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Friday Funnies

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on May 21, 2010

Friday Funnies:

The Goldman Sachs White House has let BP off the hook by accepting their estimates of the spill.  The United States…  You’ve got to love it.  Bush / Cheney destroy the oversight, the deregulation of Oil Drilling and next we know the Gulf of Mexico is an oil slick heading to the beaches of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida from the pan-handle to Jupiter Inlet.  Although not as directly involved as in the Wall Street and Banking theft of the US Treasury the clearly recognizable handiwork of Bush / Cheney administrations’ disastrous rule are all over this current nightmare and will be on the next too.

President Barack H Obama has just taken ownership by selling out the American people for the Goldman Sachs / BP Oil interests.  President Barack H Obama is endorsing the abuse of consumers with .05% interest from the FED paid by the Banksters who are raking in 30% on credit card debt while playing their casino games of derivatives and Ponzi schemes galore all working against the consumer.  There is no fiduciary interest in Banksters now; it’s all about how much they can line their pockets with while siphoning off liquidity that could be feeding the economic growth of the nation.  The Goldman Sachs White House has endorsed this.

Huffington Post reports.

It’s not just the Goldman Sachs White House selling us out.  The Senate and Congress have sold us out to the Wall Street Banksters and Corporate Communists.  We do not have the “too big to fail” broken up.  We do not have a restoration of Glass-Steagall and the payday loans and car loan sharks are all still in their underhanded businesses safe from any regulation.  We all still face another melt-down from these Bankster frauds as a result and there is no resolution in sight.  Exactly what the Goldman Sachs White House desired just like the give away to the Pharmaceutical manufacturers and the Health Insurance Industry thieves with Health Care Reform that isn’t.

Kevin Kostner has done what the Oil Industry hasn’t been able to do; a research and practical application in machinery to skim oil off water and clean-up spills.  Go figure, a movie star can make a difference and the Oil Industry just says “Piss on you.”

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