politicization of curricula, history of the United States of America by the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in the State of Texas is one of the most repugnant and vile acts since the invention of book-burning by these theocrats who are not historians, academicians or educators.

While listening to President Barack Obama speaking at West Point I’m struck by the great corporate presence and the new international flavor of this institution.  The long gray line. Now the best in America.

The “Violent Extremists” is real in this season of mid-term politics from the President.  “Poised to end the combat mission in Iraq this summer.”

Oh great, we have a pledge to remain in Iraq…   Ugh.