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Randall Terry – TV Show

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on May 7, 2010

Randall Terry – TV Show

Something new and different.

Our Purchased Politicians on Captial (yes, I know the difference) Hill demonstrated once again that lining their campaign coffers and taking bribes is the most important aspect of their tenure on the Hill.  There isn’t a break up of the “too big to fail” and the clear intention is propping up the zombie corporations to all our detriment.  These vile and repugnant puppets in Washington are clearly without concern for Main Street.

The current rumor is that Elena Kagan is the next appointment to the Supreme Court.  I have hope that if this happens Ms Kagan may bring some moderation toward center from right but that’s slim…  The court moved right of Stevens while he was sitting.  Maybe Kagan can help pull this court back from lunatic status of the Robert’s court.

And just because it is so entertaining:…  Rekers is a POW.  This vile paid “professional” has worked diligently for over 35 years to deny equality to the LGBTQ community and now is exposed.  The Cults of Jesus Inc are backpedaling at  90 MPH but this shit will stink on them forever.

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