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Friday Funnies

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Friday Funnies:

The Goldman Sachs White House has let BP off the hook by accepting their estimates of the spill.  The United States…  You’ve got to love it.  Bush / Cheney destroy the oversight, the deregulation of Oil Drilling and next we know the Gulf of Mexico is an oil slick heading to the beaches of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida from the pan-handle to Jupiter Inlet.  Although not as directly involved as in the Wall Street and Banking theft of the US Treasury the clearly recognizable handiwork of Bush / Cheney administrations’ disastrous rule are all over this current nightmare and will be on the next too.

President Barack H Obama has just taken ownership by selling out the American people for the Goldman Sachs / BP Oil interests.  President Barack H Obama is endorsing the abuse of consumers with .05% interest from the FED paid by the Banksters who are raking in 30% on credit card debt while playing their casino games of derivatives and Ponzi schemes galore all working against the consumer.  There is no fiduciary interest in Banksters now; it’s all about how much they can line their pockets with while siphoning off liquidity that could be feeding the economic growth of the nation.  The Goldman Sachs White House has endorsed this.

Huffington Post reports.

It’s not just the Goldman Sachs White House selling us out.  The Senate and Congress have sold us out to the Wall Street Banksters and Corporate Communists.  We do not have the “too big to fail” broken up.  We do not have a restoration of Glass-Steagall and the payday loans and car loan sharks are all still in their underhanded businesses safe from any regulation.  We all still face another melt-down from these Bankster frauds as a result and there is no resolution in sight.  Exactly what the Goldman Sachs White House desired just like the give away to the Pharmaceutical manufacturers and the Health Insurance Industry thieves with Health Care Reform that isn’t.

Kevin Kostner has done what the Oil Industry hasn’t been able to do; a research and practical application in machinery to skim oil off water and clean-up spills.  Go figure, a movie star can make a difference and the Oil Industry just says “Piss on you.”


Hump Day Happiness

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Hump Day Happiness

As always Joe.My.God stays on top of these kinds of things.  The NYT article sited is the link here.

All sense of righteous indignation aside (and with the Souder Evangelical Sex Scandal) the reality of the Republican Cults of Jesus inc is exposed.  We all know it.  Now comes confirmation and it will continue.

The Gay Agenda = Truth, Honesty, Integrity, Courage and Equality NOW!

Terrorism Tuesday

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Terrorism Tuesday

From the always brilliant Joe.My.God is the story of the Pink Dot day…  In Singapore.  These Moms make great terrorists.

The Looney Channel via Second City:

It’s a wonder and a mystery…

This is the most recent Lie, the most recent Hate and Fear-Mongering from the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus Inc…

The Republican Cults of Jesus Inc are exposed just as their psycho-fraud Rekers is exposed from his purchase of fame.  The Christianists, the Talibangelists are being so victimized as they struggle to keep the LGBTQ Communities vilified and dispised through their pogroms of Lies, Hate and Fear-Mongering.

It’s like the Pope saying: “Bishops don’t work for me.”

And Heeeeeere’s Newt:

“The Secular-Social Left”  Hummmm.  9/11, Two illegal wars, 60+ impeachable offenses by Bush / Cheney, the bankruptcy of the United States by the Bush/Cheney Imperial presidency and the costs of the Praetorian Guard of Private Contractors in crony capitalism no-bid contracts.  Woooo Hoooo; let’s go back… yeah, let’s go back, NOT!

Manic Monday

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Manic Monday

I give DC Douglas a ton and a half of credit for speaking out and delivering this very important message of the Fascism of the Cults of Jesus, the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc Tea-Tards and the Corporate Communist backing of the Koch brothers and the Freedom Works sponsors of this subversion of ignorance…

And Bill says it best:

And in a fun, final link for the day from Huffington Post.

This is fun…  Linda Lingle Governor of HI has a “civil unions” bill on her desk.  And what’s this?


She’s really John Stewart in drag…

Weekend Warrior

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Weekend Warrior

This spoof of the John McCain political ad is a clear illustration, a perfect political statement.

The Daily Rant:

I registered as a Democrat when I registered to vote here in the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc stronghold of Central Florida.  After being a life-long subversive Republican I’ve now agreed with the purge and moved on.  I mean, honestly, aren’t the opening his mouth Bush  recession, 9/11, two illegal Wars, torture, murder, plundering the treasury and endangering the world forever in 8 years enough accomplishments for the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc?  Bringing the United States from a position of Global Leadership to the position of owned by the Chinese, subservient to the European Bankers and New Orleans after Katrina Third-World status now by destruction of the Middle Class should be a proud list for the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc.  The Roman cast structure is now complete and we are the Slaves thanks to the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc.

