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Too Many Choices

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on May 6, 2010

Too Many Choices

CODE PINK!  It’s a Code Pink kind of day.

Have you ever come to a place where there were just too many choices?

There’s this charming piece of hypocrisy from the “Family Research Council” and State of Florida paid homophobic bigot outed at the boat…  Courtesy of Towler Road.

Joe.My.God has some interesting twists too.  With Photos of the boy.

The Family Research Council has removed the toad’s name and will hide him just like the Catholic Church shuffles priests these homophobes, self-hating homophobes hiring rentboys to handle their baggage…  Honestly; you’ld think they were vestments…

Now I could just take off and rant on an Anti-Anti-Homophobe diatribe that all who know and love me have heard before.  Choice one.  Easy and well rehearsed.

Then there is the DOMA trial in MA Supreme Court today where evidence of real harm to LGBTQ Citizens is done by denial of our unions even when marriage equality is real.  This is indefensible by any rational human with the great preponderance of evidence of damage presented.

All Bronze Age arguments aside the reality is that sexuality is a God-given attribute to put it in terms the Cults of Jesus may grasp.  Does their God make junk?  (Don’t answer that in light of the above; it’s purely rhetorical.)

The Times Square Dudder…  That’s an option; he is from CT and we all know…

BP and the Deep Horizon Well with Halliburton up to their ears is still spewing…

Tazer night at the ballgame…  Geeze after Arizona we get this in PA.

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