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Compassion and Peace

Posted in Uncategorized by activecitizen54 on June 6, 2010

Compassion and peace

Be the change.

Over at the Huffington Post there was a piece on an Afghani Warlord making his millions and directing his minions on the behalf of and at the instructions of the USA.   It lit a fire under me as the reply is clear.

The basic fraud of this “War” is that the action is required at all…

The 9/11 “terrorists” were mostly Saudi but the BinLaden family is spirited out of the USA prior to any other air traffic… How soon Americans forget.

This war feeds the Corporate Fascists, is founded in Daddy Bush’s playing CIA operative in black ops against the Russians in Afghanistan and we know how that ended. Now look at the fraud of Larry Summers in the Goldman Sachs White House and understand that Russian Oligarchy is now controlling you.

When the American people rise up and throw off the Corporate Fascist yoke we may restore freedom, liberty and justice for all. Until then; whine baby whine…

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