The reality of these acts of Republican Cults of Jesus Inc thievery abound and demonstrated in the homeless, the foreclosed, the unemployed, the under-employed, the constant erosion of the middle class based solely on greed.  The reality comes down to: Do I eat or do I keep the electric on?

Pause, breathe, pause…

This from Chase:

Joe.My.God is who introduced me to this performer and there’s a great piece on his history and character.  Cool guy…


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The past several years have enlightened me on numerous levels that are unexpected and somewhat a disappointment to my idealistic side.  Part of the enlightenment included a rediscovery of this idealism long thought thrown-off by my cynical self.

Today’s chuckle:

And back on topic:

Americans are, thankfully, a slow people to anger but over the past decade a slow, burning anger and understandable resentment grew from the heartland to the coasts.  The exposure of the disaster of George W Bush and Dick Cheney is still unfolding as Halliburton works it’s greedy magic across the Gulf of Mexico beaches, the Florida Keys and up the East Coast.  The Exxon Valdez is soon to be surpassed.

Americans “Bail-out” the “Too Big To Fail” in a 48 hour series of decisions by the Bush Administration with Bernanke and Geithner leading the charge on the heist.  The American people were told that this would begin to free up the credit markets for small business and a consumer economy.  The reality is that the Banksters and Wall Street Frauds make more money from gambling with our money than they do loaning our money so no new loans.  Go figure…

Hump Day Happy Thoughts

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Hump Day Happy Thoughts

We have not inherited this planet from our ancestors; we have borrowed it from our grandchildren.

Just for the humor:

And McCollum wants to be Governor of the State of Florida.  Ain’t going to happen…

Progress for the Afghani People.  OK.  Now let’s get some progress for the American People who are all too close to living in Afghani conditions, under siege, at War, in economic collapse while the ruling class fattens their coffers at our expense…

Karzi thanks the US for multiple amputees and more security.  I’m sure his people, you know the ones being murdered, don’t share those sentiments.  Thank you for nation building and propping my happy ass up into the foreseeable future.

From Alternet comes an open discussion about the FED.

Just to be happy:

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Drug Wars Reality

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Drug Wars Reality

This is the reason for the War on Drugs that is a failed prohibition.  This is the reality of the Drug War, a war against the population; not against drugs.  US troops defending opium and bringing US Citizens to criminal status because they need a tool for tyranny.

This is the Republican Cults of Jesus Inc hypocrisy in action.  From Uncle Ronnie’s very own crack cocaine funding of Contras through today…

And this just because it’s news for James Dobson too…  LOL

Randall Terry – TV Show

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Randall Terry – TV Show

Something new and different.

Our Purchased Politicians on Captial (yes, I know the difference) Hill demonstrated once again that lining their campaign coffers and taking bribes is the most important aspect of their tenure on the Hill.  There isn’t a break up of the “too big to fail” and the clear intention is propping up the zombie corporations to all our detriment.  These vile and repugnant puppets in Washington are clearly without concern for Main Street.

The current rumor is that Elena Kagan is the next appointment to the Supreme Court.  I have hope that if this happens Ms Kagan may bring some moderation toward center from right but that’s slim…  The court moved right of Stevens while he was sitting.  Maybe Kagan can help pull this court back from lunatic status of the Robert’s court.

And just because it is so entertaining:…  Rekers is a POW.  This vile paid “professional” has worked diligently for over 35 years to deny equality to the LGBTQ community and now is exposed.  The Cults of Jesus Inc are backpedaling at  90 MPH but this shit will stink on them forever.

Too Many Choices

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Too Many Choices

CODE PINK!  It’s a Code Pink kind of day.

Have you ever come to a place where there were just too many choices?

There’s this charming piece of hypocrisy from the “Family Research Council” and State of Florida paid homophobic bigot outed at the boat…  Courtesy of Towler Road.

Joe.My.God has some interesting twists too.  With Photos of the boy.

The Family Research Council has removed the toad’s name and will hide him just like the Catholic Church shuffles priests these homophobes, self-hating homophobes hiring rentboys to handle their baggage…  Honestly; you’ld think they were vestments…

Now I could just take off and rant on an Anti-Anti-Homophobe diatribe that all who know and love me have heard before.  Choice one.  Easy and well rehearsed.

Then there is the DOMA trial in MA Supreme Court today where evidence of real harm to LGBTQ Citizens is done by denial of our unions even when marriage equality is real.  This is indefensible by any rational human with the great preponderance of evidence of damage presented.

All Bronze Age arguments aside the reality is that sexuality is a God-given attribute to put it in terms the Cults of Jesus may grasp.  Does their God make junk?  (Don’t answer that in light of the above; it’s purely rhetorical.)

The Times Square Dudder…  That’s an option; he is from CT and we all know…

BP and the Deep Horizon Well with Halliburton up to their ears is still spewing…

Tazer night at the ballgame…  Geeze after Arizona we get this in PA.