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Shaping The Dialog

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on May 22, 2010

Shaping The Dialog

As a Naturalist, biologist, zoologist and fan I know who this little Meadow Vole is in real life.

The commentary from this image is generally centered around “rats leaving the sinking ship of state” or things of that ilk.  The presence of this native is a profound endorsement of the landscaping and maintenance of the White House in having an environment free enough of chemical toxins to allow this native to flourish.

For me, the mouse, the Meadow Vole is taking the lead in the direction that President Barack H Obama would do well to latch on and ride and that’s GO LEFT!  Don’t you drive back into that ditch Mr President Obama; don’t do it…

The new spin on “The War On Terrorism” from the Obama Goldman Sachs White House is the “CVE” spin (Containing Violent Extremists) and I agree with this positioning but know how easy this slippery slope we’ve embarked on takes us into the rabbit holes of tyrannical hell in a skinny minute.

The politicization of curricula, history of the United States of America by the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc in the State of Texas is one of the most repugnant and vile acts since the invention of book-burning by these theocrats who are not historians, academicians or educators.

While listening to President Barack Obama speaking at West Point I’m struck by the great corporate presence and the new international flavor of this institution.  The long gray line. Now the best in America.

The “Violent Extremists” is real in this season of mid-term politics from the President.  “Poised to end the combat mission in Iraq this summer.”

Oh great, we have a pledge to remain in Iraq…   Ugh.

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