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Hump Day, the Saw is Stuck

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on June 2, 2010

Hump Day, the Saw is Stuck

Over at the Huffington Post I left this comment, part bait and part venting.  What it does and what the words that brought the enlightenment to the fore was the whine of the local cop…

This Republican Cults of Jesus Inc piece of animus ridden bill of attender toward the vibrant native populations of Arizona is completely disgusting; the least offensive is the “Big government” mindset of: “I’m not authorized to enforce immigration” from the officer on the street..

How many types of para-military control force is the Government using now?

DEA – The failed prohibition of a War on Drugs.

INS – Immigration and Naturalization Service (How Orwellian is that?)

AFT- Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms

Homeland Security

State Police

Municipal Police

Why are we paying for 5X redundancy in oppression?

Racial profiling and redundancy of Federal Statute is exactly what this piece of legislative excrement is and authored by a died in the wool Nazi sympathizer.  A completely politicized Republican Cults of Jesus straw-man claim to work toward the delegitimization of the President by attempting to create an “open border” public spin. Faux Spews bias included…;start=HS_selectAnalysis
The Phoenix statistics…
It’s not about crime increase, it’s all politics at a despicable level that is the Holy Republican Cults of Jesus Inc incarnate in Jan Brewer who knows better but has no clue…

And there’s nothing as corrupt as the US Government with this report from Muckety on BP contracts with the USA.

This industry is no saint as Shell demonstrates in Nigeria from the Guardian.

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